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A Nobody Meets Ponies - ShyasuEasternSun

Roxas is assign to investigate a new world that was recently discovered that is believe to have hear

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A Nobody becomes a Nopony

Chapter 1

A Nobody becomes a Nopony

In the usual night time in The World that Never Was, where the world itself is surrounded by buildings of empty space, the sky is always fill with darkness and clouds, and a floating castle is scene in the sky but nearly close to the ground. Above the castle glows over the world of a heart shape moon: Kingdom Hearts.

Inside the castle begins a tale of a certain Nobody by the name Roxas. Roxas comes in and out from missions he done so far as told. Nothing interesting would bring into his thought as his only task is to exterminate Heartless and gather hearts.

Now, Roxas stands alone in the living room where Kingdom Hearts can be seen through the wide window. He stood close to the window, gazing at the heart shape moon as though his mind went blank and continues to gaze it on. That is until Saix walks in to meet Roxas in the living room with a paper in hand.

“Number XIII Roxas, I have a new assignment for you by the order from the Superior.” Saix said as Roxas, who kept his gaze at Kingdom Hearts, finally snaps out but respond casual.

“Oh um...okay.” Facing up to Saix, he receives a paper list with several objectives that are needed to be check.

“We discover a new world that is predicted to have Heartless activity in the area. Though we do not know the circumstances of what this world is exactly, the Superior wants you to investigate that world and report anything about it. What the name the world is or any other information that would be worth it.”

Saix inform and continued. “For now you will go alone on this mission as you’re only objective for today is to look for any suspicious activity. If you come across Heartless in the situation, exterminate and report back immediately. Is that clear?”

Roxas as usual, knows his role for the job since he is the only member in the organization to possess a powerful weapon: the keyblade. With a simple nod to his second commander, Saix walks back into doing his other reports as Roxas prepares himself for whatever world he’s going into.


Deep within the night of Everfree Forest known to be a dangerous place, two mares were walking cautious in the forest.

“So Fluttershy, any idea of why Angel ran away from you? Twilight asked, using her horn as a flashlight to glow their surroundings. Fluttershy reply with worry as she couldn’t understand what went wrong in the first place.

“I don’t know. All I did was ask Angel nicely to finish his carrot before bed time, but he shoved his food away and suddenly scurried off. Oh I hope he’s alright though; I didn’t mean to upset him.” Twilight gave her friend a determine look and said,
“Don’t worry Fluttershy; I’m sure Angel didn’t run too far in the forest. Besides, he might eventually come back to you. But in this dangerous night of Everfree Forest, its best to find him just to make sure he’s alright.”

The shy Pegasus smile gladly and nod as the two mares continue the search.

In the far distance from the two mares, strange dark shadows linger in the bushes as they slowly stalk them from behind out of sight. With the night time in their upper hands, they continue to follow them.


Back in organization base, Roxas continue to scan through the paper he was given earlier and opens the dark corridor. With everything set, he begins to walk towards it until he gets a call from his best friend.

“Hey Roxas wait up!” Roxas looks to his right who called his name.

“Oh, hey Axel!” Roxas said waving to him as Axel walks up.

“I heard Saix mention a new world has been discovered and you’re going to check it out right?

Roxas nodded, “Yeah, he wants me to investigate it and see if there are Heartless in there to deal with.” Axel crosses his arms as he felt as though he wants to tag along with him but Roxas mentions that it was a solo assignment which made Axel irritated.

“Aw jeez, I thought Saix would usually let you have a partner to follow you around in case you run into trouble. But...seeing that you been handling the missions pretty well, I guess he thinks you’re up for the task now.” Axel gave a smile and a thumps up to Roxas.

Roxas scratch his back head, “Yeah I guess so. But still, it would be great if you come along. Though, I guess this mission would probably be short because all I have to do is search for any Heartless and report back to Saix.” Axel pats on Roxas as he wishes him good luck on the mission.

“Might as well get going Roxas.” With that said Axel waves away as he walks back where he came until he stop for a moment and almost forgot to remind him. “By the way Roxas…”

Roxas nearly stopped close to the portal he almost walked in as he looks back at Axel. “Be sure to meet me back at the usual spot. I’ll buy some sea-salt ice creams when you get back. Got it memorized?”

Roxas smile happily and gave an okay nod. With that agreement taken care of, he finally walks in with the dark corridor closing behind him.


The two mares have search for Angel for nearly an hour and the forest begins to get thick and creepy for the two venturing deeper in the night. Fluttershy couldn’t handle well in the forest knowing that there are strange animals that could be dangerous.

Even though she has faced most dangerous animals so far, her fears continue to shroud around her. Twilight begins to worry that the search would take them too deep, putting themselves in danger for who knows what it could be. However, she didn’t want Fluttershy to wait for Angel to return, but the situation became difficult seeing that her shy friend tries to keep up with her.

Twilight and Fluttershy stop to look their surroundings. They called out for Angel a couple of times but no response of moving bushes or shuffling leafs. Twilight gave in a sigh of defeat; they cannot search for the bunny any longer and tried her best to comfort Fluttershy.

“Fluttershy, I’m sorry to say this but we can’t be out here any longer. We’ll try to search for him tomorrow okay.”

Fluttershy felt sadden for not finding Angel in time and wish to keep looking for him, but knowing that Twilight was right, she didn’t wish to drag her friend into this any further and nodded, “Oh I guess so, but thank you for doing your best in helping me look for him. I hope…he’s safe somewhere.”

Before they halt their search, a sudden noise of a bush rustles causing both Twilight and Fluttershy to shriek. Twilight quickly illuminates her horn of light and tries to find where the noise came from until she saw a movement in front of them. It rustles again but nothing came out of its hiding yet which made Fluttershy walk slowly toward the bush.

“Be careful Fluttershy, I’m not sure if it’s Angel.” Twilight whisper low while trying not to scare whatever was in the bush.
The shy Pegasus slowly approaches the bush and lifts it away as her face suddenly lit up with joy.

“Oh Angel, there you are!” Fluttershy squeak happily seeing Angel lying on the ground, hiding until he notice her. He leaps to his owner and gave her a hug.

“Aw it’s okay Angel, you are not alone now.” Fluttershy comfort her little friend. The moment didn’t last long when another bush rustles behind them which cause Angel to jump. He stops his hugging and starts to point out to his owner that something bad is lurking in the bush. Fluttershy lays low to the same level as Angel and tries to understand what her furry friend is doing.

“What is it Angel? Are you hungry?” Angel gave a frown look and shook his head and continues to show signs of trouble in the best way as possible for Fluttershy to understand. Twilight was busy trying to find where the sound came from while Fluttershy on the other hooves still couldn’t help but guess what Angel was trying to say. After several fail attempts for Angel, he face-paw himself as he nearly grabs onto Fluttershy’s head and turn her head to look at the bush that kept rustling.

Finally, Fluttershy gave a sheepish smile to Angel and decides to check out what was causing the noise. Twilight follow behind her when they approach a bush that continue to shuffle until it came to a stop as Fluttershy lift it off. In a sudden scene, a dark creature leaps over both mares and stop.

Just in time for Twilight to light toward the creature, her eyes went wide. A creature right in front of them was a small dark one never seen before. Having yellow glow eyes but no pupil, all dark skins all over its body, 3 finger claws, also have two antennas on its head and its height is nearly the same as Twilight’s assistant, Spike.

“What…what is that thing?” Twilight question herself. “I never have seen any creature like this before.”

As though Twilight begins to think carefully, Fluttershy however sees the dark creature to be cute. Despite her love for animals, she could not resist to come close to it.

“Aw it’s so cute. Hi little…um thing, are you lost?” As Fluttershy gets close enough to pet the creature, she felt a shove from her chest as it turns out to be Angel pushing her away for some reason. It was too late when the dark creature suddenly attacks Fluttershy but is saved by Angel as he took a scratch instead. The bunny squeak in pain as Fluttershy became stun of what have just happen in front of her eyes.

“FLUTTERSHY!” Twilight cried and quickly without thinking, levitates the creature with her horn and threw it to the tree with a hard smack. The dark creature fell down and slump to the ground motionless as Twilight quickly gets to Fluttershy.
“Are you alright?”

Fluttershy was still shock, staring not at the dark creature, but her pet Angel who protected her from getting hurt. She could only snap out in time to realize what happen and cried for Angel as she pick him up.
“Oh my Celestia, Angel!” Fluttershy cried. “Please Angel, please be alright.”

The Pegasus laid her ear to Angel’s chest with tears falling from her eyes and felt a pulse, but looking at his condition, the scratch left a terrible mark on his back. Twilight saw it as well and knew it was time to get out of the forest.

“Come on Fluttershy! We need to take Angel back safely.”

“Uh…o…o…okay but wait.” Fluttershy stopped and look around for the dark creature. “Where did that thing go?”

“I had to throw it away from us Fluttershy, it’s too dangerous and who knows what that thing could do.” Twilight said, trying to warn her shy friend.

Fluttershy wipe her tears away as Twilight levitates Angel and rested on Fluttershy’s back. With that taken care of, the mares gallop away from the scene. Left behind, the dark creature that remain motionless after the mares were gone, suddenly twitch and sprang back to life uninjured. The dark creature looks ahead of where the mares ran off when more shadows begin to emerge from the ground. They were all the same creatures alike as if they were pack of wolves ready to hunt their prey. And so, the shadows leap off, going after the mares.


The night was quiet from the entrance of Everfree forest and no living thing is sighted when a dark corridor reveal itself in a plain grass field. A figure walks out of the portal as it close behind. He examines his surrounding for a sec when he realizes something felt very different. And it wasn’t just the world he was in; it was more of what he became.

He looks around for any river bank in sight and found one nearby a bridge that leads to town. He quickly runs to the river and gets a big surprise. In view of his reflection from the water, was a horse figure, dress in organization uniform in an odd look, having four feet- or hooves to stand on, and most of all; he has wings on his back. His blonde hair and his skin are nearly the same like his human form along with blue eyes but overall, he was a horse.

“Okay….this isn’t what I expected.” Roxas said, as he touches his face and examines his form.

“Great, out of all the worlds I been to, this world turns out to be….I guess different.” Roxas groan by his form he was in, but knowing that he has a job to do, he cannot go back yet. His job after all is to look for any Heartless activity and then leave to report back, but then he felt something important was missing when he lifts both of his fore hooves in front and examines.

“No fingers….just hooves.” Roxas thought. “So….how am I supposed to fight Heartless in this form if I can’t use hands.”
He would soon find out when a sudden cry and scream echo from the Everfree Forest. With no time to think of what was going on, he runs into the forest to follow the sound as he tries to put his hood on to hide his identity.

Back in the deep forest, two mares along having Angel still behind Fluttershy’s back were given a chase as more shadow creatures begin to stalk them. Having no idea where to go, they could only panic and try to run away as far as possible. Twilight could only wish to teleport themselves away from danger but knowing that they were being chased, she couldn’t think straight.

As for Fluttershy, she could only try to keep up with Twilight leading the way even though she have wings, her fear has lock her ability to fly shut and also knew that she might drop Angel if she ever tries to fly. They continue to run blindly with the creatures still keeping up with them.

Far in the distance in the forest, Roxas caught sight of what he knew were chasing after them.

“Heartless….so they’re here in this world after all. Guess I can report back to Saix about this, but first I can’t let those innocent ones get hurt.” Roxas thought to himself but then keeps forgetting about his weapon. Knowing that he can’t use hooves, how would he fight?

With no time to lose, Roxas gallops after them. As he pursues after the Heartless, he tries not to get spotted thanks to his black coat, he is able to blend in with the night pretty well. Though his thought still wonders how he would summon his key. For who knows what he would do once he catches up in time to save them.

His only thought comes to mind of summoning his keyblade as if he is desperate of needing it. Suddenly, he gets what he wanted when a light illuminates in front of Roxas as he stomp his hooves down to stop. When the light fades away, it reveals to be his keyblade floating down to him. Roxas grin as he walks towards his weapon and tries to grab it but failed unfortunately.

“Damn it, no hands Roxas, no hands.” Roxas curse to himself.

He examines carefully in how he would use the keyblade. Since he only have hooves, his only best option is something he doesn’t want to try: his mouth. So without denying any other choice, he twists his neck slightly to a 90 degree turn and held tightly on the keyblade handle with his teeth shut on them. Problems solve for Roxas, but another problem comes in mind: how hard is it to combat with a keyblade with his mouth as a horse?

Back to the chase of the scene, Twilight and Fluttershy couldn’t run any further when they come to a full stop to be block by a huge rock wall of a dead end. Before they even get the chance to find another way out, dark creatures emerge from the ground and surround the two mares. More of them show up that chased after them earlier with nearly 15 of them huddle close to their prey so they wouldn’t escape. Twilight was out of option and knew that it would be impossible to escape from them unless….

“Fluttershy, listen to me.” Twilight said as Fluttershy look back to her. “Whatever happens, I want you to run to Ponyville fast and never look back.”

Fluttershy felt that Twilight might do something risky but ask worriedly, “But…what about you Twilight?”

Twilight’s heart begins to beat faster but remain calm to answer, “I’m going to fight them off however I can to get their attention on me. That way, you will be able to escape in time.”

Fluttershy’s heart sank to hear her best friend willing to risk her own life for her and Angel. Still, she did not wish to abandon Twilight, but what else could she do. The problems with the dark creatures are still unknown to them and she doesn’t know why they would attack them in the first place. Seeing how cute they were, their claws would prove enough that they were dangerous.

Pressure became intense for Fluttershy to decide whether she would do what Twilight says or stay by her side to help if possible. Before Fluttershy even got the chance to say anything, a stallion jumps out of nowhere from behind the crowd and smash down one creature away with a strange weapon in his mouth, causing the rest of the pack to back away.

Twilight and Fluttershy got a good look at the mysterious pony seeing him dress in a black coat that is full-length with a hood nearly covering all over his body including his legs. It has a large silver zipper that fastens at the top and zips down to seal the coat. Also, the design on the silver drawstrings for the hood decorated with a large silver bead hanging from the end and a silver chain ornament adorned with four large cylindrical silver beads that fastens to a loop on either side of the collarbone region. The only mystery the mares were curious about the most is that his hood covers over his head so they couldn’t tell who he really looks like.

Roxas on the other hand or hoof, also got his chance to look back who he just saved, but didn’t expect to save strange colorful looking horses from danger who are just like him. His first sight focuses on the lavender unicorn that has purple eyes with her mane to be Prussian blue with a little highlight of two colors similar to her coat.

The second mare next to her appears to be a Pegasus like him with beautiful eye colors of Cerulean. Her coat is yellow as for her mane color is pink along with her tail. Roxas somehow became more focus on Fluttershy which made her feel scare of his presence until his mind quickly set back to the Heartless.

Two shadows leap toward Roxas as he makes one wide swing and kills off the creatures and disappear out of thin air. He readjusts his battle stance as he looks back to the mares and tries his best to talk with his mouth still holding his weapon, “You two better get out of here! More of these Heartless will keep coming until they’ll take your heart away.”

Twilight became shock at first but suddenly puzzle for the mysterious pony referring to the dark creatures as Heartless and mention of taking their hearts away. Still, the hero is trying to do a favor for them as Twilight called her friend,

“Come on Fluttershy, we better get back to Ponyville.” Fluttershy only thought about the stallion saving their lives.

“But, what about him Twilight?” Fluttershy asked, but got cut off when a shadow came crawling their way toward them from below. Roxas manage to bash it away with an upper blow after the shadow jumped out of the ground in front of the two mares.

“Just run now!” Roxas yelled, after he rested his weapon down a bit.

Without objection, the mares did as Roxas told them and ran to their right side as Roxas quickly gallops ahead of them and kills off the Heartless blocking their escape. With that taken care of, Twilight and Fluttershy fled from the scene while Roxas stay behind and stood his ground facing Heartless on his own. He prepares himself and charges toward them at the same time the Heartless pack did as well.


Away from Everfree Forest is a remote town called Ponyville where all ponies have already gone to bed sleeping happily in the beautiful night. No sounds have disturbed them after some time until Twilight and Fluttershy showed up. They have already come out of the Everfree Forest, but continue to gallop through center of Ponyville.

Their clopping sounds from their running hooves have woken few ponies as some have walk out to see what was going on. When they reach the hospital, Fluttershy asked the doctor to check on Angel while Twilight waits for her.

“Come on Fluttershy, we need to get help. That pony can’t handle those things on his own.” Twilight said as Fluttershy nod without a word. “You go find Rainbow Dash and meet me back at the entrance of Everfree Forest. I’ll go get Applejack and the others.”

And so, Twilight uses her magic and teleports away to look for the girls while Fluttershy finally flies off to look for Rainbow Dash. It didn’t take long enough to gather them when six girls met up and gallop into Everfree Forest. Dash, who is flying with Fluttershy yawns heavily since she was woken up from her usual nap time.

“So….what are we doing here again Twilight?” Dash question as Applejack asked about it too.

“Yah Twi, you asked us ta help ya with something right?” Rarity, who appears to be wearing a sleep robe, also questions to Twilight. “Yes dear, it is rather late but why all the sudden?”

With Twilight leading the way in the forest, explains about the situation.

“I need your help girl to find that mysterious coat pony who saved me and Fluttershy. These dark creatures he’s facing are dangerous. Though I saw him fight them off, they were a lot of them and I’m afraid he might not fight them all on his own.”

Pinkie Pie, galloping beside Twilight, didn’t seem shock about the situation but became more interest of this mysterious pony she mentions. “OH is it a new pony Twilight? Or is it somepony I know?”

“Well, we didn’t quite get a glimpse of his face because of his hood on him.” Twilight reply with a shrug as Pinkie begins to feel excited about it.

“Oh I hope he’s okay. It might be difficult for one pony to handle those creatures.” Fluttershy said. Seeing how worried she is, Dash became serious. Slapping herself in the face to wake up from her drowsiness, she calls to Twi and the rest of the gang.

“Alright double time everypony, we got a pony to rescue!”

And so, they went off in a faster pace as Twilight tries to retrace their step quickly until she recognizes the rock wall nearly in the far distance ahead of them.

“Over there girls!”

In a split second, Dash blast off so fast, leaving trails of rainbow behind. When she arrive the scene, she tighten herself in a fight pose to be ready, but as it turns out nopony is around the scene. Once the girls manage to reach Dash, she turns around and asked in a puff complaint, “Hey, where are those dark creatures you mention Twi?”

“And where is that mysterious pony you mention darling? I don’t see him anywhere?” Rarity asked.

The girls scatter around the area to look for the pony, but it seems that he was nowhere to be found. No dark creatures were sighted as well which is good to say the least. Twilight and Fluttershy begin to feel sadness weigh on them as if they didn’t save him in time. However, somewhere far away from the six ponies location, the corridor of darkness is scene open as the coat pony Roxas walks inside the portal and disappears with the corridor seal away.


Axel has waited for Roxas for a while now, sitting on the usual spot on Twilight Town clock tower where he and Roxas have always hung out. Looking out toward the sunset, he decides to lean back and relax until he heard footsteps. Turns out to be Roxas as he expected but notice his face show a little bit of shock but nevertheless, he welcomes his buddy.

“Hey about time you showed Roxas. Here’s your treat by the way; it starting to melt so might as well dig in before it slips out.”

Axel handed the sea salt ice cream to Roxas who took it and sat down beside his friend as he starts to lick the sweet and salty taste of his favorite treat. They sat there and ate their treat silently which made Axel a bit irritated, hoping that Roxas would talk to him about what happen.

After finishing off their ice cream, Axel breaks the silent, “Alright Roxas, what happen? You’ve been quiet ever since you got here. You usually just talk about stuff you done so far but here you are being all….well almost like you don’t know who you are. Of course, that maybe a bad example but the point is….what happen?”

Roxas looks back at his friend after staring down his Popsicle stick for a while. He sighs as he looks away from him and finally answers, “Well….it’s nothing wrong with me but….”

Axel shows an uninteresting face, waiting for him to finish the sentence.

“You won’t believe what I been to Axel….I was a horse.”

Author: First chapter complete. Though I didn’t think I would type pretty long like this but wow, I guess I got pretty excited. Anyway, feel free to comment and correct anything or give advice of what mistakes I might have done wrong. Just a reminder, this is only my first fanfiction story of MLP thing. But I did fanfiction before but I stopped two years ago so….yeah go easy on me please.