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A Nobody Meets Ponies - ShyasuEasternSun

Roxas is assign to investigate a new world that was recently discovered that is believe to have hear

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Further Investigation

Chapter 2

Further Investigation

Roxas has nearly explain in every detail as possible to Axel from his experience in the new world he gone through. Telling details such as being a horse, finding two more horses, they talk, and actually risk his life to protect them from danger. Axel didn't say anything, only his face shows how unbelieveable his story is. When Roxas finish his side of the story, Axel turns away from Roxas and laughs.

"Oh wow Roxas that's hard to believe ha ha ha. You being a horse?! What a joke!"

Roxas didn't make it sound like it was a joke with a serious look on his face.

"No Axel I'm serious! These two colorful horses were real, I was a horse but with wings. Come on Axel, you gotta trust me on this. I was hoping you would join me to see that world."

Axel stop his laughter as he sighs to calm himself. Though he is a Nobody, he could still laugh to have fun with Roxas.

"Alright Roxas, I'll come with ya but only because I want to see what you look like." Roxas gave a smirk to Axel as though he would make him regret.

"Oh you'll see what I look like, but for you I'll be the first to laugh." The two chuckle when they notice night time has come around in Twilight Town.

"Well better head back to base." Axel said. "Saix might need you again about that report you wrote in."

Roxas groan to hear about Saix when he can be serious about reports. He may not show it but his face pretty much explains the rest. Axel opens the corridor and the two buds walk into the darkness.

They came back into the same living room to where Kingdom Hearts can be view and as Axel expected, Saix was already there waiting for Roxas. Though it appears Saix was not impress with the report he receive from Roxas. Reading off from what Roxas has experience, he finds it vague and disappointing, but when the report mentions Heartless in sight he gave it an approval. Roxas and Axel walk up to Saix, seeing him stare down mostly at Roxas as he gives off another assignment to him.

"I can't say for what you experience in that world Roxas." Saix said in a usual tone as if he had read worst reports from Demyx. "But I can see you done your job on this one. However, I expect you to return back to the same world and this time..." Saix left his last sentence hang.

Roxas looks back to Axel while Axel did the same and both just shrug until the moment came.

"You will be occupy in that world for three days. And after the time ends, you can return back to base and report everything you gather so far. No objections on this mission."

Roxas froze from hearing Saix mention of him staying in that world for three days. Plus, he didn't seem to like the idea other than the fact he has nowhere to shelter in that world as well as only to have one clothes he only has on now. Axel on the otherhand, only laughs for a bit but suddenly stays quiet when Saix gave a dark glare to his "best friend."

Sadly, he couldn't object the order. It had to be done no matter what mission it was, he is special in the organization and the Superior knows why. Roxas accepts the mission as Saix nods,

"Good, you will as soon as you are ready. Don't disappoint the Superior on this task Roxas."

Roxas didn't have to get ready since he's got nothing to prepare for but himself. Once he opens his corridor portal, Axel walks by Roxas and gives him a exciting look as if he plans to tag along with his bud until....

"And where do you think your going Axel?" He froze from a deadly tone he heard from Saix. He walks up behind Axel and grab on his shoulder. Axel looks back to find Saix glaring with intensive glow from his eyes.

"Hey Saix....uh is their a problem?" Axel questions giving off a troll look on his face. Bad move to do that in front of a berserker. Saix ignore his troll face and tries not to get caught in a bad mood.

"I found a couple of tabs left in my office Axel. These tabs are overdue payment of sea-salt ice creams..." Axel shrugs and pretends to act innocent. Before he had to make an excuse, he gets pulled away from Roxas, being drag down the hallway.

"You are not going anywhere until you pay off these tabs Axel." Saix grunted as Axel groans in annoyance but then waves to Roxas.

"I'll catch you later Roxas. I'll find ya when I'm done doing business with Saix."

The boy saw the whole scene to be random, but he waves back to him chuckling. Once Axel and Saix were out of sight, Roxas sighs and enters into the new world again for the mission.


Morning has arrive in Ponyville after the incident from last night. Twilight Sparkle, living in a tree house library, has been constantly searching for any books that hold information about the dark creatures they encounter yesterday.
Reading through titles and pages of each book, she levitates each one away after another behind her what was filled with piles of books.

Twilight has not slept through the night ever since she became frantic of what happen yesterday. The dark creatures she saw, the mysterious pony, the weapon he was using, and the name he refer to those dark creatures as Heartless.
So many questions comes in mind and she could not find answers in her own library.

Footsteps are heard from upstairs when a little purple dragon boy Spike comes down, awaken from his nap time, finds the room to be a mess. Spike notice Twilight's appearance with her mane all messy and her drowsy eyes.

"Uh Twilight." Spike called her. "What are you doing?"

The lavender pony didn't look at her assistant but reply, "I've been looking for any clues of what these mysterious creatures that attacked us earlier."

"Uh....huh, yeah you might want to fill me in on this." Spike requested, but Twilight puffs out of frustration.

"I can't Spike. Something about those dark creatures that attack us are so unknown. I never seen any of those creatures before in Everfree Forest."

"Well did you check the book about Everfree Forest along with other mythical tales of Equestria?" Spike mention, but Twilight nodded.

"I did, but it doesn't show or tell the exact details of these creatures. Its like....they come from somewhere."

Spike rub her chin to think and then snaps an idea, "Why not go to the library in Canterlot Twilight. I'm sure Princess Celestia wouldn't mind letting you go in to check."

Twilight stood for a moment and face hoof herself. To forget about Canterlot library that hold all sorts of information, she might be able to find the book that tells about the so call Heartless.

"Sweet Luna, Spike that's it!" Twilight said happily. "Spike, take a letter. I need to talk with Princess Celestia about this."

Spike grabs a quill and paper from the table,

"Okay, whenever your ready."

Twilight speaks out while Spike writes out every word she said,

Dear Princess Celestia,

I'm sorry not to have any friendship lessons learn for this report today but something has happen yesterday in Everfree Forest. I'll explain to you when I meet you in the castle soon. It is very important because Fluttershy and I have discover something. I hope to to see you soon.

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle.

With the letter finish and sealed, Spike blew fire at the letter and burns away into green smoke.

"Thank you Spike. Now then, I'll just get my things ready and-"

Before Twilight finish, Spike felt gas stir inside his tummy and suddenly burps out a puff of green smoke, reveal to be a letter sent back.

"A letter already?" Twilight was surprise and levitates the scroll to read it.

"Oh, looks like Princess Celestia is sending a carriage to pick me up. I guess it must've been important I sent her." Twilight said excitedly.

She trots around the room to look for her saddle bag despite the mess she made. Once she has found it, she notice by the window a carriage has arrive in front of her home. Before she exits the house, she reminds Spike, "Oh Spike while I'm gone, can you clean up the mess?"

"Don't remind me, I'm already working on it." Spike grunted, picking up books one by one to organize the them.

"Thank you Spike. I'll see you later when I get back." And so, Twilight walks out and enters the small carriage giving a good to go call to the Pegasus guards. The carriage carries her off and heads to Canterlot.


In Celestia's sunny day over Ponyville, ponies in different colors go off on their usual routine, fillies playing around, friend discussions, and other activities that gets everypony busy. But away from Ponyville that is near the Everfree Forest entrance, a black portal has open in the grass field like yesterday. Roxas walks out of the portal in his horse form once again. Same look, same clothes that fit on him, and of course his wings. Though he doesn't know how to use them, he keeps them shut to his side.

Finding it annoying to be back on standing four legs, he looks at his direction to the Everfree Forest. He then looks to the other side to find a bridge connected to another area with a sign that says Ponyville. By the guess of the sign though, his thought tells him that he is refer in his form as a pony. At least, that didn't seem to bother him about it, but it was a good start to know he got something to report about later.

Roxas sighs as a start of his stay in the new world he does not know yet. But at least Ponyville was a nice place to go for better than the forest. He hopes there wouldn't be any Heartless in town when he takes a look into Ponyville.

Almost to forget about something, he stops his pace and put his fore hooves over his head to pull his hood over his face. Taken care of, he walks into Ponyville finding himself to be fill with ponies like him, but all in different colors. Roxas imagines of himself living in some fantasy like this that would never seem to be possibly real, but then again he's been through other worlds that come out to be real from fairy tales.

Continuing to walk down the road, ponies begin to come across his way by his appearance. Some ponies stare at him, some ponies whispers about the new pony in town, and some ponies started to walk away or actually hide from him. The fillies have stop their activity in catching their attention to Roxas who now begins to notice that every pony were staring at him.

"Great just what I need,....ponies to be bother by my appearance." Roxas thought himself. "Though I might need to ask a pony to help me out around this town since I'm not quite familiar with it."

The blond Pegasus scans around his area but only to find ponies walk away or hide from him again. He then catches a glimpse of a pink pony standing in the same direction as he was but....finds her staring at him....with a big grin. Obviously, her whole body is pink as well as her hair to look like a cotton candy except its color is more dark pink of cotton candy as Roxas thought. He became frighten the way the pink pony in front of him gaze his appearance especially with the smile she made. The way her cheeks spread off, its nearly impossible for anyone like him to grin so widely. Though Roxas ignores the thought of it, he decides to get her attention with one word.

"Hi?" And with that being said, the pink pony gasp with a leap of surprise and out of nowhere yells, "OH MY GOSH!!!! A NEW PONY!"

Roxas shutter by surprise from her shout and with a snap, the pink pony zips up to Roxas in a mere second nearly close to him where she can nearly see his face and goes off,

"Hi I'm Pinkie Pie, you must be a new pony because I know everypony in this town but you!" Pinkie introduce in such a fast pace and went off with questions. "Whats your name? Why are you wearing a black coat? Are you one of those strange ponies that go off and save the world from bad things? *GASP* Or maybe you're working with evil bad ponies that try to rule the world!"

Roxas couldn't keep up with Pinkie's non stop chatter and had to stop the pink's hyper mood.

"Hey slow down girl." Roxas said, but tried not to get annoyed. "You were talking too fast, I couldn't keep up with
all the questions you asked."

Pinkie stopped for a moment and the two came into a awkward silence until Pinkie simply apologize with a smile,

"Oh silly me, sorry about that." Roxas sigh of relief as he answer few of Pinkie's simple questions but not the last two.

"My name is Roxas....I wear this black coat for protection and....I keep my hood on to hide my identity. Sounds good enough....um....Pinkie?"

She smiles even more but then gives a little curious look. "Okay Roxy I hear you loud and clear. But why not take off that hood? You'll stick out like a sore hoof in the crowd."

"Well sorry but I'm not comfortable of showing my face to anyone- er I mean any pony." Roxas said, keeping his hood down.

"Please~ Roxy?" Pinkie Pie begged, pulling off the puppy face. "I just wanna see~."

Roxas looks away to avoid her gaze, but no matter which direction to turn away, Pinkie Pie is always in front of his face. For the weirdest pony he ever met, she is impossible to avoid. Her big, pretty, light blue eyes show little tears leaking out, having to put him down in defeat and sigh.

"I guess....it couldn't hurt to take it off." Pinkie Pie randomly does the victory pose for convincing Roxas and gaze at him again to catch the moment.

He takes off his hood, revealing his blond hair and his look to Pinkie Pie who gaze at his face for nearly a minute. Pinkie smiles and accidentally admits, "Wow you're pretty cute for a pony hiding under that hood of yours."

Roxas froze from Pinkie's comment that sink into his head. He never thought he would get a compliment for his appearance, making him blush but lightly. He scratch his head and replies to her, "Well um....thanks?"

Pinkie giggle by Roxas's surprise, bouncing around him in joy. She then ask Roxas,

"Say Roxy, do you want to have a tour around Ponyville?"

Finally hearing that, gives Roxas a chance to get to know the world if he's going to stick around for 3 days. He nods to Pinkie's favor as the girl became excited.

"Okie dokie lokie." Pinkie said and bounces off. "Follow me; I want to show you Sugarcube Corner. Its a sweet shop for all goodies you can eat."

Roxas couldn't help but smile. It seems he has made a friend with a pony even though she seems to be crazy and random, Roxas didn't seem to be bother by her hyper mood....for now. And so, he follows Pinkie Pie leading up to Sugarcube Corner what appears to be made out of sweets or so that's what he thought.

They enter into the shop, surrounded by all kinds of sweets that Roxas cannot imagine to try. Some have cookies, candies, cakes, cupcakes, and much more than he ever seen. Probably the best shop he would ever want to hang out if he's in a mood for snacks, but he's still prefer the ice cream he had earlier to be his very favorite.

Two ponies have come to the counter to find Pinkie Pie along with a new pony.

"Hi Mr. and Mrs. Cake." Pinkie said.

"Why hello Pinkie, who's you're friend?" Mr. Cake asked.

"Oh he's a new pony in town that I found. I wanted to give him a tour so I thought I should take him here first to try some of our best batch of food we make here."

Mrs. Cake waves hello to Roxas as he did the same, giving a good smile.

"So what is you're name dear?" Mrs. Cake asked. Before Roxas introduce himself, Pinkie cuts in to do it for him.

"His name is Roxas. I prefer to call him Roxy like I call my friend Dashie because his name sounds cool."

"Oh I see dear, but how did you two meet?" Mrs. Cake question curiously which Roxas felt a bit embarrass to explain. Mrs. Cake kind of knew that he felt nervous when it comes to Pinkie meeting new ponies like him, she intends to....make them feel unease. On the good side, she sees Roxas to be okay with Pinkie Pie and changes her mind.

"Its alright Roxas. Some new ponies have gone through that, but at least you're a good pony who doesn't run away from Pinkie here." The pink pony chuckle about that being mention when she did happen to do that because of her excitement.

"Well she is uh....fun pony to talk with and I thank her for taking me on a tour so I don't mind." Roxas reply, giving an assure face. Mrs. Cake was glad to hear it.

Pinkie grabs one sample of a cupcake from the counter and gives it to Roxas.

"Here Roxy, try one!" So, Roxas tries holding the cupcake steady and takes a bite on top first. The taste of its sweetness was incredible. Though he never wanted to eat something that was too sweet for his taste bud, he seems to be okay with the cupcake. Chewing down the cupcake, Pinkie sees Roxas enjoying it and decide to give him another one, but Roxas refuse once he finishes.

"Oh no no, I'm sorry Pinkie. One sweet bite from you're amazing cupcake was enough. Besides, I don't have um....munny to pay off."

Mr. Cake comes in, hearing the word munny has made his brow raise, "Munny? Do you mean bits Roxas?"

Roxas quickly nodded for making a mistake. Though he never knew what bits look like, Pinkie somehow went off grabbing something inside her mane and pull off a golden coin. Guess that's what bits look like.

"Don't worry Roxy, I can pay one if you want some more later." Pinkie said, but Roxas had to refuse her kind.

"No its fine really. I appreciate it but I already ate earlier on my way to Ponyville."

Pinkie frown by his comment, but immediately compose herself of being happy. "Alrighty then, how about we head over to one of my friends' place. Oh, I bet Rarity would love your outfit Roxy. She's a fashion designer that is always so perfect when it comes with passion."

For some reason, Roxas felt a chill run down his spine, but doesn't know why. He ignores the trouble and decide to go along. "Let's check it out then."

Two of them wave their goodbyes to Mr. and Mrs. Cake. They head off to a next area as Pinkie leads him the way to the next building; Carousel Boutique. They reach their destination, standing in front of the door as Pinkie knocks on the door and yells out her name.

"Rarity! Its Pinkie Pie; I got a new pony I want to show you."

A pony inside calls back to Pinkie, "Hold on darling, I' am almost done with this. Just a little more of here and there and....perfect."

Once she took care of her business, she went to the front door and opens halfway, only to see Pinkie Pie without noticing Roxas was block from the door.

"Why hello there Pinkie." Rarity said. "What brings you here in such a fine day?"

"Hi Rarity! I want to show you this new pony I found in Ponyville. I'm giving him a tour and thought I should drop by you're place to introduce you to him." Pinkie said.

"Ah yes, you mention it a few seconds ago. So...." Rarity couldn't seem to find the new pony. "Where is he?"

Pinkie giggles and opens the door all the way to reveal Roxas in front of her now.

"Rarity, this is Roxas. Roxas, this is Rarity."

Pinkie introduce both of them while Roxas catches Rarity's appearance. Her coat is white as a marshmallow follow by her purplish mane to be curl nicely along with her tail. One thing he totally forgot, was that the pony has horn on her head which turns out she's a unicorn. For a pony who is into fashion, her beauty and looks would seem pretty obvious that she's into fashion, but doesn't realize how serious this fashion pony gets until he notice her eyes.

Rarity has not said a word since Pinkie open the door. Her jaw was left hanging by shock, gazing not at Roxas's look, but mostly his cloak he was wearing. Another awkwardness comes in between the two while Pinkie seems to know where this was going. Finally, Rarity close her jaw up and examines very close. Looking at the cloak, feeling its soft texture, the design it was made of, and its color.

Roxas felt uncomfortable while the mare circles around him. He stands still for Rarity to inspect until she finally spoke, "Sir, this cloak....this design....where in Equestria did you get this?"

A pony with a serious fashion; who would've thought she would be intrigue by his cloak to be fashion. The cloaks purpose is to protect the one who wears it from darkness when they use the corridor of darkness to travel through sorts of worlds. But not for this mare who is really passion into fashion. His thought comes to a stop, forgetting that Rarity has asked a question, he tries to make an excuse.

"Well um....its not something special about this outfit."

Rarity gasp by his comment as if she was offended to hear it, "Dear Roxas; this outfit is such a marvelous design I have ever lay eyes on. Of course, it may need a bit of color change and texture so please let me redesign it for you."

That came out of nowhere for Roxas, never to expect her to actually make change of his clothes. He doesn't realize that ponies around him don't actually wear clothes at all and yet he feels uncomfortable if he were to take it off. Quickly he backs away from her so she may not dare to strip him.

"Whoa wait! I' am not going to get strip out of this outfit!" Roxas nearly shouted by accident which cause the mare to realize her action.

"Oh dear I'm terribly sorry Roxas." Rarity apologize. " As you already know, I'm a fashion designer and I have always lay eyes of design and appearance. So far, yours prove to be....unique"

"Well that explains why you seem to gaze on my outfit for a while." Roxas said, though he knew it was obvious.

"But its alright Miss; I appreciate the offer but I rather not have my uh....boss get mad at me for the design change." Roxas continued with an excuse and laugh a bit.

"I can understand what you mean Roxas. But please call me Rarity; I feel old when ponies refer to me by 'Miss'.

Things have settle down for Roxas now, feeling that he does not have to worry about her favor. He walks up to Rarity as if he thought it was safe to say she would stop being picky of his outfit, but then again Rarity took a look at the design once again.

Pinkie comes up to Roxas, giving an assure look with a smile that Roxas always sees all the time. He could never smile that much compare to the pink pony. Its like everything she does make her feel happy. Very strange, but not as strange as he is since he's a bit of a unique Nobody compare to the rest of the group back in the base.

"Well, now that you know Rarity, let's head off to my next friend, Twilight." Pinkie said while Rarity thought about it.

"Hmm, since my project design is complete I think I might have a spare time to come along with you two Pinkie."

With that, Pinkie bounces around once again, getting all hyped up over taking a tour for Roxas as he shows a confuse look, but for Rarity she reminded him.

"Don't worry about Pinkie Pie. Pinkie is just....random in all so she's just being Pinkie."

Roxas watch Pinkie bounce off to the next direction,

"Yeah no kidding...." He chuckle a bit and the two ponies now follow Pinkie leading to there next destination.

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