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A Nobody Meets Ponies - ShyasuEasternSun

Roxas is assign to investigate a new world that was recently discovered that is believe to have hear

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Tour around Ponyville

Hello readers! I'm very sorry for the delay in all and I'm sorry I didn't make the chapter long as some of ya have ask but I hope you enjoy reading this. Also, the reason with a delay on this chapter was my helpful editor couldn't find the time to fix my......"Engrish" words in this chapter so PLEASE FORGIVE MY STUPIDITY.......and thank you for the comments and ratings.

Chapter 3

Tour Around Ponyville

Twilight’s journey to Canterlot came to an end when the carriage made a stop in front of Celestia's castle. After giving a quick thank you and nod to the Pegasus guards, she headed into the castle with permission from the pony guards. Upon entering the Castle, Twilight was quickly met with Princess Celestia who had just finished her crisis meeting.

While walking down the hallway, Twilight explained what happened last night to Celestia; mentioning the "Heartless" as they were referred to, the dark creatures that had appeared, alongside the mysterious pony who had managed to save her and Fluttershy. Celestia was surprised at the news about what her student had to go through, but at the same time was happy. Whoever this mysterious pony was, she felt like she should meet him someday.

After her faithful student had discussed every detail, Celestia thought carefully about where the situation could lead.

"Hmm, What you have told me is very interesting, Twilight. I have never heard of these… ‘Heartless’ as you called them before. Even in 1000 years, I have yet to encounter them." Celestia said.

"That is why with your permission, I would like to use your library to see if there are any information or even mythical tales about them." Twilight said as Celestia nodded and they both stopped near a two sided door.

"You may use it however you wish, Twilight Sparkle." Celestia said, opening the door with her magic to reveal mass amounts of shelves overflowing with books of knowledge.

Twilight thanked her mentor and with a proud look said, "I'll see to it that I will use whatever resource I can find, Princess."

"Take your time, Twilight." Celestia said with a smile. "I will come by again later, for the time being I must check on Luna and see if she is alright."

Hearing the news shocked Twilight, "Oh dear! Is Princess Luna okay?"

"She is fine, Twilight." Celestia reassured Twilight, chuckling at the obvious worry the pony had for the princess. "She is merely recovering from doing some research."

"What kind of research, Princess Celestia?" Twilight asked.

"Honestly Twilight, I haven't got a clue about that. I'll have to ask her about it when I meet her. I shall take my leave now." Celestia said with a farewell and walked away. When Twilight returned her gaze back to the room filled with books, she could not help but smile. She couldn't resist feeling happy about being able to use the library. Walking towards the shelves, she started her search for the books that would give her the answers she wants.


Roxas and Rarity continued their walk while Pinkie Pie hopped, in the lead as always, to their next destination. They knew they had arrived when they came across what appeared to be a giant tree house. It was a strange design and made quite large for a pony to live in which was cause Roxas to wonder curiously about the inhabitant.

"This house is quite big compared to the other buildings so far." Roxas said.

"That's because Twilight, our dear friend, owns a library. She always loved books and reading." Rarity said admiration for her friend.

It caught Roxas by surprise for a pony to own such a big library, but it may prove to be very useful later on. After all, he was still on his mission checking out some of the books would be beneficial. Getting to know his way around Ponyville would have to be first priority before he did any researching.

They arrived at Twilight's house and Pinkie rushed forward calling for her friend without bothering to knock on the door. As the door opened, they saw that it was Spike who answered Pinkie’s call.

"You know this is a library, Pinkie." Spike sighed in annoyance. "You could have just walked in whenever you like."

His eyes suddenly land upon Rarity, who was behind Pinkie Pie; Roxas watcher with amusement as Spike’s eyes rolled up and showed hearts of affection to the pony he was in love with.

"Why, hello Spike. How are you today?" Rarity said.

"I'm doing um....just fine, Rarity." Spike stuttered shyly. "I've just finished stacking and re-shelving all the books that Twilight left in a mess.”

"What was she doing last night, Spiky?" Pinkie asked.

"Well, I was asleep last night, but when I woke up and came downstairs, I found Twilight with all the books around her. Boy, let me tell ya, she always leaves a mess when she gets serious with whatever she's researching about."

“Our dear Twilight stayed up all night reading?" Rarity asked in shock. "Right after what happen to her and Fluttershy from that incident last night in Everfree forest?"

When Roxas, who had been keeping his distance from the three while they were engrossed with their conversation, heard Rarity's outbreak, he remembered that he was part of that incident.

He muttered himself, "Wait… this Twilight they’re talking about. Is she one of the two girls I saved from that forest? I better not get caught up in this; I'm not too interesting in being discovered."

While Roxas was pondering, Pinkie managed to get right beside him, which promptly caused him to jump. The pink pony giggled and asked, "Roxy, why the frown face? Are you feeling uncomfortable?"

Somehow, Pinkie could sense Roxas' troubles and felt that he was getting lost in melancholy, so she did her best to get him out of his mood.

"Nothing is wrong, Pinkie." Roxas said forcing a smile. "I'm just trying to get used to Ponyville. It just makes me miss home really."

"Well don't you worry, Roxy. Leave it to sweet oh Pinkie Pie!" Pinkie said proudly. Spike finally noticed the new pony, who was behind Pinkie Pie.

"Oh who's the new pony in town?"

Rarity walked over to Roxas and nudged him, "Spike, this young dazzling Pegasus is Roxas. Roxas, this is my little Spiky-Wikey. He is Twilight's number one assistant; he’s responsible for helping her around the library."

Spike went close to Roxas and examined the strange cloak he had on. He also noticed how Rarity had so calmly come into contact with him and the gaze into his outfit. He suddenly felt jealously kick in and suspected that Roxas was trying and take away his one true love. However, he decided that if he was going to win Rarity’s heart, he should at least treat this stranger cool indifference at the very least.

"Roxas, pleasure to meet you." Spike said, showing a handshake gesture as Roxas extended his hoof to shake his.

"Likewise," Roxas reply. "It’s cool to finally meet a real dragon, like you."

Spike felt like he finally got the attention he deserved.

"Well of course I am and you better watch it because I can uh....breathe fire!" Spike boasted, attempting to show off his charm to Rarity while Pinkie giggled Spike's attempt. Roxas thought it seemed cool about it and wanted to see Spike’s fire but then Rarity cut him off.

"I applaud your bravery and determination, dear Spike. However, we only came to see if Twilight was home."

"Oh about that," Spike said plainly. "Twilight went off to Canterlot for the library so she can find more clues about whatever she was looking for. I'm not sure how long she'll be away, so I got nothing to do now."

Rarity felt disappointed to hear the news, but Roxas sighed in relief. If he were to meet Twilight, who was the same pony from the forest, then he would be in trouble. After all, he did learn about secrecy from Vexon, even though some would say he was too sneaky. Still, it was best to keep a low profile especially with these innocent ponies.

The pink pony was sadden by the news but frankly didn't mind, "Hey, how about we head over to Sweet Apple Acres instead? Applejack would love to meet you, Roxas!"

"Uh, sure, Pinkie." Roxas reply with a sheepish smile. "Lead the way."

"An excellent idea, Pinkie Pie." Rarity said and turned to Spike. "Would you like to join us, dear?"

Spike nodded happily, "Sure thing! I got my chores done anyway, so it’s best to stretch out in Celestia's sunny day."

Roxas was puzzled from the mention of the name Celestia but didn't ask about it or he would seem suspicious. Noticing that the other ponies along with the baby dragon were already went off to Sweet Apple Acres, he galloped after them.


Back in the Canterlot library, Twilight has stayed her welcome for quite a while. Yet, she continued to search every section in the library and every book that was even remotely relevant but she hasn’t found one piece of useful information about the Heartless. She scanned one last book in hope of finding even a little bit of information.

Immediately, she tossed the book away behind her in a fit of rage, surrounding herself with a pile of books, like before in her library. Obsession had gotten into Twilight, frustrating her because not even in Canterlot could she find any information about the Heartless.

"This is impossible!" Twilight cried with her mane messy. "How is it that not one book can give me the answers I'm looking for?"

As the upset pony sighed in defeat, she didn't realize another pony has entered the library.

"Dear Celestia, my library!" The pony cried in shock. Twilight noted that his voice sounded like an old pony, so she turned towards the source and saw the librarian, immediately blushing from the embarrassment.

"Oh, um, I'm very sorry sir." Twilight apologized with a sheepish smile. "I was doing research and-"

The old pony had to squint his eyes while adjusting his glasses to recognize the lavender pony.

"Oh, it’s only you, Twilight Sparkle." The old pony chuckled. "I never thought you would read nearly half of the books in hours."

Twilight blushed again for she couldn't help her obsession of reading, especially when it came to solving problems. She brushed her mane with magic to keep herself composed but her eyes show tiredness. The librarian noticed it and chuckle again, "Well you read a lot today, my dear. I think you should take a break."

"Oh, thank you sir, but wouldn't you want me to reorganize the books?” Twilight asked feeling guilty about the mess she made, but the librarian didn't seem to be bothered and shook his head.

"It is fine, Twilight. I rather re-shelve them back on my own. Besides, it’s not often for a pony to come to the library and make a mess of it, so I might as well enjoy my time getting things back in order. So please, Twilight you may leave and I'll let Princess know that you have left."

She wanted to refuse the proposal, but she then noticed the sun had gone overhead, signifying noon, that she almost forget about Spike. She thanked the librarian and walked down the hallway to the exit. As for the librarian, he looks at all the pile books that were somewhat stack around. He sighed, but said, "Well better get started...."


Finally arriving at Sweet Apple Acres, the group headed to a farmhouse along on the road. Roxas looked around to find a lot of trees in the field, but filled to the brim with apples on them. As they continued to walk, they come across a red stallion who was larger than any other pony Roxas has ever seen. The red stallion caught sight of the group and smiled as Rarity was first to say hello.

"Hello dear, Macintosh. Is Applejack here?"

"Eeyup." Macintosh said simply and pointed his hoof to where Applejack was found bucking down some trees already. Rarity thanked him for the help, while Pinkie grabbed Roxas by his tail and dragged him away to meet Applejack. The orange pony noticed Pinkie along with a new pony she never seen before, getting dragged by the crazy pink friend of hers.

"Hey there Sugarcube, who's the new pony here?"

"Hey, Applejack!" Pinkie said once she spit away Roxas' tail. "This here is Roxas, but I prefer to call him Roxy because it sounds cool!" Before she got off chattering on about Roxas, Rarity stopped her.

"Yes Pinkie, we heard you mention that already, dear." Rarity said; managing to join in with the group along with Spike. Roxas composed himself after his drag and smiled to Applejack. He took note of her appearance, which consisted of her orange coat, a pale light grayish olive mane, and a brown cowboy hat with eyes that were moderate sap green.

"Well like Pinkie said, I'm Roxas." As he extended his hoof for a shake from Applejack, he wasn't expecting a strong shake coming from her. He was easily shaken as Applejack smiled back while shaking his hoof like a rag doll. She stopped and let go while Roxas rubbed his hoof.

"It’s a pleasure making your acquaintance, Roxas. I'm Applejack and this here is Sweet Apple Acres!" The orange pony gave one strong kick behind her to hit a tree, causing at least few apples to fall. She caught one of them and gave it over to Roxas.

"I bet you never tried one of these before because no pony could ever harvest better apples in Equestria." Applejack said with pride for her apples. Roxas showed trouble of holding the apple, which caused the others to be puzzled, making him nervous. Without a second thought, he chomped down on the entire apple. Luckily his mouth was big enough to eat it, since a human could not have eaten it whole.

He tasted the great juice as they swelled in his mouth along its sweet fruit. It was the best apple he had tasted so far, showing obvious enjoyment as he swallows the apple.

Applejack chuckle, “I’m glad to see a smile from a new pony who likes my apples; how about a second apple?" Roxas wished he could have another but felt guilty getting free food.

"It’s alright, Applejack. One apple is good enough." Roxas said kindly and Applejack understood, throwing the apple back into a bucket beside her.

"So ya, what brings you all up here with Roxas?" Applejack asked as Pinkie answered quick bursts of hyper chatter.

"Oh oh, well I decided to give a tour to Roxas to show him around Ponyville when I saw him in town. He’s a new pony so I said hi to him; asked him about his cool outfit, told him my name and then I gave him a tour around Sugarcube Corner. After that we headed off to Rarity's place and Rarity was so into fashion that when she saw his outfit and she wanted to make changes with it, but Roxy didn't want to because of his boss would hate him, so we went to Twilight's place but found out she was away so we introduced Spike to Roxy and finally headed over to Sweet Apple Acres to see you Applejack."

Once Pinkie finish, nearly the whole group were puzzled as they could not catch up to what Pinkie had said; except for the last part and the tour, but Applejack figured it out anyways and chuckled.

"Well, I take it that Pinkie was being Pinkie as usual; so you must be taking the new pony on a tour?"

"That is correct, Applejack. We certainly hope to make him feel comfortable around Ponyville." Rarity answered.

"Now that Roxy got to meet Applejack, let's go and find Rainbow Dash!" Pinkie bounced once again around Roxas until her tail begin to twitch and shake like a rattle. Immediately, she knew something was coming and took cover in the bush while the others hid elsewhere except for Roxas.

"Um, why are you guys hiding?"

Spike yelled out to him, "Its Pinkie's Senses! She can predict bad things that happen soon. Better take cover because her senses show something will fall from the sky."

Roxas looked around of his surrounds and above but only find Applejack, Rarity, and Spike hiding behind trees while Pinkie Pie still take cover in the bush.

"I don't see anything happening...." Roxas said before he heard some pony scream at him.

"LOOK OUT!!!!"

He looked behind to see a cyan Pegasus flying towards him with such speed, he couldn't react in time to avoid. The cyan Pegasus crashed into Roxas but instead of causing a crater of an impact, there were only trails of dirt left behind from Rainbow's impact. The two had come to a stop once they hit tree where Rarity jumped out of in shock.

Applejack along with Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Spike quickly checked on the two Pegasus. The first one to appear groaned under the pile of dirt and popped out of it, letting them see it was Roxas.

"You okay, Roxas?" Applejack asked. He groaned a bit and felt his chest hurt from the impact but nodded.

"Yeah I'm okay, but who was that?" He turned to find the cyan Pegasus dragging herself out of the dirt, revealing her rainbow mane along with her eye colors that appeared to be brilliant rose. She looked at Roxas and then looked back to the group surrounding them as she gave a sheepish smile.

"Eh, sorry about that." She said as Applejack rolled her eyes.

"Rainbow Dash, how many times have I told you not to do crazy air tricks?" Applejack mentioned as a reminder. "I suggest you apologize to this new pony, Roxas."

She looked back at Roxas who stare back at her until she pushed herself out of the dirt pile and gave Roxas a hoof.

"Sorry for crashing into ya, dude, I didn't mean to do something so reckless." Once she pulled him out of the pile, his outfit had dirt stains around him causing Rarity to be upset because of the scene but also wanting to take the opportunity to clean it.

"Oh dear, Roxas let me clean that up for you." Rarity insisted, but Roxas shook his head.

"It’s alright, Rarity. Just a couple of dirt stains isn't a big deal." Roxas could tell Rarity was sad and disappointed from the looks in her eyes as she begged again. Roxas knew where this was going and couldn't handle the guilt like before with Pinkie.

"Oh....alright, Rarity but I do want to check around a bit more before I hand you....my outfit." Roxas sighed of the embarrassment. As for Rarity, she was excited until Rainbow Dash cut in and looked at Roxas.

"So your name is Roxas huh." Dash said, flying around to inspect the Pegasus. "Well then, the names Rainbow Dash as you can tell how awesome I am."

Applejack and Rarity rolled their eyes for Dash's usual need for attention, but Roxas didn't mind.

"Nice to meet you, Rainbow Dash." Roxas said. "What were you doing before you crash into me?"

"Oh, I was practicing my air tricks for the Wonderbolts. Have you seen how amazing they are?"

Roxas only shook his head for a no but wasn't expected to get a serious face when Rainbow Dash nearly gasped in shock and same time in outrage.

"You never heard the Wonderbolts?! They are like the best stunt flyers of Equestria! How can a Pegasus like you not know about them?"

Her words have hit Roxas pretty rough since he realized that by not knowing who they were in all, he was showing how different he was, but he couldn't find an excuse. He could only be silent while Dash put her serious face against his. All he did was shrug while Dash groaned, "Come on, every pony should know about them and you’re a Pegasus for crying out loud."

Applejack places his hoof on Dash's shoulder, "Well you can't expect every pony to know about those Wonderbolts, Dash. Besides, he's new and probably came from another town or something."

"AJ, the Wonderbolts are big hits around Equestria, like literally." Rainbow Dash said and then looked back at Roxas. "What place did you come from? Hoofington, Fillydelphia, Trottingham, Las Pegasus, Baltimare?"

The list of city names or town has gotten Roxas lost a bit, but the real problem was what he should say. He couldn't tell them he's from another world or anything involve with travel in dimensions. If only Axel was here, he wouldn't have to worry, but right now he was in a situation. They seemed to have caught the attention from the group including Pinkie Pie who was so curious to know, she was actually gets closer to him to hear his answer.

Before Roxas could even think of an excuse, a sudden shriek of cry echoed in a fair distance, All their attentions averted to behind them as they recognized the voice.

"That scream.....was that-" Spike thought as Dash became alarmed.

"It’s Fluttershy!"

The group gasped as Rainbow Dash didn’t wait around. With her wings spread wide and strong, she blasted off in a second; leaving behind only her rainbow trails. Applejack and the others galloped at full speed to follow Dash, leaving Roxas behind, who was clueless on what was going on. They galloped as quickly as possible when a red stallion appeared to run beside them.

"Big Mac?! What are you doing here?" Applejack asked in surprise.

He showed a determined look in his eyes and only replied one word, "Fluttershy." Then, with a burst of speed he ran off ahead of them so quickly that nearly no pony could catch up.

"Come on fellas! We gotta keep up or who knows what will happen to Fluttershy." Applejack yelled.

"But what about Roxas? We left him behind." Spike said, holding onto Pinkie's back.

"We'll get him later, but right now she needs our help." Applejack argued while the others seem to agree with her.

As they ran off, Roxas was now left alone as he could only watch them run off in distance until they were out of his sight. He finally sighed in relief that the question was avoided. However, something bad is happening and he couldn’t afford to wait around doing nothing.

"Why am I sitting around? I got to follow them!" Roxas said to himself and finally galloped off in the same direction they went.


The cyan Pegasus continued to soar in the sky while keeping an eye out to find Fluttershy. She finally spotted her in the field near the Everfree Forest’s entrance. She also saw strange creatures surrounding the poor Pegasus, covering herself to prepare for the worst. Dash's heart beat faster and without thinking she charged head on like a missile.

"Get away from Fluttershy you monsters!" Rainbow Dash yelled, getting the dark creatures’ attention. She tackled through them like bowling pins, causing all of them to scatter apart. She flew back and landed beside Fluttershy.

"Shy, are you alright?"

The shy Pegasus was glad to see her best friend but her fear made her stand still, showing how frightened she was, while tears streamed from her eyes. Then they suddenly went wide.

"Rainbow, behind you!" Fluttershy cried.

Dash looked behind to see the small creatures getting ready to jump on her, but got bucked away by her back kick. The creatures she tackled earlier had also gotten back up and were now surrounding the two of them. Rainbow Dash stood her ground protecting Fluttershy, but she was starting to feel nervous.

"Rainbow, Fluttershy!"

The two look toward the sound it came from, finding Big Mac charging toward the crowd of creatures. It didn't take long for Applejack and the rest to make it in time to see what was going on, finally catching up to the creatures.

"What in Celestia's name are those things?" Rarity asked.

"No time for questions girl! Let's get in there and help Fluttershy and the rest." Applejack replied and was first to charge in, immediately joined by Pinkie, Rarity and Spike, who only went for Fluttershy to make sure she was okay.

Big Mac kicked away one monster after another, sending them flying in different directions. Applejack used her rope and lassoed one of them. She spun it around and threw it toward the other creatures, causing them to smash into each other. Rainbow Dash was swooping down one target using her forehooves as her best offense in attacking them one after another.

The fight was prove to be difficult for the ponies. The creatures they were facing hadn't given up even after numerous hits, kicks, toss, and blows; they just kept on coming for them. Pinkie, Spike, and Rarity were huddle together along with Fluttershy to shield her from danger. Their strength was almost gone for the three brave ponies, they were losing their breath, and were getting tired. Even though Big Mac was a tough stallion, he had never faced any creatures that would take a ton of kicks and still fight back.

The dark creatures made their move immediately when one of them manage to appear behind Mac from the ground and scratched Big Mac's back; causing him to cry in pain.

"MAC!" Dash and Applejack cried, both mares distracted in distress. They were left open for the dark creatures to gain upper advantage. They tackled the mares and pinned them to the ground in numbers. They struggled to get up but the weight of creatures forced them to be stuck to the ground as if they were glued completely. Mac staggered and tried not to lose his concentration, but more of them came after him. Another scratch had gotten him forced down as the rest of the bystanders watched in horror.

Once the three ponies were taken care of, they diverted their attention to the bystanders. Rainbow Dash and Applejack continued to struggle while Mac tried his best to stand up, but collapsed from the pain on his wounds, they seemed heavy on him as if their attacks were poisoned.

The three ponies and the baby dragon still huddled together in preparation for the worst.

"Is this the end of us?" Rarity cried with tears forming in her eyes. "Could this be the end of our lives?”

"Don't worry, Rarity. Twilight will come for us....I hope." Spike said to comfort his lover but his last word has left him unsure about the situation. Pinkie Pie however, suddenly began to shake like a rattle along with her ear that started to flop, her fore hooves shook, and her tail twitched.

"Hey, my Pinkie Senses are kicking in." Pinkie said, continued to the motion of her body.

"Wait, what does that mean Pinkie?" Spike asked until Pinkie pointed to the hill that they came from earlier.


The others including Dash and Applejack follow Pinkie's direction and spotted the new pony, Roxas. He finally made it in time to find the ponies in trouble with the creatures he recognized as Shadows.

"Hang on guys, I got this!" Roxas yelled, but Rainbow Dash warned him.

"Are you crazy dude?! These things are impossible to fight."

"Don't be a hero, Roxas. Just get help!" Applejack cried, but Roxas shook his head.

"Don't worry, I don't intend to but I know what’s best!"

When it was time to take action, a light illuminated brightly in front of Roxas. The ponies watch in awe as the light faded away to take shape of a big key. It was a classic key with a long silver Keychain extending from the hilt, and a strange icon shape token with two round ears on the end of the Keychain. The blade and teeth of the Keyblade were silver, while its rain-guard was blue, and the guard was bright gold.

Roxas grabbed onto his weapon with his mouth like last time and prepared himself. As for the Heartless, they immediately went after him instead of the other ponies. The other Heartless that had pinned down the two mares, quickly scattered off and charged after Roxas.

The battle started when Roxas rushed down the hill toward the Heartless Shadows charging towards him. He leaped over most of the Shadows and made a swift turn and swing together, killing three Shadows as they dispersed into thin air. Three shadows sunk themselves to the ground and started to scatter around Roxas. The Pegasus knew what to expect and hopped back in time just as the Shadows popped out to attack.

"Better use a magic spell to take these Heartless out." He thought in his mind.

With careful concentration, he imagined his magic to working on his keyblade when suddenly the tip showed sparks of electricity. He lifted his weapon up to the air when sparks came out, sending thunder down on his enemies. The numbers of Heartless were decimated but there were ten or so of them left to handle.

So, Roxas took off again but this time, charged in thoughtlessly. A few Shadows jumped away to avoid getting hit, but some acted on instinct and attack. One by one, Roxas somehow managed to handle it.; Slashing away on his right side. Now there were only four left, however they begin to act strangely. The four started to move away from Roxas when he took his fight position.

A dark portal opened behind the four Shadows, the shadows immediately jump inside as if they were retreating. For Roxas however, he felt something worse was coming for the dark portal was left open for some reason. He couldn't risk the other ponies getting involved in whatever was about to happen.

"Guys, get out of here quick!" Roxas warn after he stuck is weapon to the ground, but only receive more stares from all of them.

Applejack shook her head, "Wait a darn minute, what are you talking about?"

"I can't explain but please trust me on this. Get your friends out of here!" Roxas yelled. Applejack and Rainbow Dash said nothing the whole time, getting their friends and Big Mac away from the field as Roxas got read to stand his ground.

The dark portal begin to grow in size when suddenly, a black arm broke out and slammed down on the ground with great force that shook the field. The group of ponies managed to get a look of the action but were terrified about what they were about to see.

A dark being began to emerge out of the portal, taking form of a huge monster. It was a black, muscular, humanoid Heartless. Its legs were short and its feet were very thin and curled upward. Its arms were long, and it had two relatively small, twisted wings on its back. It had a large, heart-shaped hole in the Heartless's abdominal area, which penetrated straight through from the front to the back. Its head was covered in dozens of twisted, black tentacles. Only its small, glowing yellow eyes are visible.

Roxas never expected the Heartless to appear in the world he was in, but prepared to face the threat coming his way.

Dark Side

Dark clouds begin to form above the Dark Side, close to shadowing over Ponyville. The scene was beginning to get intense with ponies staring in disbelief at the event.

"What in the name of Celestia is that...?" Applejack asked with her jaw still open while Rainbow Dash showed a mixture of horror and excitement.

"Beats me....but hey, you think that Roxas can handle that thing?" Dash wondered as Pinkie Pie's Senses was still active.

"I'm...not..su...sure....but...I hope...Rox-...Roxy...beats...up....that...bi-…big mean thing." Pinkie said with her shaky voice.

"I hope so. That thing is HUGE!" Spike cried still clinging onto Rarity.

The battle began with the Dark Side making his move with a simple smash with its fist to the ground. The impact caused a portal to open from below its hand, releasing Shadows to assist its master. Roxas didn't want to take that chance and quickly slashed away the Shadows. He then leaped onto the arm that was still on the ground, running for its best weak spot. He smacked the Heartless on the head with a hard blow, causing it to tumble back, also causing Roxas to lose his balance and fall.

As he still falls, he remembered that he had an advantage: his wings. As quickly as he could, he open his wings as wide as possible and did a somersault with a perfect landing. While he was regaining his position, the Dark Side had also managed to get back up; angry from the hit Roxas made. Its next move made Roxas panic; the Dark Side kneel down as he crossed both his arms and opened to reveal dark energy forming from its heart-shape hole.

It released its energy, blasting away particles of dark magic as they directed themselves to Roxas. He began to run, dodging one after another. The last dark ball comes for Roxas, but with perfect timing he swings his keyblade like a bat. The blade collided with the dark ball and bounced away from Roxas and landed a hit to the Dark Side’s face once again. It exploded with a loud impact, causing the Dark Side to fall forward for his face close to the ground. It was now or never, Roxas thought as he ran toward the monster; he began to feel his power glow. He leaped forward with his wings spread, not realizing that he was flying. With the lights glowing around him, he flew into the Dark Side like a dart at the speed of light.

Roxas shot through the Heartless, causing the Dark Side to disperse into dark dust and liquid with its heart flowing out and vanishing. The dark clouds vaporized and scattered away, allowing the sun to be able to show its beautiful light again. The Pegasus was gasping for his breath from the tough battle he went through, but it was over. He finally let himself loose and the keyblade vanished into the light as he sighed. He looked behind to see the group still watching after the battle they have seen, he wasn't sure how he was going to explain. The first one to react was Rainbow Dash, flying down quickly and heading toward Roxas as he expected her to tackle him for the outrageous situation, but instead get a clomp and a tight hug.

The rest of the gang including Mac who already saw the scene while he was at rest, came up to Roxas, smiling and cheering.

"Wow, dude I didn't think you could take out all those things by yourself. You must be some kind of superhero." Spike said, patting Roxas’ back while Pinkie squealed and hugged Roxas, who was starting to lose breath from the mare hugging him so tightly.

"Pinkie, Dash, our dear Roxas is suffocating." Rarity said. Both mares eased off for Roxas to allow him to catch his breath as Rainbow Dash went off telling every pony how awesome he was.

"Did you guys see him smack that thing down? Man it was like nothing to him. He's got crazy moves and tricks and those crazy magics that came out of that weird thing he was holding. That scene was so awesome." Dash said, squealing in the last word with both her hooves squish on her cheeks.

"I gotta hoof it to ya, Roxas. You nailed those crazy critters out of here with your fancy weird weapon or whatever it was." Applejack commented as Mac came still tended by Rarity.

"Eeyup." Mac said with a nod.

"We should totally throw double parties for Roxy for a welcoming party and saving Ponyville!" Pinkie said excitedly and continued to chatter on. "I'll get every pony and invite them to join in so they get to see Roxas as a hero!"

Roxas became shocked at the last sentence he heard, "What?! No Pinkie, don't throw a party or tell any um...ponies about me."

"Why not?" Pinkie asked with her eyes began to show the puppy face that Roxas knew he could not handle again.

"Well, you can throw a party if you want Pinkie, but I rather keep this a secret from others. As for the rest of you here need to keep this a secret as well."

"Why keep a secret from other ponies, dear." Rarity asked curiously. "I mean what you did was very heroic and amazing. You should be honored to be called a hero of Equestria."

"Well....the thing is I know what those creatures that attacked are and...." Before Roxas got to finish, he noticed a pink ha tail behind Big Mac as he felt a presence behind him. He shuffled away to find Fluttershy on the ground, not from being afraid, but more nervous then anything.

Her eyes looked away from Roxas and recognized the same cloak that the mysterious pony had from last night. She realized who it was and was so happy to finally get a chance to actually see his face. For Roxas realized she was the same pony he had saved from the forest. He never thought he would see her again, let alone attacked by Heartless again.

The two continued to gaze at each other for a awhile when Dash walked by to her best friend and nudged her, "You okay, Fluttershy?"

The shy Pegasus was taken by surprise by the small nudge and quickly stood up still looking at Roxas shyly, hiding her face with her beautiful mane. Roxas thought it was cute, so he chuckled, "Glad to see you made it out alright."

Hiding behind her mane, her face blushing from his kind words and while she wanted to reply back to thank him, she couldn’t for her mouth was zipped up tight from embarrassment. She only gave a little smile to show Roxas that she's thankful that he had saved her. Rarity came by to Fluttershy to comfort her.

"I'm sorry about our dear, Fluttershy. She's very shy to new ponies around, but I'm sure she'll thank you for rescuing us."

Roxas returned a smile, "Don't worry, Rarity, she already thanked me for that." With that said, Fluttershy let out a squeak causing the whole group to go ‘Aww’ for the moment until they heard a pony call out to them.

“Girls! Spike! Are you all okay?"

They all turned to see Twilight crossing the bridge and galloping towards them as she panted worriedly.

"Sorry I was gone for so long. I came back to find Spike missing and then all of you were missing until I saw a dark cloud and then-"

Her sentence stopped when she saw Roxas's cloak, noticing that it was familiar to her. Then the memories started to kick in as it show her last night in the forest, the attack from the Heartless, and the mysterious pony with the same outfit who was now in front of her. The pieces came together for Twilight gasped while the others looked at her weirdly.

"Uh Sugarcube, what's wrong?" Applejack asked.

"Uh I think egghead is having her thinking going on again." Rainbow Dash commented.

The lavender pony finally snapped, "You're the mysterious pony that save me and Fluttershy from last night!"

All ponies ‘eyes went wide besides Fluttershy and glanced back at Roxas who chuckled a bit and made a sheepish smile.

"Well....I guess I have a lot of explaining to do huh."

Author: I'm sorry for not posting a chapter out for a while. I had complicated times from day to day dealing with stuff that most authors tend to have problems with. Also, a friend of mine help me edit the chapter a bit and I was grateful but I still felt that this chapter may not seem right so I would probably get more comments about the grammars in such. Thanks for reading and I hope I can get working on another chapter.