• Published 11th Oct 2013
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Prince Spike - B_25

What if Celestia was able to hatch Spike's egg thousand of years before the show? And trained him in everything he needed to know just in time to meet Twilight. Well then, let me tell you a tale.

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Chapter 2: I Know You!

The morning sun began to rise from the east; it’s brilliant rays of lights marking it a start to a new day. Any awake inhabitants of the‘Lighting Wind’ stared at the astonishing view -- a little smile tugging at their lips. Unfortunately, they bid the view a good bye, as the ship neared the land’s dock’s.

The harbour which they were entering belonged to the town called Basilisk, which then connected to the Badlands. The, ‘wasteland’ (Which many called it), was comprised of many dragons, as well as many other creatures you’d best astray from. Though it was hostile place to live, some do manage to live in these parts with ease. You must keep in mind: there are a lot of lifestyle to live by.

Though back at the ship. Spike currently was standing at the wheel; his left claw gripping onto one of the many pubs the wheel offered; his right arm remaining limp. Regal stood where any good-shipmaster should, right next to their captain -- though he occasionally dozed off. The duo stared out to the docks -- which few ships were docked. While letting his eyes wonder, Spike noticed a familiar dragon standing at pier. Spike smiled; nostalgica returning to him.

“Hey, Regal,” said Spike. “Think you can dock the ship for me?”

“Uh, sure,” answered Regal, taking the wheel. “Any reason why though?”

“Gotta go meet an old friend.”

And with that, Spike left the wheel and passed the little fence where a small staircase stood; he jogged down them onto the ship’s deck. He received a few salutes from his comrades as he walked the deck. Spike now stood tall by the edge, watching the wooden bridge draw near. Once the Lighting Wind closed in, Spike hopped on over onto the bridge, resulting in a loud bop! He stood tall once more, and began walking down the bridge to where the red-dragon stood; the look of impatience plastered across his face. Once they were a few feet away, both studied one another. The crimson-dragon was roughly the same size of Spike, their bodies almost matching as well. After a brief moment, both dragons smiled at one-another. Each raised out their claws and gave a firm shake, before bringing it in close for a shoulder thrust.

“It’s been too long, Spike,” said the dragon.

“You're telling me, Garble. It’s been, what? Three hundred years since we last saw each other?”

“Roughly,” Garble muttered. “Although, I recall your last words being ‘I’m never stepping foot into dragon territory again.’”

“Hmm, I remember it being something like that. Although,” began Spike, “considering what happened: I still believe I was in the right to say those words.” Spike chuckled. “Then again, back then I was quite flippant, uncaring, callous even!”

“You’re telling me!” exclaimed Garble. “The amount of trouble you got us into with that damn attitude of yours is too damn high!”

“Hey now! Wasn’t you that suggested we steal from that dragon? That causing us to go three-on-one with him?

“Please, don’t remind me. I still don’t know how you were so calm at the time; I surely thought we were going to die!”

A time, long ago, which neither dragon can recall correctly.

The red-burning sun sat high above the orange sky. The temperature was worse than that of a heat-wave. Although, if you had scales like most creatures of these lands, then today could be consider an ‘average’ day. Under the hot-sun stood many mountains which included many caves. Three teenage dragons stood before a cave that stood tall upon a mountain; one of the many spreaded throughout the lands belonging to that of the dragons. Although this one kept something slightly more valuable than the rest: as this one contain a dragon’s hoard.

“The rumors say it’s this cave,” said the fire-red dragon, who kept on inspecting the cave.

“Come on!” exclaimed a snow-white dragoness. “A cave as big as this has to be it!”

The third dragon, however -- who stood in the middle of the two -- sighed. His eyelids felt heavy, his face expressionless. He was simply bored, as he came to feel like more as of lately.

“How about you, Spike?” asked the red-dragon. “You think this is the right one?”

“Yeah, Spike!” exclaimed once more the female. “This is it, right?”

Spike couldn’t help but lower his head and release a more audible sigh.

“Personally,” Spike began, as he rose his head, “I think you two are idiots.”

The duo become irritated -- the female even hissing at the drake, he did not falter.

“But, if you do want my opinion, I say screw it and enter it anyway. Life is always most interesting with surprises.”

“Yeah, but that life get’s cut short when that ‘surprise’, is a humongous dragon!”

“Huh, Garble, I for one thought that you weren’t the type to get scared. Especially around a girl.” Spike stated.

“I not that type of dragon!” Garble yelled. “Though I’m not so sure about you? So, how about you, Mr. Tough Guy. You go in there and find out what it contains.”

“Is that a bet?”

“You bet it is.”

“Alright then.” Spike began to stride towards towards the cave, the darkness consuming him as he entered.

Meanwhile, the two dragons stood in shock -- for both his bravery and his stupidity. The dragoness -- turning her head right -- asked the fire-dragon a question.

“Do you think he’s going to be alright?”

“Why don’t you go find out?” answered Garble.

“I’d rather not.”

“Why not, don’t you have what those ponies call, ‘courage’?”

“I do. Just death is something a fear a bit too much.”

“Cleary Spike doesn't.”

“Think Spike’s alrig-”

“BUCK!” a inbound flying dragon screamed as landed on the ground and rolled a bit, dirtying his top jacket and his jeans. Garbel, looking down at Spike, return his gaze to the dragoness. “Let me ask him.” Crouching down, Garbel asked: “Hey Spike, you alright?”

“Doing just fine,” huffed out Spike -- though he wasn’t the only one huffing. From the cave glowed two orange eyes and a strong steady stream, as well as a rancid breath. Spike picked himself up from the ground and dusted off his jeans; his eyes wandering to the cave: where a beast of a dragon was emerging. He didn’t look too please.

The red-dragon looked to the snowhite one. “Know any excuse that’ll get us out of here.” She shook her head. “Great,” mutter he.

Once Spike was satisfied that most of the dirt was off, he stood up tall and pointed his index figure at the now towering dragon. “Don’t you know?” began Spike. “You're supposed to treat your guest and show them care, not throwing them out the door!”

“This is my cave which no guest has ever stayed! Nonetheless, I know of no guest who’d steal from their host. These here, are my possessions! Not, YOURS!” yelled the dragon. Though as he spoke, with each letter he pronounced, silva escaped from his lips and landed on the teens.

“Hey!” called Spike. “Say it, don’t spray it!”

“How dare you insult my tongue.”

“Uh, Spike?” began the fire-dragon. “Maybe it’s best you’d apologies.”

“Your friend speaks wisdom,” said the spitting dragon.

“Why should I apologize; I mean what’s he going to do?” The dragon grumbled.

“Stop it Spike! You’re making him angry!”

“What?” Spike asked confused, walking up to the large dragon. “This guy? We couldn’t make him mad, he’s the cutest wutesty dragon that ever lived!” Spike expressed with all the sweetness and sarcasm his pride would allow.

The dragon -- who was beyond angry -- had lowered his head down side-ways to Spike, and tried snapping at him. Spike luckily leaped away at the last second.

“Hey! While you can buy me dinner, you can’t have me for dinner!”

“Some dragons, eh?” He turned to his friends. “Don’t have any common goodness.”

“S-Spike, I wouldn’t piss off that dragon anymore, he looks like he’s about to eat you!”

“What, this guy?” Spike asked as he pointed a claw over his shoulder to the dragon, “he wouldn’t hurt a fly-” Spike was cut off by a mouth that was eclipsing his view of the sun, in it’s place he saw a throat, and he felt saliva consuming him, as he heard the ground beneath him snap!

“SPIKE!” Yelled the dragons in horror, as the mouth which contain Spike rose to it’s full height.

The dragons wanted to save Spike; they wanted to do something, but what? With only their claws and special flames, they were useless to fight against a dragon of that magnitude. But they simply just couldn’t stand there. They stood and thought like never before.

Although, before any plan could be hatched -- the large dragon appeared to be struggling, as his mouth looked like it was being strained to keep closed. But the efforts were in vain, as the mouth slowly agaped, and small purple claws were increasing the gap.
“What did I just say?” irrtaily said Spike. “Buy me dinner, sure. Have me for dinner, no way, pal.” There was a small sense of struggle in his words, as the mouth he stood on had reached its extent.

The dragon looked down to his jacket, becoming irritated by what he saw.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me, dude! Not only did you get my jacket and pants wet -- not in the good way mind you -- but now they're going to smell like your rotten breath. But then again, this entire land is rotten.”

Spike slowly shuffle to the tip of the mouth; trying to exit the slimy prison.

“You know what pal? I think it’s about time I repaid you for the favour!”

Spike escaped from being dinner, as he leaped from the mouth, moments later it snapping shut. Although while in the air, Spike quickly grappled onto the dragon's snout, and flung himself up in the air. He quickly grabbed the sword which hung on his back and withdrew it, then landing at the tip of the dragon’s long nose.

Good thing my face isn’t reptile like that yet. Puberty going to suck.

Spike began to run along the nose, eventually winding up by the forehead. He leaped in the air, and prepared to slash the dragon’s carrot colored eye.

“Is Spike crazy?” asked the female.

“Pretty sure.” answered the male.

Spike’s sword -- which was strong enough to cut through scales -- met at the center of the forehead, and made it’s way down-west, aiming for the left eye. The dragon screamed in agony as the sword finished -- the dragon quickly covered his eye.

“Don’t worry,” said Spike, “I made sure the sword didn’t say hi to your eye; but that scar should attract you some dragoness: who you can now have over as guest.” Spike’s speech only pissed of the dragon even more; he raised his nose and sent Spike flying up -- intending to catch him once more in his mouth.

Spike, descending to the mouth once more, couldn’t help but think: This is the life!

Twisting his shoulder with his sword now behind his neck; Spike neared the mouth. Upon inches away, Spike spun his body, the sword following suit.


The dragon screamed once more as Spike fell to the ground. This time, the dragon covered his mouth as blood leaked through his claws. Spike landed -- as did a large item -- he couldn’t help but smirk. Next to him laid the dragon’s tooth.

“Payback’s a pain, ain’t it. Almost like a toothache, I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced one, no?” The dragon tried to respond, but only a muffled cry was heard. “Now,” he pointed his sword at the dragon, “I warned you twice, you did not listen. Take this punishment as a lesson, will ya?” The dragon stared daggers at Spike, he simply turned around.

“Whelp,” said Spike, stretching out his back, “think it’s about time we headed on back. This dragon’s poorer than us.”

“I’m going to kill you!” The dragon tried to say, blood spurting out along with his words.

Spike only sighed, as he turned back to the dragon. He twirled his sword in-between his claws: any blood sticking to it coming immediately off. Spike took a stance, pointing his blade at the dragon. “There’s your three warnings, no more. End this now, or we’ll shall see it to the end.” The dragon made no signs of giving up. Spike sighed and looked down. Though while doing so, he noticed that his typical green jacket was now almost all red from all the blood.

Releasing a sigh once more, the drake looked to the dragon.

“Once we’re done this; I’m sending you the check for the cleaning bill!”

Back at a time to be forgotten except by few.

“It still slightly amazes me how you were so calm,” Garble stated, the faintness of nostalgia returning to him. “Well, usually the perk of being flippant is that you're also unflappable. Most dragons have this.” Spike said the last sentence with his head tilted and his eyebrows up in a teasing manner.

“You saying I’m not a true dragon!” Garble yelled as if his pride were on the line.

“Of course not. Although, I’m not the one that ran away,” Spike said while trying to suppress a chuckle.

“Well than again, you weren't dragon enough to even want to steal from it.”

“True, I didn’t. That dragon was huge!”

“Well, either way it’s a good thing you were a dick at the time, or else we might not be having this conversation right now. Although, it would appear you’ve changed a bit. Those namby-pamby ponies change you into a goody two shoes or something?” Spike smiled as he threw an arm around Garble, the two walking towards the end of the pier, which lead to the nearby town. “I was always a goody two shoes -- even in my early teens years. It’s just now I’m just seeing everything from it’s good side.”

“Isn’t your field of work in the bad side of things.”


“So… how does that work?”

“Not as good I would want it to.” Garble was to speak; when a new voice entered.

“Hey, Spike! The guards are all ready to go, and the ship is anchored!” Regal yelled to the two dragons as the many Dranic Guards stood behind him.

While Spike greeted the ponies; Garble sighed from their presence. Garble turned Spike and looked him in the eyes.

“Seriously? You brought your namby-pamby ponies out here? Not only are they even weaker than griffons -- which are still weak compared to us -- but they're going to piss of the town with just their presence.”

“We’re not that weak!” a guard yelled at the adolescent dragon. “Our three different types gives us the advantage in the fields of battle!” another guard yelled, feeling most irritated by the dragon’s words.

“Please, you have fur for starters. Secondly, dragons outweigh unicorns in the fields of magic. Thirdly, dragon wings are so much stronger than those of Pegasus. And lastly, Dragons have strength is un-comparably -- especially to earth ponies. Hence the reason why all of you are going to get slaughter out here; you're pretty much useless, if anything but a body shield for us dragons,” Garble bosted.

Most guards looked like they were going to attack Garble right then and there, this including Regal. However before anything could happen, Spike spun Garble to look at him.

“Garble, I hope you can hear this. These ‘namby-pamby’ ponies sailed for two and a half months just to get here. And during these months, they been having a great time, even though they left family and friends at home and are also certain to meet a certain doom. I’m not going to just stand here and let you down-talk them like that, and I implore that you say sorry to them.” Gamble only chuckle. “I see you living around these ponies has made you weak like them, I’m already starting to miss the old you.”

“Garble with your current behaviour, you’re lucky if I don’t take you off the field and assign you to the paper work.” Garble kept silent for a few seconds, before seeing Spike was indeed serious. He simply walked forward, not speaking another word.

“What about their apologies?” Spike called out to the drake, who was now entering the town. “I’m not saying sorry.” The stubborn dragon said, leaving them alone. Silence overtook for a few seconds, before a new but familiar voice was heard. “He sure is a stubborn one, isn’t he Spike?” Regal asked, still irritated by the dragon’s words. “Are we any better? Plus, that’s the way he was raised. Most dragons would have just killed you for talking back, or given a much worst insult, Spiky,” he said as he flicked Regal’s hair. “I guess, but it still doesn't excuse his actions.”

Spike said nothing more on the matter, as he changed the subject.

“You should probably get going, the meeting is one hour from now at the ‘Scales’ pub. You can’t miss it, it’s a large bar at the center of the town. Although, don’t ask anyone for directions, and heed my earlier words.”

“You're not coming with us, Spike?” Regal asked. This was not a safe place to be -- even with guards.

“Nah, I have some nostalgia to visit.” Spike then headed off on his own, but when he was coming close to the town, one last thing appeared in his mind. He turned to them one last time: “Also, don’t drink the alcohol here. If it’s strong for a dragon, then it will practically kill you!” And with that, Spike left into a somewhat familiar old town.