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Prince Spike - B_25

What if Celestia was able to hatch Spike's egg thousand of years before the show? And trained him in everything he needed to know just in time to meet Twilight. Well then, let me tell you a tale.

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Chapter 1: Journey

“Going off to fight any kind of evil was kind of Spike’s thing. Hell, I’m the one that tried to show him that. But with an attitude like that, that’s how most heroes die. Not that I’m saying Spike’s a hero, but it is something he has always secretly desired, but has yet to find something he’s done with the title. Yet.”

Spike was sitting in one of the many box carts that the train carried along with it. Spike’s legs were resting upon the seats in front of his, as he closed his eyes, his mind was lost in thought. Ever since his goodbye, he’s realized all the time he’s spent away from his family, going off to do things like this. He swore he was going to try and spend more time with them, having tea parties with Cadence, sword fighting with Blueblood, and just even talking with Celestia. This also included having a drink with Regal as well, as it had been awhile since him and Regal had hung out, the battlefield not counting

I do owe him a drink.

If there’s one being Spike trusted the most, other then his family, then it would be Regal. As he and Regal had been in countless battles, both saved each other’s back. Not only that, but him and Regal go far back, as far back to when Regal was a teenager. While Regal may be in around his twenty’s, it’s still seem far back to Spike.

Regal was just some homeless, nothing special teenager, who had been living on the streets since a kid. One day Spike was walking through town, as he spotted guards harassing a group of homeless ponies, even as far as beating them. Spike was going to get them to stop, when this teen unicorn came out of no where, his coat was black, his mane was a backward like spiky way, and from Spike’s angle, he was unable to see his face. The kid stood in the guards way, over ten stallions stood before him. The kid demanded that they leave them alone, the guards only laughed, as they attacked him instead. Now the kid fought good, but he was outmatch, and was beaten. But the thing that most appealed to Spike, was that the kid wouldn't stand down, his willpower was too strong to do so, he kept on fighting back.

“Now arriving at the royal docks!” The train attended called, snapping Spike out of his memories.

That was rather fast.

Spike got up from his seat, being very careful to not hit his head on the roof of the cart, something he still does even to this day. Spike was currently wearing his cloak, especially fitted for him, and with his hood up, it obstructed his face, hiding his identity very well. Although there wasn't many beings the same size of Spike, it still helped him from being known.

Spike exited the train, hopping down to the ground. The wind was strong today, as it was hitting Spike’s back, making his cloak flow forward.

With this wind, we should be able to get to dragon territory even faster.

Spike looking through all the ships currently docked at the royal port, in search of his own ship. Luckily, he came upon it rather quickly, the guards standing among it helped him find it faster. Spike started walking to the ship he called the ‘Lighting Wind’.

The ship itself could be consider a medium sized ship. It carried twenty-five cannons, fire barrels, mortars, and much more. The ship flag was just a black flag with a green lightning bolt on it. Most members of the sea knew not to take this ship so lightly, as it belonged to Prince Spike, or rather Captain Spike. The ship could definitely hold it’s own, as well as it’s crew.

Spike, as part of being a royalty, was given his own royal guards, the Draconian Guards as they are called. The Draconian Guards are made up of a mix of species in purple/green armor, most had reptile like pupils, dragon/bat wings (Pegasus only), dragon like horns (Unicorns only), dragon like teeth/fangs (Earth pony only). The Draconian Guards were trained in more fields and were prepared to do much more than other guards. As other guards were meant to defend, Spike guards were always out in battle attacking, meaning they would have to adapt to many roles, being a crew on a ship was on of their favourites.

Spike was now approaching his guards, who all bowed in respect to their Captain. Their Captain waved them off, as they resumed whatever they were doing. Spike began walking to the end of the dock, before he stopped right in place, as he turned his head to look at the ship. He soon began admiring his ship, the way the it looked in the sunlight was just magnificent, so much to stop him in place.

“Uh, Spike, we’re ready.” Regal awkwardly announced to the dragon, as he was so intent on staring at the ship. So much it took him couple of seconds to even recognize him.

“Oh, sorry about that Regal. I was just admiring how much our ship glows in the light, wouldn’t you agree?”

Beyond Regal’s mask, one would see the most confused muzzle.

It’s been who know’s how many years, and I still don’t understand him.

Regal turned his muzzle to face the ship, the sun was shining bright sure, but he didn’t see anything glowing almost the ship.

“I’m sorry Spike, but I just don’t see it. However, you do have one hell of a perspective though.”

Spike chuckled, as he threw a claw around Regal, giving him a noogie. “I take it that’s a compliant?”

Regal was struggling to escape the hold, his efforts though proved to be worthless however, as Spike’s hold was just too strong. The crew began laughing at the scene, as the two best friends were playfully fighting with each other.

“Yes yes yes! Pleas let go Spike!” Regal begged, as he was soon released from his hold. As soon as he was free, he could feel his mane was messed up.

“Oh come on Spike! Do you know how much time I put into my mane in my mourning?

“Way too much, I can practically see the greece!”

“Funny, coming from a bald dragon!”

“Hey, what about my spikes?”

“That’s not hair!”

Eventually, the two broke down into laughter, as well as the rest of the crew. That was something else that differentiate the Draconic Guards from other guards, the Draconic guards were free to have emotions, while Spike may be lacking some. When it would come time to set up camp, many guards would tell of their tales, and tell many jokes. All Spike is be who you want to be, just be ready to fight and make the right choice when the time comes. This was the reason why many chose to join Spike rather than the other guards.

Although Spike followed a more complicated set of rules, and his true personality was still unknown by most, even Regal.

Once Spike and Regal were done fooling around, Spike made his way to his guards, as he began inspecting them to make sure everyone was prepared. Grabbing a nearby stool, he threw it up in the air, before kicking it down with his clawed feet, as soon as it reached the ground, he got on top of it.

“Guards!” Spike yelled loudly, attracting the attention of all his guards.

“Yes sir!” The many guards replied, ready for their orders.

Spike smiled, as all his guards stood tall, ready for anything. “I wanted to thank you all for coming here today, it means a lot to me for you to be able say goodbye to your families and friends on such a short notice for such a long time. I know this was hard for some, and I thank you for it, just know it’s for an important cause, as greece head here, will explain.”

Regal appeared by Spike’s side, as his right legs kicked Spike’s stool right from down under him. But to Regal disappointment, Spike did a roll in the air, and landed on his feet. He released a small sigh, as he began his speech.

“As all of you should know, we’ve been having a conflict with the dragon king. Today, the king has declared war on the Equestria nation.”

“That’s crazy!” One of the guards called out. “More like suicide! How are we supposed to take on a army of dragons?!” Some of the guards began to fear for their lives, while others stood tall as ever. This made it easy for Spike to see who were the veterans of his guards, and who were the new privates.

Spike quickly took out his sword and pointed it at his guards, most didn’t flinch, while others jumped.

Look’s like we got new recruits.

Spike brought the sword back to him, as he threw it up in the air, before catching it with his claw.

“Well, I was assuming with a sword.” Spike said calmly, some chuckled, while others gulped.

“But alas, don’t worry about it. If you were serving under me for a longer time, than you would know to have faith in me, as I do in you. Now then, please let Mr. Regal continue.”

Sometime I just hate you so much.

“Thank you, our insane captain.”

Now that wasn’t very nice.

“As I was saying, with new knowledge, we believe we are not dealing with the king but rather someone different…”

Regal had just finished his speech, keeping the guards up to date with the current plan, most of the fears had been quelled.

“We’ll be setting to sea now. It’ll take most likely two and a half months get there, so everyone start boarding!” Regal commanded to the guards, as they complied.

“Yes sir!” The guards answered, as they made way to their stations aboard the ship, leaving only Regal and Spike.

“Nice speech Regal, I nearly had tears in my eyes.” Spike said jokingly.

“Shut up, Spike.” Regal said scartistly.

“But in all seriousness Regal, you did good today. You were able to keep our guards up to date, and was quench their fears of the dragons. Not only that. but the way you gave the speech was spectacular, you made no stutters or gaps, and you seemed devoted to what you were saying.”

“That’s because I always am Spike, I’m always devoted to what I know what is right.”

What is right…

Spike smiled, as he rubbed his claw on Regal’s head. “Oh come on dude! What I’d say about the mane? Even when I was poor my mane was a high priority!”

The both shared a laugh once more, as Spike continued his praising. “And with the way you fight Regal, you’d make a great captain.”

Regal chuckled in Spike’s praising, anything that came from him was honest. “Thanks Spike, it always means a lot coming from you. But first I’ll need to kill you in order to achieve that title.”

The two best friends shared one last small laugh.

“That’ll be the day, and at least I know it’ll be in good hoofs.”

Regal chuckled, while Spike remained silent.

Wait... he’s being serious?

“Spike, you’re not planning on leaving or dying on us, are you?” Regal said that with awkward chuckle, hoping to liven up his sentence.

Spike looked down, as he released a small sigh. “No, at least not yet anyways. Just if the day comes, I know it’s in good hoofs. Plus,” Spike waslooking at the kingdom that was afar. “I’m going to need a long vacation soon.”

Before Regal could question him anymore, the crew had reached their positions, and were ready to set sail. All but Spike and Regal, as they could feel mutiple eyes on them.

“Royalty does not mean slowness!” A crew member yelled, as the duo nodded at each other.

“You up for shipmaster again?” Spike asked.

“Always am.” Regal answered, as the two boarded the ship.

The Lighting Wind was now fully boarded, and was ready to set sail. Spike admired all guards, who were hard at work on the ship, working in a perfect union. Spike always did appreciate when everyone was able to work together, if everyone were to do so he’d be living in the perfect world.

Regal, however, was looking up at the sky, admiring how the weather and the wind were on their side for today.

“Today look’s like a perfect day to set sail captain.”

“Indeed, however, having a perfect crew make’s it that much better.”

“You always seem to have a positive to everything Spike.”

“That’s because there is.”

Celestia was trotting through her gardens, heading towards where the testing for the ‘School For Gifted Unicorns’ was. However, her mind was in a different place, as she couldn’t get her mind off Spike. It wasn’t like Spike to leave so sudden unless it was very serious matter. But Spike, being the way he is, wouldn’t want anyone to fear for him. He was the type of being who wanted nothing to be directed towards him, but rather it be focused on someone else more or least important than him. It was one feature that annoyed her, she wanted to help her son whenever she could. Although him being a mama's boy helped a bit.

I hope he’s going to be okay. He won’t get hurt that bad, ...right?

Celestia tried to lie to herself that everything would be alright, like it always is, she tried to shake the thought of anything bad happening to Spike from her mind, but she just couldn’t. The idea of Spike going up against something, something worth leaving his family behind once he found out, and taking the entire guard army with him,, whatever Spike was facing, he knew that it was a powerful being.

What was worst is that even if Spike were one to defeat the dragon king, he wouldn’t let anyone know of any pains he had, and wouldn’t even boast about his victory.

Spike, the humble dragon. So humble he would get stabbed and-

A tear graced from Celestia eye, as she stopped her train of thought then and there. Celestia looked up the sky, hope in her heart as she said those words she very much wished to be true. “Spike… please be safe.”

“Told you I could take on a shark.” Spike said, as he had some noticeable bite marks on him.

Spike and Regal had been arguing on the matter of scales, and how effective they would be if something tried biting him, like a shark. This is the kind of things best friends would argue about if there wasn’t much to talk about. However, they got way too into it that they even started to bet bits, but while doing so, a wave hit the ship, causing Spike to go overboard, though Regal thinks he over reacted. Upon falling into the water, the splash had attracted a shark, the shark swimming close to Spike and biting his leg, bringing him down with it. The waters were calm for a few minutes, causing the crew to ready the rowboat and some spears. However, before they could even put the boat in the water, Spike reemerged, and a shark floated up next to him. Regal had been in disbelief ever since.

Regal stood speechless, as the crew pulled the giant shark from the water, planning on having a fine dinner tonight.

“You wouldn’t believe how glistening the waters look when you think you're about to die.”

“But… how?” Regal finally asked, breaking the silence that had overcome him.

“Tough scales. Now pay up, greasy.”

Spike was standing at the ship’s wheel; Regal standing a foot away. Both staring out to the vast ocean that was the sea, as the wind brushed through their scales and fur. It was times like this where you were just at peace with the land, and you had nothing to worry about at the time being. But like how it’s said, it’s quite before the storm. The crew most likely having the same feelings, which could affect their morale.

Spike looked over to Regal, as a thought came to mind.

“Hey, Regal?”

Regal continued looking at the sea, taking in a deep breath before responding.

“Yeah Spike?”

“You know, we’re at sea, almost no sound can be heard besides the roaring seas, and yet our crew seems a little distracted by the future.”

Regal finally looked at the dragon, catching on and smiling.

“You’re right Spike, and I think I know what to do.’


“Let's do it.”

Spike, with one claw still on the wheel, began snapping his claws- something that only a few could do- as his clawed feet hit against the floor of the ship, stumping his right leg, creating a beat. After a few seconds, Regal began to sing.

“We’re on a quest, we’re on a quest, we’re on a quest”

The air was silent for a few seconds, before the the crew began to join along together.

“We’re on a quest, we’re on a quest, we’re on a quest”

Silence stood once more, as Spike raised his claw, snapping even higher.

“To defeated, an ancient darkness, now what do ya say, to this darkness?” Spike snapping going along at every pause.

Spike then lowered his claw, as the crew member answered it.

“Screw talking! Kill the darkness with many stabbings!”

“Yeah!” Most the crew screamed, as they went they counted on. “Screw darkness, show em the light, screw darkness, show em the light, the lightness of your swo-ord!”

Spike and Regaled chuckled, as the entirety of the guards were singing along, Regal starting again.

“Once you put ‘em in the ground, once you put ‘em in the ground, once you put ‘em in the ground, what do you say next?”

The joyful days of both Spike and Celestia were nearly finished. As Celestia had just put up the night sky, Celestia was preparing for bed. Spike on the other claw, was still at deck sailing the mighty seas, the guards in the decks below preparing for rest. Spike was mostly alone, aside from the few who chose to stay up and admire the night sky.

Spike was looking at the sky, how the darkness painted the sky was so beautiful, almost like how he liked his coffee, expect moon’s rays painted some light onto the black sky.

“Hm, gotta admire how much work mother puts into the moon every night, today it’s shining so beautifully, I think she did just for us, wouldn’t you agree Regal?”

Regal, who had been crepting up the steps to the wheel, was trying to sneak up on Spike and surprise him with drinks, but to his disappointment he was found.

“How did you even see me, you were far too interested in the sky to have even noticed me.”

Spike smiled as he nodded, not taking his eyes of the sky.

“True, but I can smell steam erupting from a drink ten feet away.”

Regal chuckled, as he brought the drinks over to Spike, handing it over to him in his teakinies hold.

“And to answer your question,” Regal added, “yes the sky actually looks pretty good tonight. I can tell your mother is missing you, and want’s you to have a safe passage through the seas.”

Spike released a chuckle of his own, before looking back down at the ship, bending his waist forward and snapping his back, than grabbing the hot substance from the magical hold.

“Thanks, however I think she-” Spike stopped halfway as he took a sip from the drink, a smile instantly appearing on his lips as he loved the substance. “is over worried about me, or almost anyone in that matter.”

Regal chuckled, as he too took a sip from the cup that was still in his own magic grip. “But hey, that’s what families and friends are for? To constantly worry about you.”

“You can say that.”

Silence stood on the ship a little bit more, the two best friends drinking away. Although when Spike was about to take another sip, he felt a fire boiling in his stomach, as he burped a green fire, within the fire laid a scroll.

“Looks like you got mail.” Regal stated the obvious.

Spike released a single chuckle, as he unrolled the scroll, reading what it had to say.

“If you don’t mind me asking, who’s it from?” Regal asked, finishing his drink.

“It’s from my mother and my sister Cadence, they’re, like you said, wishing me a safe passage.” Spike had rolled up the message again, and used his fire to send it to his quarters.

“Huh, that’s sweet of them. Hey isn’t Cadence nearing her teenage years?”

“Hey, Regal?” Spike asked, nearly finishing his drink.

“What is it, Spike?”

“I was thinking, today is a nice night, the winds are on our sides. So maybe we should enjoy it with some cold substances.”

Regal smirked, as he was already heading on over to storage.

Spike was all by himself once more, his claw resting on the wheel, a cold breezing through his scales. There was something about steering a boat that just always put Spike into a peaceful state of mind.

“This is going to be a fun journey.”

Two months had passed for both the Lighting Wind and Canterlot. The castle itself felt empty without the drake, his family had been thinking about him immensely, praying for his well being. Spike, almost doing the same. After realizing what he meant to his family, he knew when he returned home he was going to spend as much time as he could with them. During that time he had also planned on giving Regal temporary captism, it would give him more experience in that field, in case if something were to happen to him.

Spike, knew that he couldn’t die, and was burden by it at times. With him being this legendary Prince with a sword, stopping bad guys at everyone corner, then most would think to not defy the law in fear of Spike coming after them. If he were to pass away, a major defense would be gone, and many would start the criminal life, and maybe even worst.

“It was you who told me about this price, wasn’t it Cloud?” Spike said out loud, his claw resting on the wheel of the ship. “You said though that it was worth it, but it did have a price, at least you told me how to live with that price. But how did you word it again?”

It was a late sunny day in Canterlot, the sun was setting, giving off an amazing view for all to witness it. At least one pegasus was watching the sun set, as he stood before the railings of the castle. Behind him laid a purple and green drake, who appeared to be resting, basking in the sun’s last warmth. It was only the two on the balcony, as the two were having the daily lessons about, well almost anything.

Once you become a true Prince, Spike, is when you’ll know the price of being a hero… or rather a being with a sword.” The Pegasus behind the railings said, his eyes never leaving the slowly descending sun.

“Well, what’s price?” Spike asked, as he was leaning back on his chair he was sitting on, his feet were occupying the other chair across from him. His head laid low, his eyes shut closed.

To cut all ties with loved ones, to know what your life now means to others, and how it will affects others. You must do what you need to, no matter what the price, and you can’t even flinch at the mention of your worst fear.”

“Meh, that should be a cinch. Just stop caring about the myself,” Spike paused for a second as he released a small yawn. “and I’ll do just fine.”

Besides, it get’s rather annoying when beings worry for me.

I wouldn’t be getting ahead of yourself there Spike, you don’t know what the future may hold.”

“True, but I’ll be just like you. Just work all the time and forget about everything else. Not only that but I rather dislike this whole ‘Prince’ title, it’s just to royal and a reason to suck up. Don’t tell mom though.”

How youth acts these days.”

“Please, you’re telling me. All work and no play for us teens, and then we get our parents, rather parent on our backs when we want to have a bit of fun.”

“You want some play time?” The pegasus asked, as he neared the drake.

Spike slowly opened his left eye, just in time to see his mentor about to strike his sword down upon him. Spike quickly leaned the chair fully back, causing it to fall to the ground and Spike to roll back. But while doing so he kicked the chair at the Pegasus, although he just smacked it up in the air with his hoof. While rolling back, Spike grabbed the sword he left leaning against the wall, and kicked his leg off the wall as well. He then swiped his sword down, cutting the mid-air chair in half, and aiming for the Pegasus, however he just leaped out of the way.

“Yeah, but mares in Canterlot don’t play nice.” Spike said as he threw his sword over his shoulder, turning around as appeared to be in thought. Before turning back towards the black coated Pegasus.

“Then again, I never thought about trying naughty,” Spike said with a smirk.

How come with me you act like this, but when you’re with your mother you turn all mama’s boy?”

“Ha, good point. I don’t know, I guess I just want to impress her.”

That currently is logical, I mean every child want’s to exceed their parent’s expectations.”

Spike walked in a small circle in dismay, thrusting his sword down into the ground. “Come on, child? Couldn’t you say something, I don’t known, better. Like kid?”

Please, you’d have to beat me in order for me to even consider you as a kid.”

Spike smiled as he rose his right clawed foot to the handle of his sword, then thrusting it up from the ground and into his claws. He then thrusted forward, the black maned Pegasus doing the same. Soon the two swords collided, both faces before the swords smirking.

“Well, about time I took a title other than ‘Prince’.”

The Pegasus head-butted Spike, before he swung his sword at him again from the side. Spike block the sword, causing him, to take a couple steps backs, nearing the balcony railings.

I could use the exercise.” The pegasus said as he cracked his neck, he then sprinted over to the drake. He slashed the drake from the side, one Spike quickly blocked, but the force of it was strong enough to send them both over the balcony and causing them to quickly plummet to the ground.

Spike was upside down, where he quickly saw his own reflection in a waterfall, he soon felt a pain in his back, forcing him to cross into the waterfall, a stinging sensation to go along with the pain

Damn it he slashed my wings.

He felt him nearing again, except this time Spike was able to block his attack, and kick his opponent square in his muzzle with his fisted claw, causing him to retreat a a bit as Spike expanded his wings.

Still work, thank Celestia.

Spike was able to stop his descent, as another multiple set of slashes were about to occur. Spike just being to counter them.

“Hm, now that I’ve thought about it. You do got a point about the ‘cutting ties’ thing.”

Do I now? How so?” The Pegasus asked, still bridging the drake with slashes from his sword.

“Well, like you said I still have my mother, and I do care about her immensely.”

What happened to that macho personality?”

Spike chuckled, as he continued. “Anyway I can understand where your coming from, as she could be used as a weakness. Although I don’t see her being a weakness to me anytime soon, with all these guards protecting her and all.”

Even still, you cannot fully know the future, just a prediction of it.”

“Yeah, you got a point. But even still that’s one tie, I don’t even get connected with anyone else because in the end, the sands of time are going to get them.” Spike had been too occupied with what he was saying that he lost focus on the fight, the Pegasus taking advantage of this and slashed Spike’s sword in the opposite direction, causing him to go off balance, almost dropping his sword. Then slashing his sword at Spike face, merely missing his eye, but still making a some what of a mark on his scales.

Holy buck…

Never let your mind wander, but about your thoughts.”

Are you kidding me?

I can see where you're coming from, although it isn’t healthy to not any friends, just don’t get to attached.”

“So just enough that if the time comes, you’d be able to-” Spike quickly recovered, striking his mentor on his cheek, a line of blood painting his black fur red “kill them.”


“Meh, like a said. Killing someone should be a cinch.”

Than why can’t you kill me?”

“Good point, I guess I got a long way ahead of me.”

The two resumed their slashing and their blocking, sometimes one counter attacking another and leaving a mark.

“You sure do buddy, but there is a way you can use the price to your advantages.”

“And that’s?”

You're going to start seeing stuff from the logical side of things, predicting what may happen and what your options are. Meaning you will be constantly analyzing everything. When you do this, you’ll start to notice all the good things about life, and that in turn should give you some happiness.”

“Huh, I guess I can kinda see that. But then again I don’t want to turn into those type of beings who say all that mushy stuff to impress some mare. Besides I like having some type of emotion.”

You're still young Spike, so you never know what you might turn into. But in time you will have to lose all feeling for others, because any love you have for someone just turns into a weakness for you, and when the time strikes, you may chose to save that weakness rather than what is right.”

“Let me guess, you made the wrong choice. What broad did you save? Was she worth it?”

No, I made the right choice. It’s just now I have to live with making that choice, where if I just lost all my emotions, than I wouldn't be suffering.”

“What happened Cloud?” Spike said, as his mentor was beginning to lose focus.

Like I said, you're still way too young.”

Spike smirked, as he slashed his mentor sword in the opposite direction, causing him to become unbalanced. Spike quickly grabbed Cloud by the neck, as he readied his sword’s end to his muzzle, ready to pierce right through him.

“Young enough to be a kid.”

“Rest in peace Cloud... rest in peace.”

But you never did say that this happiness was enough to rid myself of the sadness.

“Captain!” One of the guards yelled, as they sprinted over to the captains deck.

“What’s wrong?”

Spike looked through the eyeglass, seeing what his crew mate was so worried about.

“Ready the guards for a defense position.”

It was night time in Canterlot, the moon burning a light in the dark sky which went unnoticed by most as they were sleeping comfortably under the blankets of their beds. This ‘most’ also included Princess Celestia. Although she was tossing and turning, as she was experiencing what most called a nightmare, expect this one was based on her son. He was sailing the sea when his ship was attacked by a big brand of pirates.

“They’re grappling on to us!” Spike yelled over the thunder in the background, as canons of both ships were going off.

“Shit.” Regal said, as the pirates were just about to board. “Spike, I’m going to the main deck to defend.”

Spike nodded, as he looked at this enormous pirate ship, it was going to be one, long, night.

This isn’t good, no doubt their crew outways mine. Gotta think a different tactic here.

But Spike had ran out of time, as the enemies were already swinging on ropes to board his ship. He had no choice, as he leaped upon the wooden coaster that was behind the wheel, standing tall as ever.

“Crew! These pirates at any second are going to invade our ship, let’s see how fast we can make them regret that decision!”

The crew cheered, as the clinging of many hoofs and talionis hit the wooden surface of the ship, the pirates finally arriving with a mighty roar, although the roar was matched with the one that came from Spike’s guards.

Soon the clinging of many swords was heard, as there was at least two pirates for every guard, they were out numbered. Spike had still been standing on the coaster, his claw slowly withdrew to his back, where his sword sheath comfily laid. Spike gripped the handle of his sword, as he slowly withdrew it from it’s temporary prison, and then as fast as lightning slashed it forward, as he leaped down into heap of the battle.

Spike landed into a roll, as he tried to analyze the fight going around him. It was mostly ponies of different races, with a bit of dragons and griffons.

Dragons? I guess they’re looking for a way to increase their hoard.

The dragons were first to notice Spike, as two headed straight for him. The first dragon reached Spike, slashing his sword left-to-right at Spike. Unfortunately for him, Spike was able to block the slash with his sword, and counteracted the attack, hitting the sword back left, leaving the dragon in an exposed state. Spike quickly dash at him, flipping his sword backwards, as soon as he was close enough, he slashed the sword upwards, it just nearly missing the wooden ground, and cutting the dragon, leaving him even more open. Spike quickly gripped the sword, and swung the sword over his head, and then slashing the dragon in down upright-to-downleft manner, this creating a bloody X on the dragons body. Spike then quickly brought the sword up and over his head, then swung it forward straight down, taking a step as he did so, the blade cutting into the top of the dragon's head, luckily for him it wasn’t enough to kill him, but enough knock him out. Plus with magic and days of recovery would have him back in shape in no time.

The other dragon, just now arriving was beyond in shock of his fellow dragon was dying before his eyes.

“You son of a bitch! I’ll make you pay for that!” The dragon screamed, pointing his sword at Spike.

Spike only smiled, as he, too, raised his sword.

“Is bits or a cheque enough?” Spike chessily joke, which only infuriated the dragon even more.

The dragon slashed his sword forward at Spike, witch Spike easily blocked clockwise. But before Spike could form an attack on him, the dragon quickly recovered, and slashed his sword two times at Spike’s right shoulder, causing him grunt some pain.

“We may have scales, but a couple of slashes from a sword can change that!” The dragon said, as he tried to slash the shoulder a third time.

However, Spike this time was able to place his sword over his shoulder, just blocking the attack. Then quickly doing a frontflip over the dragon, as he tried to slash the dragon’s head, but the dragon himself was able to block off the attack fast enough. But once had Spike landed, the dragon’s back was open, allowing him to slash another X upon it, and quickly thrusted the handle of his sword into the back of his head, knocking him unconscious.

Spike gripped the sword again, as he looked around the ship. His guards were able to hold off the pirates well enough, this giving Spike an idea. Looking at his own roping system on his ship, he quickly yelled at Regal, who was currently holding his own.

“Regal, hold them off for five minutes, I need to do something.”

Regal was currently using all his strength as his sword was grinding against another. So much that the area where the sword touch, it was orange.

“To do what?” Regal yelled, as he managed to push forward, sending the pony he was fighting a few feet back, he quickly filled the gap, and headbutted the poor guy, as he force caused him to tumble over board. Regal paid no mind, as he looked over to Spike, who was now in air, clinging to a rope.

You can’t be serious.

Indeed he was. Spike was now boarding their ship, something only someone so courages like Spike could do. From Spike’s perspective, there were still quite a few of pirates on board, and some that were preparing for him. Spike swung off the rope, and just landed on the ship. There was a griffon to the left of him, slashing his sword down upon Spike, but he quickly use the sheath that was laying on his back to block it, and then quickly use his left leg to kick the griffon down the steps. Spike looked around him, analyzing his background, as his plan was now formed. Spike dashed forward, jumped, and rolled in the air; while doing so he brought out his sword, as it began rolling with him. Luckily, the pirates in front of him had enough time to duck. Once Spike landed, he quickly did a one eighty, where a rope to ascend was. He quickly gripped it and quickly slashed the rope next to it, causing him to ascend the to scout lookout was. Spike landed on the platform where indeed a scout with a rife was, who just turned to see Spike. But before he could do anything, Spike at swung his sword upward, cutting the rifle in half, and just grazing his chin. After Spike quickly dashed into him with his shoulder, pushing the scout overboard and into the ocean.

“My bad!” Spike quickly yelled, as heard a loud splash.

Spike then quickly ascend the ship by claw a little bit more, climbing upon the wood that led to a black flag. Once fully at the top, Spike cut the flag off from it’s base, and quickly swung it over his shoulders, as it hit his back, he tied a knot around his neck, tying the flag to himself. Luckily for Spike, he left his cloak in his quarters on the ship. Spike then descended the ship a bit, before he leaped off it, and landing once more back on the ship. He then let out a mighty roar, attracting the attentions of many pirates, before hopping up into a coaster

“Have none of you noticed that your flag has gone missing?” Spike quickly rose the flag in the air, before letting fly with the wind. “I’m Prince Spike, nice to meet ya. I’m the dragon that has been training close to a thousand years. Not only that but a dragon that can transform his size to twice of this ship. What make’s you think you can take me and my crew.” Spike leaped down, his imdenting size frighting some pirates, as he played the fear card. “I’ve fought against the entire griffon empire, taken down so so many armies.” Spike lowered himself to a bunch of guards, as he whispered. “So I’m going to recommend you stand down, your choice though. I mean no more blood needs to be shed on a night like today.”

That about did it, as most of the pirates dropped their swords and drop to the ground in sign of surrender. However though, amidst the some that had fallen to the ground, one stood tall, as he began walking over to Spike.

“I, the captain of this ship will not stand down. I’ve taken over many military ships myself, and personally think that you are just like the the rest.”

Spike chuckled. “Well, if there’s something I hate being called, his being like others.”

The captain reached Spike, as he withdrew his sword, pointed it at Spike.

“I agree, it certainly is a pain when beings tell me I’m like any other pirate.”

Spike with drew his sword at the captain, the standoff just starting.

He didn’t even flinch, I like this guy!

“Don’t worry, I know your pain.”

The captain chuckled, as he slashed his sword sideways at Spike. Spike quickly slashing the sword down, but as he did so, the captain quickly pulled his sword out, and did a back flip, his talons smacking across his cheek, and then his sword slashing in the same place.

This one is smart, he’s already thought of a fighting plan in his head. But I do guess that was luck. Now then, let’s see what else he has in store.

Once he had landed, he tried to slash Spike in a downleft-to-upper right way, Spike quickly blocked the sword at his shoulder once more, sending him off guard. But just as Spike was going to attack, the captain dropped his sword to his left talon, and slashing it upright at Spike, making contact with the now weak scaled shoulder, but after making contact, Spike quickly kicked the griffin away.

So he’s using deception of weakness to his advantage. Clever, works perfectly against any other swords man. But to captains and those who were well trained, it won’t work.

Regal and the rest of Spike’s crew had been watching the fight, no one dared stepped in. But most were wondering why Spike hadn’t just ended right there and then. The only one having the faintest idea going on was Regal.

Is he testing him on what he knows? Almost like he did when…

“Whatcha think you’re doing kid? These maggots of security are not allowed to be up here with us upper class citizens.” The guards said, taking a break from their beatings.

The kid the guard was talking to, stood up tall, as the ones behind him sunk to the ground.

“Their just looking for some bits for food! Unlike you, they didn’t get the easy life!”

“Hm, easy life? You think be a royal guard for the fantastic Celestia is easy?”

“Easier than being poor!”

The guards chuckled, as they took a stance to the kid. They were to sure to make sure to teach a kid a lesson once more.

“We’ll make you eat those words kids.”

The two guards were about to strike the kid, the kid still standing tall, not even flinching. Although before any actions could be taken, there was a loud whistle sound in the air, stopping everyone then and there. Everyone looked around for where it was originating from, before their eyes laid upon the large cloaked mysterious figure.

“I never knew it was a guards job to hit kids for standing up for what’s right.” The mysterious hooded figure said, a few feet away from the situation. The guards didn’t like this being’s attitude against their almighty level in justice.

“It is if the kid is doing something that is harm to the great justice created by the almighty Princess Celestia.” The guards temper with this being was running short.

“Really, dude? Almighty? I wouldn’t even call her that.”

The guards were beyond furious at this figure for demoting their beautiful goddess.

“Then what would you call her, you ungrateful ape?”

The figure smirked, as he un-hooded himself.

“I guess I’d call her mother.”

The guards and almost all who stood near where speechless. Spike, or rather Prince Spike: son of Celestia, stood before them. The guards drop to the ground in worship.

“We’re sorry, oh great Prince Spike, we didn’t know it was you! Please accept our apologies and forgive us of our sins!” The guards were almost crying, as if they were about to receive the death penalty.

Are they serious?

Spike stood in disbelief, looking down at the two pitiful beings before him.

“Ah… okay? You’re free to go, but just don’t do it again.” Spike said with confusion paint over his face.

They nodded quickly, as they sprinted away. In their dust still stood the kid, still standing tall in front of the Prince of Equestria. Spike finally took notice to him, as he stretched his back, turning his head to look at him.

“So, kid. What’s your name?” Spike asked, as a large crack echoed through the wind.

“If I’m being honest, then I would say that’s none of your business, Prince.” The kid said, not even flinching before royalty.

“Well, honestly is an element. One that might fit you, I might add. Also, forget about the whole royalty thing. I honestly don’t think it doesn't fit me. The name’s Spike.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

Silence stood for a bit more. The ones the kid was protecting were now gone, as well as some others. Spike in his head was deducting the kid, as he continued to stretch his body a bit. Once done, he had figured out his personality, now it was time to see how well he meant it.

“So kid, you know what the rules are for disobeying the guards, or rather, a Prince, right?”

“A sentence.” The kid said instantly, he didn’t even flinch at the words.

“Correct. Me being royalty, I sentence you to a fight to the death. Your opponent shall be me.” Spike pulled out a pony sized sword from his back, but the handle itself was a bit odd. He threw it up in the air, before catching it with his claw, than pointing it at the kid.

“But, if you admit to that what you were doing was wrong, then I’ll give you a pardon.”

The kid chuckled. “Isn’t it against the law to lie to royalty?”

Spike too chuckled, as he tossed the swords up at the air, catching it by the tip of the blade. The handle facing the kid.

The kid, however, was staring at the weird handle of the blade.

“It’s a new type of sword.” Spike started. “It’s handle is especially meant for ponies, as the round part clicks around the hoof, and the movable slate allows to extend and move around easier, it’s quite neat.”

The kid eyed it for a bit, before taking it from Spike, and attaching it to his own right hoof. Once he adjusted correctly, it snapped into place.

“Not going to lie, it feels pretty good.”

Spike smirked, as he withdrew his own sword.

“Shall we begin?”

“Some things don’t change, do they Spike?” Regal said, enjoying the waves of nostalgic waving over him.

Back on the ship, the captain was getting back up, wiping a bit of blood from his beak.

Spike touched his now weak right shoulder, retraction bit from the jolt of pain from his claw’s contact with it.

“You’re pretty good.” Spike started. “But shall we begin?”

The captain smiled, as he charged at Spike. Spike doing the same. Spike swung his sword in a left-to-right manner, the captain doing the opposite. Although once the sworde met, Spike kicked the captain up. Spike slashing his sword upwards, but the captain was fast enough to block it. Spike however put force on to this swords, pushing the captain fast back to the ground behind Spike. Although once fallen, he bucked Spike legs as he just turned around, causing him to fall to the ground, and his sword to be thrown up in the air. He then tried stabbing his sword forward into Spike face, luckily for Spike it was a couple of inches off. Spike then pushed his claws forward onto the ground, then putting force into his legs, causing body to bend over his head, then grabbing with the captain with his clawed feet, Spike did a quick spin with his claws, and threw the captain into the wooden beam, the force strong enough causing it to snap. Spike pushed off one of his claws, sending him back up to a standing position, he then quickly grabbed his sword, just in time to start slashing the now falling beam, making it to turn into many pieces. Although just as Spike had his sights back on the captain, he dashed forward, jumping over Spike and his sword just gracing Spike’s shoulder. Spike turned around just in time to see the captain, expect the captain was backwards, and in his right talons was a musket.

“Nighty night, Prince.” His right claw was on the trigger, and his back right talon was holding the rifle.

Spike didn’t have time to move, as he fired the rifle, and then dashed at Spike. The bullet made contact with Spike’s belly, but luckily his scales did enough to not do any damage to Spike. However though, it did send him unguard, as the captain was inches away from him.

“Bye bye!” The captain said, as he impaled his sword into Spike’s weaken shoulder. Spike’s scales were far too weak from the multiple slashes to prevent the sword from entering from and exiting through Spike’s shoulder.

Spike felt in immense amount of pain, as blood shout out of his now pierced shoulder. He was in too much pain to see if a bone had been broken. Spike had dropped to his knees, as the sword was now touching the wood of the ship.

Celestia had woken up with a start, shooting straight up from her bed. She could feel the tears pouring down her cheek, as she had just witnessed in her dream her son being stabbed.

He’s too good of a swordsman for that to happen, right?

Celestia was soon broken out of thought, as she heard crying from not to far away. Celestia made no haste of getting out of bed, and checking out the sound. After walking down the corridor a bit more, Celestia finally found the source of the crying. It was coming from Cadence’s room. She knocked the door, before entering the young alcorn's room.

“Candace, it’s me Celestia. Is everything okay?” Celestia said calmly, as she searched amidst the darkness for the filly.

Finally, her eyes laid upon the bed, as she saw the little filly in a fetal state. She was crying as if someone she loved had died. Celestia made no haste into hugging the young filly, as she cried upon her fur.

“Candace, what’s the matter?” Celestia asked, as the filly tried to calm down her breathing.

“I had a nightmare!” The filly wined, still unable to control her tears.

“It’s okay Candace. It was just a dream.” Celestia tried to calm down the filly, but to no avail.

“Yeah, but it was a sad and scary one!”

“I know, I know. Maybe it would help if you told me what it was about?” Celestia waited a few seconds, before the filly nodded, able to calm down a little bit.

“It was about Spike. I dreamt that he was on a boat, before it was attacked by some meanie pirates.”

Celestia felt her own breath shorten, as she too had shared the same dream.

“T-then what happened next?” Celestia urged her to continue, as she too was quickly becoming sadden.

“Spike then got into a fight with this griffon or something. They fought for a bit before the griffon stabbed Spike!” The filly broke into a full fit of tears, as Celestia hugged her even more.

Silence stood in the room a bit more, as both mares were scared for Spike. Celestia mind thinking of what to say or do.

Spike was still on his knees, as the captain laughed. Boasting over his victory over this supposedly legendary Prince.

“Do you all see what I have done! I have beaten one of the most legendary dragons known! You might as well hand over all you got and your ship. Unless you want to end up like your precious Prince.”

The captain looked at the now fallen drake, the stance he was in made for a perfect beheading.

Everyone else on the Lighting wind had dropped their sword, and bowed down in defeat. All but Regal, but he was quickly seized. From a overview, it looked like chaos had won.

Although if you were to look at Spike, you would see that he had been smirking the entire time.

Celestia gasped, as she let out a small giggle as she almost forgotten. Cadance noticed the sudden change, and was able to ask Celestia.

“What are you giggling about?” Candace asked.

Celestia had stopped giggling to look at the young teen filly, happy about what she just remembered.

“There is no need to worry anymore Cadence. Spike’s going to be fine.”

“How do you know that?”

Celestia looked out to the window, admiring the sky.

“Because Spike never gives up.”

Spike sat on his knees, his smirk increasing. Soon it started turning into a small chuckle. The sudden noise brought most attention to Spike, even those who had surrendered. Everyone was speechless, as they had no clue why he was chuckling in a time like this. But before anyone could ask, his chuckling turned into a full fit of laughter, casing the captain frustration.

“What the heck are you laughing about, I stabbed your shoulder, captured your crew hostage and stole your ship.”

Spike laughed even more, before he stood up, the sword now being lifted off the deck of the ship. He soon stretched his back, as the sword fidget around in the gash, this surely must be causing Spike more pain, but he had no intentions of showing it.

He must be playing the fear card.

The sword caused a bit more blood to be shed, but Spike didn’t even notice it. He had his mind on something else.

“Man, you wouldn’t believe how long I’ve been waiting for someone to have the will to fight me again. The last time I found someone like that was Regal. Sure you may be to indulge in greed, but you still fought me one to one, and did a good job I might add.”

The captain stood in disbelief.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. I was able to trick you with deception and was able to stab you in the shoulder.”

“Not exactly. Deception is a clever card to play. However, it won’t work against those in high regards of the sword. You did, however, get me with the gun thing. I didn’t see that one coming. And with the stabbing, also good. But you should’ve beheaded me when you got the chance, instead you were bathing in victory. Now than, I now recommend you give up.” Spike gripped his claws on the sword handle, as he slowly pulled it out of his shoulder. Everyone stood with their jaws dropped, as Spike was just about to fully pull it out. He, then, finally forced it out, and slashed it to the right of him, removing his blood off the blade. He then pointed it at the captain.

“Because I too have my own tricks.” And with that, a orange glow came from Spike’s claw, as a orange mist shot from it, heading towards the sword. Once it made contact, it instantly shot to the end of it, a fire traveling along with it. The mist enchanted the sword with a fire. After, a green aura shrone from Spike right claw, the mist going to Spike’s shoulder and healed it.

“Any damage you do, I can just heal it just like that.” Spike quickly snapped his claws, and the wound appeared to be healed.

Not only that, but I’ve got my own deception to share as well.

The captain stood motionless for a couple of seconds, appearing to be lost in thought. Although he soon came to a conclusion, as dropped to one knee and surrendered.

“I give up, you win.” The captain said, as he looked around his ship, looking at his crew members. “As your captain, I command you to drop your weapons.”

Members looked at each others, before complying with their captains request.

Spike’s guards, rose to their hoofs. As they all cheered in victory. Spike however, didn’t cheer, but offered a claw to the captain. He was confused, but accepted it up however.

“Thanks.” The captain stated, before he asked question that had been on his mind. “So, what are you going to do with us?”

Spike looked up the sky, a claw on his lip as he thought. The extra brightness of the sky helping him reach a conclusion.

“Hmm, I guess just plain letting you go.”

The captain stood confused, waiting for the dragon to say ‘just joking’ or something like that. But at last he didn’t, leaving him in confusion.

“Wait, are you serious? But why?”

The dragon smiled, as he retracted the fire on the sword, and removing the green mist from his shoulder, revealing a hole to the other side.

“Because you’re a good fighter, and fight for what he believes. Although something may have happen to change what is right, I still sense some good in you. Besides, I may need a favour in the future sometime, and I want a good fighter on my side.” Spike held his right claw, one that connect to his weak shoulder.

The captain looked at the gash on the dragon’s shoulder, before he let out a small fit of laughter.

He used deception against me!

The captain soon finished his laughter, as he smiled. Meeting his claw with his talon.

“You got yourself a deal.”

“Also, I recommend stopping the pirate life. But the choice is yours.”

As soon as they stopped shaking, Spike left and boarded his own ship. On the horizon they could see that the storm was soon to stop, and that their destination wasn’t to far away. Spike looked over to the ship next to him, as both captains had returned to their wheels.

“Hey, so I never caught your name!” Spike yelled, as his crew return to their positions.

“The name’s Talon! Yours?!”

“Spike, Spike The Dragon.”

“Ah, Spike them. I hope our paths meet again soon!”

“As do I, hopefully we won’t be getting boarded though.”

The two both shared a last laugh, as the two ships parted way.

“Full sails! I want every scrap of wind on it!” Spike yelled, as the sails were fully released.

Spike had only his left claw on his the wheel, as his right arm was hanging down.

“So, your arms busted then.” Regal said, as he made his appearance known.

“Yep. It was a pain holding it up, but it was the only way to fully play the fear card.”

“I’m starting to think you’ve lost all emotions, and just think everything in a logical way.” Regal chucked, sensing his statement was true.

Spike also joined Regal in the laugher, as he looked behind him. Talons ship sailing strong.

“Anyway, it’s about time we healed that arm.” Regal stated, as he approach Spike, preparing his magic.

“Be my guest.”

Regal pointed his horn at the gash, as a green aura formed around it.

“Remember Spike, this is going to sting a bit.”

Regal then unleashed the magic on the arm, a green mist traveling along the hole of stabbing. Every contact the mist made, felt like Spike was getting stabbed again.

A little sting?!

“Aright, that should do it.” Regal announced, as he took a small briefer. “But Spike, you must be more careful. Magic can only do so much. It’ll take at least two weeks for the arm to heal, if not more without proper medical treatment.”

“Don’t worry Regal. I understand completely.”

Silence stood for bit more, as the lighting wind was finally out of the storm.

“So Spike, why did you let the pirate go anyway?”

Spike didn’t say anything for a few seconds, enjoying the light of the moon once more. Seeing it crystal clear again was astringing.

“Well Regal, he actually reminded me of you. He’s true to his word, and fight’s for what he believes, no matter what. Sure it may be something bad, but nonetheless he fights for a reason. Plus I can tell he has some good in him still. Everyone does.”

“How can you say that Spike? I know everyone still has a small good bit somewhere, but I didn’t really see it in him.”

“Because, judging from his personality, he’s not a sore loser. Meaning most likely that’s he actully a humble griffin. But announcing that he had done a big feat, was the only way to play the fear card, as it did work. Also, he could've beheaded me right then and there, but he didn’t. That’s why I think he’s a good guy, just something’s happen to him.”

“Huh, I guess you go a point. And you did also play the fear card, so that make’s more sense. Does that mean you still see some good in yourself?”

“Meh, there are no good people who wield swords. Because both do the same thing with them, just they do it on different beings.”

Silence stood once more, aside from the crew members who were hard at work.

“Do you think you’re doing it on the right beings?” Regal asked, him to thinking about it.

“I wonder everyday if I am, and all I can do is hope I am. Because in the end, we are unable to see it from all perspectives, because what one thinks is wrong, is what the other thinks is right. I’m actually starting to think there is no right anymore.”

Regal kept silent for bit, almost agree with the words. He looked up at the sky, seeing the light from the moon brought a smile to his muzzle that was hidden behind a mask.

“Hey, don’t think like that Spike. I can’t believe Spike, the one that is able to see a shipping glowing in the light, is saying words like that. As long as we’re keeping beings safe and happy, that’s what’s right to us and that is something worth fighting for.”

Spike kept his eyes still on the sea, as a smile was forming across his lips.

“I didn’t expect that kind of thinking form you Regal. You certainly will make a fine captain one day. But you are right; as right as your logic.”

Regal chuckled, as he began to take his position as ship master. But he couldn’t stop eyeing Spike’s right arm, as Spike was right handed, it kept bringing a thought to Regal’s mind.

“So Spike, how are you going to fight this wrong with a busted arm?”

Spike finally took his eyes off the ocean, as he looked at Regal.

“Well, I was thinking with my left arm.”

Damn, you're so cliche.