• Published 13th Sep 2013
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Fire and Earth, Bats and Hearth - lionaxel

Side Fic to Five Score, Divided by Four. Two people are going some changes. They've only got each other, or so they think. Another person and his pet crow are other going through some changes.

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Despite Proper Reason, Supernatural is in Season

The castle is strangely empty. No guards are patrolling and the whole scene gives me the chills. Broken windows, tattered curtains, even papers are randomly strewn across the halls. As I listen though, I can hear voices. Very familiar voices. I break into a gallop but decide it's not fast enough, instead taking off, soaring with my leathery bat wings. There is a door slightly ajar at the end of the hall and I burst in. Inside, I swear I heard a Pop!, but the only living thing in here besides me was... my mom!?

"Mother! What are you doing? Who were you talking to?" I sputter out, my words make about as much sense to me as a word search. "What's going on!?"

She turns to me, wild eyed, "¡Hija! Please get out! Luna is gone, we are under attack!"

I grit my teeth, "By whom, the Solar Army? Is Celestia here!?"

"No, something far, far worse! We are too late, the kingdom has already fallen! ¡Destruió!" She is breathing quickly.

"The kingdom? F-fallen?" I stammer. No, what has happened while I was gone? Where is Princess Luna!?

Suddenly laughter fills the air.

Ahahahahahahahahaha! Really, did you think I would leave your precious Kingdom stay while I knocked down Celestia's? I know from living with the two troublemakers that Loony can be just as annoying. Though maybe not as strong she certainly has her tricks. Now I can pick off each one of you. One. By. One!

"¡Deje!" My mom cries out. Leave. I might be mistaken, but I don't think this presence has any thoughts about leaving.

Awww, but what fun is leaving before the game has begun? Now, I don't see the non-sense in that! My common non-sense says to non-leave! But- Crap. ¡Yo necesito ir al baño!

The ghostly presence faded for about half a second before returning.

Much better! Now señoritas! Let us begin! ¡Para cinco veintena dividido por cuatro! Hehehe!

I am about to scold the voice for mocking our language before my mom disappears in a flash. "MOM!!"

D'aww! Isn't that cute? A little child asking for her mommy?

"You dick! Where the fuck is my mom! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER!!! SHOW YOURSELF, DEMON!" I scream.

Suddenly, before me is a draconequus. One I barely see, as he rarely visits our castle. Discord, the spirit of chaos is before me.

"Your mommy? I disposed of her!" Discord's tone took on an intimidating snarl.

"H-how d-d-dare you!" I snap, baring my fangs.

"Hehehe, how cute. See ya chump! For five score divided by four!"

My vision goes white and I hear voices.

Soon revived, Your dark survived.
Slowly falling down.
Never More, Life a chore.
Together, not a frown.
One is dying, Friends are crying
Then there goes the crown.


I snap my head up, getting a nasty crick in my neck. Those words echoed through my head. I don't know how, but they sounded significant. Soon revived. What does that mean? I'm alive already. Am I going to die? Or... am I really dead? I hear squawking from the living room, so I stretch and sit up. Quickly, I take note of the poem thingy in a notebook. Then I head out, forgetting that it even existed in the first place and get to Sun's cage. Her black feathers seemed a bit off and I could feel heat radiating off of her.

"Philomena, how are you even alive? Your burning up." I say, feeling her and instantly bringing my hand back as I get burnt.

Sun jumped back as well for whatever reason and I saw something orange on her head. "Sun, what is on your head?" I, more carefully this time, pick up Sun out of her cage. This time, I don't get burned. Odd. On the top of her head, though, is an orange feather. I frown. The hell? "Sun, did you get in my paint set again? Don't you remember last time? I had to take you to the vet because you ate it. I don't want to- OUCH!" I drop her as I get burnt again. Then she flies into my hair. "Come on! I didn't know my hair was THAT undercooked!" Suddenly, I feel tugging. Sun is pulling my hair. I remove her from my hair and she randomly and erratically begins flying to the bathroom, so I chase after her. My heart might as well have stopped the moment I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

My hair is green! No, no, let me clarify. My hair is greenISH. Blackish-greenish and longer than before. Then I remember last night, and the mark I had found on my thighs. I rip off my pants and shut my eyes as I see that they are still there. When did I get tattoos? Did Felix somehow sneak them on? Maybe during that moment when I seemingly spaced out and that stupid band somehow skipped to the middle of their song. Hmm, that seemed more likely then me getting possessed by the devil in the middle and going to a tattoo parlor. Though that actually could be possible SEEING THAT MY HAIR IS GREEN. Why is my hair green. What happened last night? Too many questions! Too many in my head at once. Perhaps Sun dyed it in the middle of the night. I wouldn't put it past that meddling crow. That really intelligent crow that has an IQ of about 2000. Yeah, she did it. I'll leave it at that. I'll get the dye out later. Can't be hard, can it? Besides, this random hair color change was much more interesting than anything I had ever done before in my life. You see, when I was younger, and in school, I was your average kid. I didn't really excel in any subjects until middle school, where you had to take Spanish. See, I'm a native speaker. I know my Spanish in and out. English was actually my second language, but I know it just as well as Spanish, if not better. I don't exactly remember learning them, but meh, saves me the trouble. In fact, it's probably for the better that I don't remember the excruciating pain that I saw others undergoing as they attempted to learn a foreign language.

My phone goes off and I shift through my pockets trying to locate the device. I pull it out and look at the Caller ID. Private Number? Really? I answer it, regardless.

"Master Ace." I am about to throw the phone against the wall. "We-"

"Fuck! FELIX LEAVE ME ALONE! HOW THE HELL DID YOU EVEN GET MY NUMBER!?" I screech, about to hang up.

"Listen, this is important. Something your parents wished to share."

"My parents are dead!" I hiss and hang up. Why wont that moron leave me alone? Is it really that hard to just give someone some private time as they try to make sense of hair growth? Apparently so.

Wait, why does one side of my face feel warmer than the- OH SHIT! Sun is flapping right beside me and I fall over in surprise. She is holding something. A Target catalog? Joy, I guess she wants me to go. "Fine, Sun. You coming?"

She nods, and I bite my lip. "Get in the car then. And don't you dare make me crash. I'll never let you forget that!"

We get in the car and Sun perches herself on the passenger's seat and we head off to Target.

Thirty minutes passed and I swing my legs out of the car and turn towards the crow. "So, Sun. Any idea what I'm supposed to buy?"

Sun nods and flies at the building. I curse under my breath before shouting "WAIT UP!!" The crow leads me to a strange isle with a bunch of random stuff. It looked like the isle hadn't been cleaned in forever. Sun perches on a sign, signalling that the isle was supposed to be empty and it hit me. Sun brought it all here. She wanted me to buy it all. How much was that supposed to be, 2000 dollars? "Sun, there is no way I am buying all of this. I'm not Steve Jobs."

Sun shakes her head and motions downward towards the stuff as if to say 'Uh huh, you're gonna buy it all, mister!'

"Sun there is no way I can afford it all." I complain. She simply stares at me with an "I-don't-believe-you-at-all look". Then she flies down and lands on a mirror. I pick up the mirror and examine my reflection. "Woah, woah, woah. Were my eyes like that before?" I ask. Sun nods. My eyes are a supernatural yellow. "Great. I'm fucking Edward Cullen. Fuck my life."

The crow looks at me expectantly and I realize why she wants me to buy all of this. "Wait, Sun, you think I'm gonna change to the point where I wont be able to go to the store?"

She nods and I sigh, shaking my head. Oddly, the bird has never been wrong before, so I cave in. "Fine. I'll get all of this damn stuff."

I make it to the checkout counter where the clerk's eyes nearly pop out of his head at the amount of stuff I was buying. He grunted something about young adults these days and how society is screwed. Suddenly something feathery touches my ankle. "Dammit, Sun!" I look down and see Sun is rubbing against my ankle which is... raised up? The fuck? I'm walking like a damn werewolf. GREAT. Now I'm Edward and Jacob's love child. Neato. The Clerk's left eyebrow is raising upwards and I realize talking to my feet is not the best idea I could have right now.

I finish checking out, which took a lot longer than expected due to too many items, pissed off people in the back of the line and the machine breaking down in the middle. but I finally got out after an hour. Not surprisingly, the line behind me had vanished. Cool, I'm a wizard now too. I should make a list.

Back in my car, which just barely fit all of my items, Sun perched on the steering wheel. "Agh, what the hell are you doing now?"

She beckoned with her wing and then flew out the window. Welp, I guess I'm playing 'Follow the Crow' now. It didn't take long before we drove into McDonalds. Of course, Sun wanted to get a pack of Chicken Nuggets, that cannibal, before I became unable to go out for whatever reason. About to drive into the Drive-Thru, I stop as Sun makes a sharp turn and instead starts going in through the main doors. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!! Good lord.


Mira is by my side soon after I sit down on my bed, tail trailing behind me. "I understand this is hard, but really, is not knowing what's happening to you as bad as me knowing what's happening to me? In the movie, I turned into a raging she-demon for god's sake."

I look up, confused. "Mira... did you watch Rainbow Rocks?"

"Uh, what's that?" She replies, frowning.

"The Equestria Girls sequel." I clarify.

"No, why? Is there something I'm missing?" Mira demands.

But, that makes no sense! That is exactly what Sunset Shimmer described her transformation as! "Uh, nope. No, there isn't!" I say maybe a bit too quickly.

"You're lying to me Iris. I know you are." Mira glares, "Don't lie to me!"

"Uhh, you might just want to watch it yourself. It's somewhere in the drawer where the other one was." I push away her comment. This is something she needs to realize firsthand.

Mira stares at me for a good, long while before turning sharply and stiffly walking away. Did I hurt her feelings somehow? I realize how beautiful her fiery red and yellow hair is as she's walking away. Yeah, I still think she has it better knowing who she is.


Me and Sun sat around the dining room table. Sun was munching on a Nugget while I was content with a fries and a Coke. "Jeez, Sun. You do realize you are eating another bird, right?"

She nods and I turn to look at the clock, 5:45 PM. I was out quite a long time, but it feels good to be back home. I take a sip of my soda and turn to look at the crow. "So, Sun. Just how are you so smart?"

She makes a shrugging motion and caws. So, when will she learn to speak? I'm teasing of course, but part of me wouldn't be surprised if she randomly starts talking in perfect English.

Hold on... now that I look at Sun more closely, I realize I'm not the only one with yellow eyes. How the hell did I not notice it before? Sun's eyes are an almost glowing yellow. Her feathers have specks of red, orange and yellow now as well. Whatever I am going through, it seems Sun is as well. But why my pet bird? What significance does a bird have on the world. What significance do I have on the world?

Author's Note:

Headcanon: Lunar guards have fangs.

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