• Published 13th Sep 2013
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Fire and Earth, Bats and Hearth - lionaxel

Side Fic to Five Score, Divided by Four. Two people are going some changes. They've only got each other, or so they think. Another person and his pet crow are other going through some changes.

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The time is now for a shift, Some come home with a little gift

“Lift me up, Chantal!” A woman called. She wore an all black suit. She had short cropped black hair. In her hand she carried a small round object and at her waist was a walkie-talkie.

“I’ve got you, Sarah,” A taller woman responded. Her wavy black hair was braided. She hefted the smaller woman up into a window just above her, “Do you think the others are inside already?”

Sarah disappeared into the tight space. Minutes later, her head popped out, “No doubt. Rex is capable all on his own. With Brendan backing him up? Yeah, you get where I’m going.”

“Mmhmm.” Chantal uncapped a black lipstick tube. “I’ll be waiting, as usual.”

Sarah disappeared into the window again. Inside, she quietly crept forward and dropped down into the room below. Once safely on the ground, she whispered, “Man, had I not been wearing my skin tight suit, I would’ve ripped something for sure. Then Chantal would’ve killed me!”

Sarah reached up and locked the window, effectively removing the big hint that someone had come in. Then she placed the round object on the wall and fled through a door at the end of the room into a long hallway that branched off into several rooms.. Sarah shut the door behind her and pressed herself against the wall.

“Chantal, the bomb is prepped and set. Whenever you’re ready.” Sarah said into the walkie-talkie.

“Darling, I’m always ready.” came through and then an earsplitting explosion resonated through the door and alarms went.

Ears still ringing, Sarah was aware of the door next to her opening and breathed a sigh of relief when she realized that it was only Chantal.

Chantal smoothed out her silky black dress, “Ah, not a scratch. It went according to plan; all fragments are outside of the building, just as Rex specified."

“Now we just... get ourselves caught.” Sarah’s voice faltered as she heard pounding footsteps.

“HANDS UP! WE KNOW YOU’RE HERE!” Came a shout. Sarah backed into a corner as Chantal stepped into the open, hands raised into the air, holding a black nail polish jar.

A thin guard made his way to the tall woman, holding a gun. He was decked out in full guard attire. “Drop everything!” He commanded.

Chantal dropped her nail polish, sending the contents and shattered glass sprawling across the floor. “Oh my, you’ve made me lose my nail polish.”

The guard rose an eyebrow. Then he seemed to notice the wreckage behind Chantal. As he ran towards it, she pulled out a pistol and a throwing knife. “You aren’t a very good guard, now are you?

The guard turned and momentarily froze at the sight of her gun with a curt “Fuck”. Chantal threw the knife and the handle hit his hand with enough force to make him drop the gun. Then, she swiftly made her way to the guard and grasped him by the collar.

“What? Can’t fight back? I’ve never known a guy too afraid to use his fists. If you’re the only guard, the security in this place is laughable. Oh, and news flash,” Chantal gave a quick smile, “Being punched hurts.”

Chantal delivered a crushing blow to the guard’s face and he crumpled like a sack of potatoes.

Sarah emerged from the shadows. “You’re right. He was terrible. But he can’t be the only one.”

“I agree. He was so thick I’m tempted to drive my bullet into his skull” Chantal grimaced. “But alas, I shall not.”

“Thank the fucking lord.” Sarah muttered, “How would I get you out of jail?”

“One only goes to jail if they get caught, honey. And I wouldn’t get caught. Besides, we’ve broken into a bank before. How hard could a jail be?” Chantal said, glaring slightly, most likely due to Sarah's word choice.

“Harder than you think.” Sarah admitted.

Chantal merely strode down the hall and took a left at one of the corners. Being left behind, Sarah quickly caught up to Chantal and together they entered another room.

“Don’t you just love how Rex never tells anyone why we break into a place until we’re finished? I know he has all of us in his best interest, but it wouldn’t hurt for him to actually speak once in a while.” Sarah whispered.

“Isn’t it obvious? Sometimes I forget that we’re the same age, darling. I mean, we’re in a museum. What could you imagine we’re doing? Looking at paintings?” Chantal laughed.

Sarah met Chantal’s gaze with a glare, but said nothing.

“This is where Rex said to meet.” Chantal spoke, looking up at a large unlit chandelier. “The room with the gorgeous diamond.”

“Wait, he told you to go to a room with a diamond!? Then of course you know what we’re stealing!”

“Oh, Darling-”

Chantal was cut off by a new voice that spoke from the opposite exit.

“Actually, Sarah, the diamond is not what we’re after.” A guy with platinum blond hair approached the two girls, a taller guy with a light brown buzz-cut was behind him. “I think Chantal’s already figured that out.”

“What? Rex! Brendan! Whaddya mean?” Sarah stammered.

“Sarah,” Chantal placed a hand on Sarah’s shoulder and pointed at the chandelier. “Look up.”

Sarah followed Chantal’s finger until her eyes lay on the chandelier, “It’s a chandelier.”

“Do you see how it is built into the ceiling?” Rex pointed out. “There’s something above it. Placing a chandelier on it, not my favorite method of concealing something, but effective, I guess.”

“If you plan on never getting it out. We’ll have to smash the chandelier!” Sarah realized.

“Aye.” Brendan confirmed. “We’ve got just the thing. And you are going to execute it.”

Sarah pointed to herself, “Me!? You mean me, as in Sarah, me?”

Rex smiled “Yes, you. As in Sarah, you.”

Sarah flinched as Brendan tied a rope around her waist.

“It’s not the safest method, but it’ll do.” Brendan grunted. “Chantal?”

Chantal nodded. “I understand what we’re doing now.” She took another of her knives and tied it to the end of the rope. Then she handed it to Brendan. Brendan threw the knife over the beam closest where it fell back over.

“You’re gonna swing yourself up,” Rex informed, grasping the rope.

Brendan also grabbed the rope and the men began hoisting Sarah up. Brendan looked at Chantal, “Chantal, there are bound to be guards after us. You need to guard the room.”

“Of course, darling. You ready up there, Sarah?” Chantal called, holding her pistol, “Make sure your sheltered from possible injury.”

“Yeah... umm... okay.” Sarah pulled herself onto the beam. “I think I’m far enough away to be safe...”

As Sarah spoke, a bang signified that Chantal had fired the gun and another loud noise as the bullet hit the target. Time seemed to move in slow motion as the chandelier fell, taking part of the ceiling with it. It hit the ground with a deafening crash.

The echoing footsteps came immediately and Chantal drew a third knife out with the hand not holding the pistol. As the guards turned the corner, Chantal waited with her knife and pistol, in no stance whatsoever. “Good day, yes?”

Momentarily confused, the guards quickly regained their composure and one growled, “What the hell is going on here?”
Another one completely ignored his comrade, “Drop your weapons, miss!”

“Miss?” Chantal repeated in disbelief. “Miss!?”

“Welp, they’re gonna get it!” Brendan chuckled to Rex who watched with pursed lips.

“Just keep an eye on Sarah.” Rex responded.

Sarah made her way across the beams to where the chandelier once hung, trying to ignore the commotion beneath her. She lifted herself inside the hole in the ceiling and once inside she wanted to rest a bit, but the skirmish below warned her what would be at stake.
The area Sarah was now in was a tight fit. It had served her team well to choose her for the job as not even Rex would be able to fit. The only thing in the small space was a tiny box.

Sarah opened it, revealing a good sized orange crystal thing. She moved to pick it up, but a jolt coursed through her body as she gripped it and she let out a scream and began to stumble backward.

For Five Score, Divided by Four
Your memories removed, your body confused
For your insolence you must pay
Cast off to a land far far away
To scatter the six, just the start of my tricks
Your mind shall be weak, your outlooks bleak
Forgetting everything and living like a fool
You have all lost, now no one can stop my rule!

Brendan looked up at the source of the scream and cried out, “Sarah!” Sarah fell through the opening and would’ve hit the ground hard, but Brendan caught her, adrenaline coursing through his veins. He let out a sigh of relief as Sarah smiled, revealing that she was okay.

Rex had joined Chantal in the fight and the duo had the guards piled in a heap of unconscious people. Brendan put Sarah back on the ground carefully and she brushed herself off.

“What was the point of grabbing this!?” She yelled, waving around the orange gem, “Why couldn’t we just grab the diamond?”

Rex approached Sarah, eyeing the crystal. “Beautiful. It must have some significance!”

“Or they just didn’t know what to do with it. I mean come on, Darling, if you were to find an orange gem like that, where would you display it?” Chantal explained, “But putting up there... I agree. It has significance. I doubt these dim-witted fools knew that though.”

“Instinct.” Sarah added. The other three turned to look at her, “The rock thing, when I touched it, it shocked me. That’s why I fell.”

“I thought it was peculiar that you of all people lost your balance.” Rex admitted. “But that must’ve been one hell of a shock!”

Sarah continued “And then I heard a voice. It said, ‘For five score, divided by four, your memories removed, your body confused. For your insolence you must pay, cast off to a land far, far away-”

“To scatter the six, just the start of my tricks. Your mind shall be weak, your outlooks bleak.” Chantal picked up.

“Forgetting everything and living like a fool. You all have lost, now no one can stop my rule!” Brendan finished.

“That was, uh, interesting. It sounds familiar, but you all know it by heart?” Rex said, confused.

Chantal and Brendan exchanged glances, but it was Brendan who spoke, “I dunno. It just... came to me.”

“And I as well.” Chantal added.

“The rock told that to me... this is fucking impossible!” Sarah exclaimed.

“Language, darling.” Chantal warned.

“I agree with Sarah, this is pretty impossible,” Rex furrowed his brow. “Especially if Sarah heard it from the crystal. If that was true, then where’d you two learn it?”

“A dream.” Sarah said, and again, everyone looked at her. “What!? Don’t you all have ‘em too? I could swear I had a dream about a creepy chimera speaking to me and some weird horses...”

Rex’s mouth was gaping, “No, I’ve definitely had that dream. You’re not saying that we’re sharing dreams now, are you?”

“Not sharing, but having.” Brendan pitched, “I’ve had it too and I can bet that Chantal has as well.”

“I think it has connection with the hideous mark on my thighs.” Chantal said, causing everyone to turn and look at her for a change. “Oh, forgive me, I haven’t told you yet. But since I’ve seen that dream so many times, I pay great attention to it, including the part where the four horses stand in front of large castle doors. I’ve paid explicit attention the the horses and they all had marks on their flanks. The one I found on my thighs match the one who’s point of view I take in the dream. I assumed it would be connected.”

“Chantal... when did you find these marks?” Rex inquired, his voice a bit shaky.

“This morning when I was dressing myself for the occasion.” Chantal replied.

Sarah snorted, “You call that dressed for a heist? More like for a high-school prom.”

“You’re one to talk with your hideous onesie.” Chantal said, waving dismissively at the small adult. “Darlings, I wouldn’t be surprised if you all were sporting marks as well.”

The three exchanged glances and Sarah spoke up “Well fuck. I don’t want mystery tattoos!”

Chantal glared at Sarah, but said nothing. Rex and Brendan mutter their agreement.

“Let’s get out of here. It’s only a matter of time before they wake up.” Brendan said, motioning towards the heap of guards.

“Agreed.” Sarah said, her voice distant as her mind was still on what Chantal had said. Did she really have some random marks on her thighs? That was impossible, right?


Sarah laid in a couch, her hair messy, uncombed and now long and blue. Next to her in a chair was Chantal, whose hair had lightened to a brilliant silver and became shorter but was considerably better kept than Sarah’s. Sitting on the armrest of the couch was Rex, whose blond hair had become more of a gold color, but remained around the same length, and on the floor was Brendan whose light brown hair had grown longer but hadn’t seen much of a color change.

While Sarah, Chantal, and Brendan’s eyes sparkled gold, Rex’s eyes were now a bright red.

Rex spoke and his voice was hoarse as if he hadn’t spoken for days, “Brendan, you can sit on the couch you know. I can make Sarah move.”

“No need, bro. I’m fine right where I am.” Brendan replied. Him and Chantal seemed the least fazed by the whole ordeal, but for different reasons.

“Chantal, you’re taking this surprisingly well for someone who cares so much about her appearance.” Sarah said from the couch, not even bothering to look up.

“There is no need to worry, darling. Everything will be okay.” Chantal said with a slight laugh. “Think about it. Your becoming a horse with blue hair and can talk. Not to mention has wings. Do you really expect things to be worse than the dump we live in now?”

“How do we go to the store? Just walk up to the cashier and be like ‘Hey, gotta buy me some oats!’” Sarah growled back, “And how do you know that I’m gonna have wings?”

“It’s all in the dream, darling. Just pay attention. Whatever we are going through, it’s supposed to happen.” Chantal pointed out.

“Oh yes, believe the random dream.” Sarah huffed.

“My hair is pretty long still for a stallion...” Chantal said, seemingly done with the conversation.

“Okay, now you’re just getting weird. You’re not at all concerned that you’re becoming a stallion?” Sarah exclaimed.

“Whoever said I wasn’t concerned with becoming a stallion? Of course I’m concerned. And yet I still seem to be taking it better than you.” Chantal noted.

“Ooh, burn.” Brendan said half-heartedly.

“I am indeed looking forward to seeing how Brendan’s scars will appear. Will they be with the fur or before?” Chantal went on.

“Shut up! Why are you so interested in our fucking bodily changes. Get a life, Chantal!” Sarah exploded.

“Language, darling.” Chantal warned and ignored the rest of Sarah’s outburst.

“How about you both shut up?” Brendan suggested, narrowing his eyes.

“W-What the hell!?” Sarah stammered, suddenly uninterested in Chantal.

“It was only a matter of time...” Chantal told Sarah.

Brendan stood up, “What the hell are you all going on about? Tell me!”

“That’s not something you see every day.” Rex remarked, “Brendan, you seem to have horse ears.”

Silence fell across the room. Sarah and Rex gaped at the discovery of horse-on-human while Brendan just stood there, presumably in a moment of shock.

“Anyway, I saw this man while I was driving earlier, a bit after the heist. His vehicle was out of control but the funny thing is, I felt like I knew him. I felt like he was an old friend. So of course, I did the logical thing and shook my head slowly at him as I passed.” Chantal reported, ignoring that fact that Brendan sprouted pony ears.

“The logical thing to do right now would be to freak out.” Sarah interrupted.

“I-I-I th-think I can second th-that.” Brendan managed, feeling his new anatomy.

“Oh please, we all will get them sooner or later.” Chantal pointed out.

“Can we please hang on to our last vestiges of humanity?” Rex politely asked.

“I don’t wanna be a pony!” Brendan cried out. “That’s the last thing I need!”

“Interesting word choice, Brendan. Is there something you aren’t telling us?” Sarah demanded.

“Uhh... no! I mean, maybe. No! No!” Brendan stammered, “There are things I haven’t told you but...”

“Spit it out, Brendan!” Rex growled, getting impatient with his comrades arguments and a bit scared by the current predicament. “Any information about what’s going on will help. Especially when Chantal insists on speaking in cryptic riddles.”

“Excuse me? Everything I have said made perfect sense. It’s your own fault if you don’t get it, darling.” Chantal scolded.

“I-I watch a television show called My Little Pony-”

“Wait! You’re one of those creepy brony guys!?” Sarah interjected.

“Y-yeah. Sure, whatever. That wasn’t my point. The ponies in the show have unnatural colors, marks on their flanks, and sometimes even horns or wings.” Brendan informed.

“Oh GREAT! Just what I wanted. To become a six year old’s pet.” Sarah threw her hands up in the air, “I am SO done with everything. Where is the nearest cliff so that I can jump off of it?”

In a swift movement, Chantal grabbed Sarah’s shoulder in such a harsh movement that it made Sarah squeak in surprise, “You will not even joke about suicide! I thought you were better than this, Sarah.”

“I-I’m sorry!” Sarah whimpered, her bangs falling over her eyes.

Chantal let go of Sarah and let out a frustrated grunt, “What am I gonna do with you?”

Brendan suddenly spoke up and motioned towards Sarah, “Is that what it looked like on me?”

Sarah’s ears had shifted upward and, like Brendan’s, now resembled those of a pony. They were a slightly lighter shade of gray than Brendan’s. Sarah groaned, “Good god. I hate myself right now!”

“They don’t look bad, darling. In fact, they rather match your blue hair.” Chantal comforted, over the recent dispute.

“I didn’t ask for that either!” Sarah protested, touching her ears.

“Oh... What the hell is this?” Brendan whined. Relieved to have something to take her mind off of the ears that were now on top of her head, Sarah turned her attention towards Brendan but immediately regretted her decision, seeing Brendan holding a bundle of brown hair. It wasn’t attached to Brendan’s head though, instead coming off of his spine. Brendan had a tail.

“That’s quite interesting, really.” Chantal noted, “It came so quickly after the ears.”

“That is not something to be saying right now!” Sarah cried out, “That means that I’m gonna grow a tail pretty quick. I’m. Going. To. Grow. A. Tail!”

“It’s inevitable, darling.” Chantal reminded her, in the commotion over Brendan’s tail, Chantal had grown dark gray pony ears. “I could grow fond of these.”

“The way that you take this whole thing is sickening!” Sarah blurted, “It’s like you don’t care. That or you want it to happen!”

“Neither. I definitely care, but there is no way to avoid it, so why bother making such a fuss about it?” Chantal said, smoothing out her skirt.

“Urgh, why are they white? They’ll stick out like white on black!” Rex interrupted. He now had white ears sticking out of his mess of yellow hair.

“I don’t think... it’s meant to ‘blend in’,” Brendan offered, voice shaky and slow.

“Excuse me,” Sarah spoke up, fear edging her voice, “I gonna go to the bathroom...”

No one said anything, but Chantal didn’t take her eyes off of Sarah until she was out of sight.

Rex was still talking with Brendan, “How am I supposed to sneak around with dumb ears this bright?”

“Darling, you’re turning into a pony guard. I don’t think you’re supposed to sneak around.” Chantal piped in.

“Pony... guard?” Rex repeated, not quite comprehending.

Suddenly the air was filled with a piercing scream. Chantal immediately stood up, “With what’s going on right now, I would’ve ignored that. However that wasn’t a scream of fear, but one of distress. You boys stay here.”

And Rex could only watch as Chantal headed for the bathroom.


I’m in the bathroom due to fear. I don’t really know why, maybe I thought it would help if I got to see myself. Yeah, bad idea... I know. My thoughts don’t go far though when a severe pain wracks my head. It’s so harsh I crumple to the ground and let out a scream. Then my vision swims and goes black.


“Wait here, guys. I’m not sure what’s inside and it would be better if you guys guarded the entrance.” Nocturna told us, flicking her tail.

“Be safe, Nocturna. Don’t get into trouble. As you said, who knows what’s in there!” Typhoon warns.

“No need to worry! Guarding is what we do best!” I pitch in.

“Nopony is getting in here.” Claw Mark assured.

Wind Runner moves forward, “Good luck. Do me a favor and come back. I don’t want to lose you.”

“Yeah, well, I’d better come back to find you all here waiting.” Nocturna jokes, and she turns and walks into the giant castle.

Us four are just sitting there for a minute? Two? Thirty? When a voice cackles. Aww, not separated even now?

Wind Runner growls, “Who are you!? Come out!”

One, two, three, four- Only four? Shame!

Then before us flashes a blinding white light. It fades to reveal a great draconequus. The only draconequus I know of. Discord, the spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. But the stories I’ve heard about him say he joined the good side... has Celestia sent him after us!? No, despite the stories we bat-ponies are told when fillies, Celestia and Luna are still sisters.

I let out a low growl and hoof at the ground, “What do you want! Not here for a tea party I imagine.”

“Lancia!” Typhoon calls, “Don’t act hasty!”

I grit my teeth. Typhoon is only warning me, but Discord seems to be egging me on. I can’t hold myself back much longer!

“Listen to your special somepony, Lancia.” Discord sneers, then he puts on a mock voice, “Don’t act hasty!”

That’s it! He’s gonna get it. Right before I pounce, I am vaguely aware of Typhoon screeching “Lancia! You mustn’t!” and then I am knocked out of the air by none other than Claw Mark.

“For five score, divided by four!” Another bright light flashes and when it fades, Claw Mark is gone.

“C-Claw Mark!?” I spit out, then I turn to Discord, “What did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO?”

“Lancia... please don’t!” Typhoon tries again, but I ignore him, pouncing again.

“For five score, divided by four!”

And my vision goes white.

“Lancia! No!”

I just watched her disappear. The gray one with blue hair. I, Sarah, am watching this take place. But I’m not dreaming, am I? I can’t be... I don’t float around like a spirit in my dreams. I realize that something around my neck is glowing, and when I grab it, I find the crystal from the museum. But... I gave that to Rex, right? I continue watching. It started out just like the dream I always have, but I’m watching it in third person, not first.

The tall pony, what was his name? Typhoon? Typhoon raises his voice, “How could you? How could you do that?” then he turns to Wind Runner. “Run! Find Nocturna. Tell her how we couldn’t be there for her... Tell her how we failed.”

Wind Runner opens his mouth to protest, but seems to change his mind “Sometimes I think you would make a better leader than me, Typhoon. You are definitely smart enough to match even Nocturna.”

Then he runs off, leaving Typhoon alone to fend off the monster by himself.

The chimera, Discord seems to be lounging around. Then he snaps his head up, “Oh? Are you done now?”

“You-You’re mocking us! No matter, I cannot let you in!” Typhoon declared.

“Oh please, I’m already in there. I’ll admit it, I haven’t gotten your little friend yet, but her mother? Yeah, gone. Zip. Boom. Gone.” Discord cackles.

Typhoon’s eyes widen, “No... no... We did all of this... Sacrificed ourselves... for nothing!? No, I refuse to believe it! I may not be as strong as Lancia or Claw Mark, but I’ve got one hell of an aim!”

Typhoon kicks the wall behind him, shattering a single brick. Discord begins advancing him, but Typhoon throws a shard in the air with his tail and kicks it over Discord’s head where it embeds itself into a tree branch.

Discord’s head does a 180. “Hehehe, so much for ‘perfect aim’. You missed!”

“No... I hit the jackpot!” Typhoon says triumphantly and the branch suddenly snaps and hits Discord straight in the head, causing him to become disoriented and stumble. Typhoon grabs a sharp stick, leaps up into the air and comes down hard, impaling Discord’s neck with the stick. Discord emits a hideous gargling noise and begins to dissipate into black particles.

Discords voice appears from behind Typhoon, “Well done. You defeated one of my clones. Here’s your prize... For five score, divided by four!”

“No! I... failed.” Typhoon says and he disappears in the white light.

Then I begin moving. I can’t control where I’m going, so I just roll with it. I am taken into the castle.

“Nocturna! Nocturna, where are you?” I hear coming from down the hall. I can see Wind Runner frantically searching the hallways and by now, I was flying at about the same speed that he ran.

I yelp as Discord materialized right next to me, but no one can hear me, not even Discord it seemed.

“Well, well, well.” Discord sneers. “Would you like to know the truth? The future? I’ll make sure you won’t remember.”

Then my vision and hearing go fuzzy. I can tell that Discord was talking, but for the life of me can’t figure out what he was saying. It must be important judging by the shocked expression on Wind Runner’s face.

Then my hearing resumes, just as Discord utters his words one last time “For five score, divided by four!”

I swear I can hear Wind Runner’s voice as he fades,

“Soon revived, Your dark survived.
Slowly falling down.
Never More, Life’s a chore.
Together, not a frown.
One is dying, Friends are crying
Then there goes the crown.

Oh, Nocturna, please hear me!”

Then my vision goes white as if I too am caught in Discord’s spell. Spell. Is that was it is? A spell? But for what...


“Sarah! Sarah! Get up!” I blink open my eyes and see Chantal over me. Wait, I’m on the ground? Good lord... “Sarah, are you alright?”

My voice is shaky and I try my best to steady it, “I-I’m fine. That was some trip though...”

“Trip? Sarah, what happened?” Chantal voice is flooded with concern.

“I was watching the dream, but I saw more than I normally do... The large one, the mare, the tall one and the white one... It’s all fading though...” I spill out. No doubt Chantal would be able to tell me more of the dream than I remember.

Chantal frowns, “The dream... Darling... how did you faint?”

“I had a sudden, really bad headache, but that’s all I remember.” I admit. Let’s just hope Chantal doesn’t go all medic on me.

To my delight (And surprise), she doesn’t. In fact, when Chantal speaks, her voice is considerably more distant, “I can only live up to the part when the stallion, Typhoon, disappears. I can’t call it dying, because I don’t think they do die.”

“No,” I agree, and then it hits me, “It’s more like a spell.”

“A spell.” Chantal repeats.

It surprises me that Chantal doesn’t get it as easily as I do. In fact, I wanted to jump up and down and shout in her face, but I don’t, instead I calmly say, “Chantal... do you remember what we said back in the museum? The poem thing.”

“Yes, of course I remember.” Chantal replies.

“Break it down. For Five Score Divided by Four. A score is twenty, yeah? Five score is one hundred. One hundred divided by four is twenty five. Chantal, we’d just turned twenty five when this started happening. All of us had. Remember how our group started? It was a joke because we all had the same birthday, May 1st.”

Chantal doesn’t reply and her eyes are wide with shock, so I continue, “Your memories removed, your body confused. If what I’m saying is true, we wouldn’t remember anything, and I’d say our bodies are pretty confused right now. For your insolence you must pay. It was a curse. Cast off to a land far, far away. We were transported to Earth. To scatter the six, just the start of my tricks. I have no idea who the six are, but they were cursed first. Your mind shall be bleak, you’re outlooks weak. I’m assuming this means our minds will change even further. Forgetting everything and living like a fool. We did. We forgot everything and compared to back then, well. We are living like fools. You all have lost, now no one can stop my rule. I think you know what that means, Chantal...”

If Chantal’s skin could get any paler than it normally was, it did. She took a shaky breath, “I-I always said it was inevitable. I knew the dream from top to bottom. But never did I suspect that I actually was a horse... no, a pony. If this is the truth... then we aren’t being cursed right now... we aren’t under a spell... the curse has been broken.”

“Our entire life has been a lie, Chantal. A lie created by Discord.” I say without really meaning to. My words are just coming out now.

“Yes. I suppose it has... Lancia.” Chantal hesitates before she says the name. For some reason, I don’t get offended when she says it. In fact, it clicks. It feels like an old nickname that I haven’t been called in a while.

“I guess I should call you Typhoon now... we need to tell the others. I doubt Rex- er, Wind Runner, will take this well.” I flinch, imagining Rex’s reply. It’ll take a while to get used to all these names, but I suppose I can do it.

Chantal and I head back to the living room, where Brendan and Rex are in a debate about... the color of their tails? Seriously, you tell me that boys aren’t ever concerned with their appearance and I’ll say, ‘Oh really?’

They immediately stop as they catch sight of us though. I must have a grim expression on my face because Chantal doesn’t and Rex says, “Uh, what’s wrong? Chantal said you were out cold... but you seem fazed by something.”

“Uh...” I hesitate, hoping that Chantal will save my ass again.

Chantal sighs, “If you ever had a dream about becoming a pony... well, that dream has been fulfilled. If you ever had a dream about being human... that’s been fulfilled as well, Wind.”

“Wind?” Rex repeats, “Chantal, are you feeling okay in the head?”

“I’m fine, but Sarah figured out the truth.” Chantal answers, “Call it a past life, but we used to be ponies. More specifically, the ones in our dreams.”

“We used to be... ponies?” Rex’s mouth is gaping. “Sarah figured that out!?”

“Hey! I take offense to that!” I scold.

Rex ignores me, “There’s no truth to that! I’ve always been a human! Always!”

“Believe what you will, Wind. But sadly, you can’t deny what’s happening right at this moment.” Chantal states.

“Stop calling me Wind.” Rex orders, “I’m not a pony.”

“Not yet.” Brendan grits his teeth. It’s the first time he’s spoken, but he seems okay with this. “Chantal, are you seriously implying that we were originally ponies? Because that means that everything from the dream was a fact. It means we were... cursed!”

“Bingo,” I applaud. “Brendan, you know the most about, ugh, ponies. Do you know who ‘the six’ are?”

“You mean the Mane Six? That would consist of Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie. Why?” Brendan’s look is one of skepticism.

I exchange a glance with Chantal who is muttering the names under her breath.

“You know, Chantal, your mannerisms always reminded me of Rarity. Especially how you say ‘darling’” Brendan smiled.

“That’s nice. Unfortunately, I’m a stallion who’s probably never said ‘darling’ in his life which makes me saying it absolutely pointless.” Chantal points out.

“How can one give up a habit so easily? It’s like giving up smoking or something! You’re really just gonna completely drop that? ” Brendan states in disbelief.

“Yes. Except maybe towards Lancia if she uses bad language. Do you have a problem with that?” Chantal raises her eyebrows.

“Um, yes. I have a problem with that!” I tell Chantal.

“I’m not okay with any of this.” Rex growls. “I don’t want to be a horse nor do I want to change my name..”

“It doesn’t matter if you want to be a horse or not. That’s the equivalent of someone saying they don’t want to be human.” Chantal says, clearly getting impatient. I guess even Chantal can get exasperated.

“I don’t think it’ll help, but I don’t mind.” Brendan pitches in.

“And I don’t either. I’ve said it before and it couldn’t be more true. Worrying is pointless, besides, doesn’t it spark even the slightest bit of curiosity?” Chantal’s voice is sweet, yet I’m not sure she is all that curious.

Rex doesn’t answer and I realize it’s my turn to agree. But do I agree? I think... “Rex, I’ll be honest with you. I do mind. I’m not taking this well, but think. Perhaps our lives could get better. Maybe being a pony guard, or whatever Chantal said, will be better than thieving for a living. Sure we make money, maybe even a bit more than we need sometimes, but is it what you want?”

Rex looks down, “I guess not. I’m not saying I like this, but I guess I’ll cooperate for now.

“I don’t think you have a choice, Wind Runner.” Chantal reminds him. “It seems to be happening without our consent.”

“...Wind Runner. The name isn’t bad.” Rex admitted. “But don’t think for one minute that I’m satisfied with this.”


It’s definitely something to get used to, becoming a pony. Out of every experience I’ve had in my entire life, this has to take the cake. Maybe I should just add on human to that entire life because apparently my humanity wasn’t what I started with. Ugh, being a pony is hard.

I groan and blink my eyes, attempting to force the sleepiness out. Where the hell am I again? Oh, that’s right, on a couch in Brendan’s house, trying to make sense out of our... Oh... Oh shit. I always forget! It’s what, the third day this has been going on and yet I always wake up to a nasty surprise. I snap my body up but lose my balance and fall off of the couch. I kick and punch, but I am caught in the fabric of the blanket that I had been sleeping with.

“Oh for goodness’ sake! Rex, is that you?” I can hear Brendan’s voice calling toward me from a ways away.
There is a soft pounding sound as Brendan approaches me and then I am free from the confines of the blanket. I breath a sigh of relief and turn to Brendan to give him my thanks, but no words come out.

“Rex,” Brendan says softly, “I know it’s a lot to take in-”

“WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU!!!!” I screech and shuffle away from the horse standing in front of me. I wasn’t really looking, but I think the most striking thing was the scars now on his face.

Brendan blinks. “Uh, Rex... have you seen yourself?”

I stand up and begin to reprimand him, but I don’t get far as I almost immediately fall flat on my face. What? How come I lost my balance? Dizzily, I bring my head up and see my hands. Only, they aren’t hands anymore, but hooves. I have white hooves instead of hands. I crane my head to look at my body and I immediately wish I hadn’t. There literally isn’t one bit of me left that is human. I am 100% horse... or pony, whatever.

I stand up again, this time on all four of my hooves. It feels different, but comfortable, I guess you could say.

“It takes a bit to learn to walk,” Brendan states. He almost sounds like a football coach or something due to his tone. Not at all a Brendan-like tone. Maybe he’s just messing with me.

I put one hoof in front of the other, but which one next? I move another, but I am rewarded with face-on-floor. I rub my stinging face and try again. Brendan patiently waits for me and not once does he look annoyed at my inability to learn how to walk. Kudos to you, Brendan and your amazing patience. When I finally get the pattern down, Brendan claps his hooves and I triumphantly fistpump. Hoofpump? Hell if I know.

Then there is screeching reverberating from the hall.

“Lancia! Get back here right now! LANCIA!”

There is a fast clip-clop and I turn to see a frightened pony-Sarah, but I only get a glimpse before she crashes into me.

“Sorry! I’m not to good at running yet!” Sarah sputters, “You’ve got to help me, Wind! I don’t know if it was something I said, but Typhoon is mad at me!”

“You know perfectly well what you did, Lancia!” I hear and moments later, pony-Chantal is running in. Her- er, His form is great and he comes to a perfect stop. Ugh, maybe calling him Typhoon would be easier.

“How are you so good at running already, Typhoon?” Sarah pouts. When all she receives in response is a glare, she tries again. “Fine, I’m sorry for waking you up. But seriously, how are you so good at running? Hell, even just walking!”

“It’s called ‘Watching carefully how a horse walks and runs before you become one.’ Honestly, Lancia, do you ever research anything?” Typhoon raises an eyebrow. Ah, silence is a beautiful thing.

“I just woke up and learned how to walk and you two are already acting like foals!?” I exclaim in disbelief. Wait, did I just say foals? Fuck me.

“I am not a foal!” Lancia cries out in defense, “Wait... a foal is a baby horse, right?”

Ignoring her, Brendan speaks up with a completely different subject. “Your pony name just reminded me, Chantal, our little group reminds me a bit of the song in Mulan when they’re training. Have any of you watched it before?”

Typhoon flinched a bit at the mention of his former name, but Brendan continues. “Swift would be Rex. Chantal obviously is ‘The Great Typhoon.’ Lancia probably the strength of the fire which would make me the mysterious one. Although that doesn’t really fit...”

“Or you could be Chien-Po.” Typhoon points out. “And Wind Runner is Shang”

“And who does that make you? Ling?” Brendan sticks out his tongue.

“I guess he can be funny at times...” Sarah pipes in. "Yeah.. okay... not re-"

“And Sarah is Yao.” Typhoon and Brendan say in unison.

“Why am I a dude!?” Sarah whines causing Typhoon and Brendan to giggle.

In my wildest dreams, I never imagined I would be compared to a Disney character, much less an asian general “There are more pressing matters at hoof- damn! There are more pressing matters at hand than a resemblance to a Disney film. What are we gonna do now?”

“Glad you asked. I hacked into an account on a website I found. His tag was shadednocturn1995 and you probably won’t believe this, being in such a state of denial as you already are, but he’s going through the same thing as us. He’s not too far from here either. That’s not the best bit though, two other ponies are joining him as well at his house.” Typhoon motions toward the computer. “I planned it out yesterday, but not knowing we would lose our hands today may make it a bit of a challenge, but it’s one of precision. I think I can still use a computer.”

Utterly confused, I follow Typhoon to the computer where he sits on the chair on his haunches, like an animal. He surveys his hooves for a bit before cautiously placing one on the computer mouse. He moves it around a bit and it the monitor blinks to life. He moves the cursor to a tab and with his other hoof, he clicks the mouse. A map pops up on the screen and he shifts the chair so we can see.

“We are currently here, and the house we are trying to get to is there.” Typhoon explains.

“He’s that close?” Sarah asks in disbelief.

“I feel it’s quite a coincidence that our current position is so close to our target location, but it’s the truth. Oh, and we’re gonna fly there. Well, maybe not Claw Mark, but the rest of us will.”

Brendan extends a tiny wing. “I’m afraid of heights anyway so that’s something that worked out.”

I snort, “You think I know how to fly, Typhoon? You’re thinking wrong.”

Typhoon turned to me with an intimidating gaze, “That’s why we’re leaving at sundown. You’ve got all night to learn.”

Well darn, looks like I’m learning how to fly and hopefully not crash and break every bone in my body. This will be an absolutely wonderful experience!

Author's Note:

Well, here it is at last. The next chapter! Many of you are probably wondering. Who the hell are these people? What happened to Ace, Mira, and Iris? Well, these guys wont have as prominent a role as the main three + Sun, but I felt like after Nocturna's backstory, there was a big gaping hole that needed to be filled.

I was trying to look for an editor or someone to just read through it, but I couldn't find one, so I'm sorry if some parts didn't flow very well.

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