• Published 13th Sep 2013
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Fire and Earth, Bats and Hearth - lionaxel

Side Fic to Five Score, Divided by Four. Two people are going some changes. They've only got each other, or so they think. Another person and his pet crow are other going through some changes.

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Another story to tell, Another one who fell

Urk, what a drag! Concert tickets? Doesn't my mom know I'm old enough to get my own stuff and that I hate loud noises. I re-read the letter that comes with the tickets.

Dear Ace,

I know you are even Now getting Older and older. The truth is, your dad and I miss you and we want you to make the most with your life so we want you to go to this Concert. Dad picked it out for you and we know That you will like it. I hope you will always keep Us in your heart, Reach for your goals and Never again fail to doubt all that you Are.



Come on! First of all, that's all you write, mom? Second of all, way too sappy! Third of all, I hate concerts! And what's with all of the stupid capitals? I kick a random bucket next to me and realize how much of a mess my house is. Beside me, Sun squawks. I turn to the crow and realize that I'm losing control. That bird seems to know a lot more about me than even I do. But that's impossible. Even if she is really loyal.

I'm talking super loyal. I can let her fly free outside and she will always return. I found her maybe ten years ago. At first I was surprised at how long she was living, but when I researched crows I found that they can live pretty long. Anyway, she was hurt, had a broken wing and a busted up beak. I named her Sun despite the fact that she was a crow and took care of her until her wing healed. Surprisingly enough, so did her beak. Then I let her go. It was sad and I knew I would miss Sun, so I spent the rest of the day in my room. The next day I was shocked to find that Sun had returned and was flying outside my window. So I took her in again and she became my pet. I've kept her ever since.

"Thanks, Sun. I needed that. "I mutter. I wonder if Sun could understand me. Is it just me? Or is she puffing out her chest? Oh well, she's just a crow. I open her cage, she needs her daily exercise. Surprisingly enough, instead of flying to the window, she flies to the opposite side of the room. "Uh, Sun?"

She flies to... the calender? What the hell is she doing. Wait, she keeps running her talon lightly on one spot. Today. Then she flies out the window. It almost looks as if Sun scratched something on the calender. I go over to inspect it and- Holy Shit! I look out the window but the crow is already gone. She made on the calender what looked like a birthday cake! And- oh my god- it is my birthday! How the fuck, this is pretty much impossible. Now I wonder where that silly crow has gone. To get the daily newspaper? Well, whatever. Let's just add this to the list of super crazy coincidences. Anyway when is this stupid concert? I check the dumb, sappy note my mom sent me and slide out the ticket. Oh man, I guess I have to make the decision quick because this thing is in ten minutes. I make up my mind slamming my car door and turning on the vehicle.

The concert isn't too far away but as I embrace the cool air flowing through my open window I am met with a burst of black feathers almost causing me to lose control of the vehicle. Sun settles beside me and I open my mouth to scold her.

"What the HELL! I almost crashed!"

"SQUAWWKKK!!" Oh crap! I snap my attention back to the road as I hear several honks. I swerve to the left as my car almost hits a tree. Shit! This is not good. I somehow manage to get the rampaging vehicle back under control. Phew, lucky break there, but I turn I lock eyes with a female in the car next to me as she shakes her head in disappointment. Wait- Do I know her? I turn but the car is way ahead so instead I try to read the numbers off of the license plate. S-H-FUCK! No! Get out of the way stupid minivan! Ugh! I almost facepalm but you know what? I really don't want an accident. Finally, I can see the arch of the concert building in the distance and the last few minutes in the car seem like they are in slow motion. That is, until Sun squawks in my ear! Ignoring the bird I pull into a parking spot and shut off the car. Oh my god that was the worst thing today! Ugh, I breathe a sigh of relief and open the door. Man oh man this is going to be wonderful!

The stadium is loud. Really loud. Seriously mom! This is your BEST choice? This is going to suck! I enter the room passing the guard who nods when I show him the ticket and find the seat printed on the ticket. Sun flies in after me and the guard doesn't even seem to notice. Maybe having pet crows is common here. My seat is near the middle of the room, not too close but not too far. I can see the stage just fine with no obstructions of peoples heads even though the room is clearly packed. Except for one thing. The seats near me are all empty. That's strange. I ignore it and wait for the concert to start when I am interrupted by a dude in fancy attire.

"Sir Ace, we are pleased at your arrival." He says with a British accent.

"Huh? What?" Sir? What the hell?

"Of course. You must be unaware. My name is Felix and I will be your personal waiter." The man bows. What is going on! A personal waiter? I guess that's pretty cool but-

"Heh I think you've got the wrong guy, I'm not royal-"

"Not at all! You see your ticket was the VIP ticket. You see you get free refreshments whenever you feel. You see that pinkish button there?" Felix points to a fuchsia button on the side of my chair. "That is your Emergency button. Press it whenever you need anything."

"Uh, emergency button? Isn't that a bit dramatic?" This is starting to creep me out. My mind instantly goes to a bunch of murder films I've watched.

"Dramatic? Ohohoho, of course not! You must be feeling a bit uneasy. Don't worry, that's why I've got you a taster!" Felix introduces a short, fat man wearing a suit. "This is Augustus. He is your taster to make sure nothing is poisoned."

I frown "Poisoned? What the fuck! Where do you get your food from?"

"Far away!" Felix replies.

"I think i'm going to be sick!" I groan. This is all coming way too fast and I have no idea what the hell is going on. It's all so weird!

Felix snaps his fingers and immediately another man comes out with a vomit bag and hands it to me with a plush white towel. Then he departs. I hurl into the bag and wipe off my face with the towel. It's super soft and if it wasn't covered in bile I might've just burrowed my face in it.

Felix takes the towel and bag and hands it to another servant who I didn't notice come and he takes the items and departs as well. "Now anything to drink, Sir Ace?"

"A Coke is fine." I mutter, feeling shaky.

Felix mutters to yet another servant. Where are they coming from!? The servant leaves and Felix bows. "Remember if you need anything your Emergency button is right there! Your cola should be out momentarily."

Felix departs with a swish of his cape that I didn't notice before and exits through the emergency exit door. I silently vow not to drink the Coke in fear of it being poisoned. And I'm definitely not giving it to that Augustus bloke who is sitting right next to me.

Hmm, I wonder... "Hey, do you mind? I'm squished here!"

Augustus's eyes fill with fear and he nods vigorously moving to the seat over. Sweet! I have complete control over this guy, although it doesn't seem right somehow.

Then the entire room goes dark and the stage lights up. Smoke puffs up from center stage and I frown. What is this!? A magic act? Rolling my eyes I continue to watch as shadows appear in the smoke. There is a small band with strangely cut hair and rock guitars. However they seem to be taking forever to start. Oh well I'll just wait.


"What's going on!?"
"The kingdom? F-fallen?"
"H-how d-d-dare you!"
"For five score, divided by four!"


I snap my attention to the stage where I am immediately overtaken by loud noises. What the hell just happened. One moment they were getting ready and now they are mid-song? I look around me noticing my Coke had arrived. Fuck, I'm parched. Just one sip can't hurt, right? I mean there is now way i'm going to let that bozo Augustus drink my soda. My hand vibrating, I lift up the cola and take a sip. WOAH! Its peppy, yet sweet and almost creamy. It's amazing, the best Coke I've ever had. Wait- this can't be Coca-Cola brand, can it? I turn to Augustus. "Hey man, what brand is this?"

I roll my eyes as "M-master Ace! Of course, it's the headman's own brand. Soda-Lix. That's the cola flavor, correct? May I suggest-"

"Enough!" I interrupt and the Taster goes silent. Oh my, I guess i'm not being that polite now am I?

One more sip of the Coke- er cola and I decide what to do next. I look down at the emergency button and raise my arm dramatically. What better way to do things than over dramatically? Then I bring my arm down and slam it on the button. Moments later one of Felix's assistants are beside me and I sigh.

"Felix please."

"Right away, Master Ace!" The servant runs off and in approximately thirty seconds Felix is at my side.

"What's wrong?" Felix says with genuine concern.

"I would like to leave, now!!" My tone is sharp. However I don't like how my attitude has changed during this one concert. Hell, is that even possible? I guess it is now.


"No buts! I'm sick of this place!" I scream. The band keeps playing but several people have turned.

"However your parents wished-"

"Nothing about my parents. Master Ace wishes to leave. Now!" This is starting to get on my nerves. What the hell is wrong with this guy?

"Of course." Felix looks defeated and I kinda feel bad.

"But first, direct me to the bathroom." My voice is considerably quieter.

Felix points me and I get up and leave. In the bathroom I sigh and hang my head before lowering my pants and screaming. There on my thigh was a tattoo. A tattoo of what looked like a pale yellow circle with a crown above it.


I feel sick to my stomach and Mira is looking at me expectantly.

"What the hell? You're wearing a shirt... Ohhh, NOW I KNOW YOU DID IT!!" She screams.

"No, I swear, it was a coincidence!" I defend myself. Mira? Going through the same thing as me? Well at least I actually know what hers is? No one in the show has a sprout for a cutie mark. At least none like this!

Mira looks down and I can barely hear her. "I know it wasn't you. I'm just so angry."

"Wait- what? If it wasn't me then who do you think it was?" I am confused. Very, very confused.

"I have no idea, but you've never pulled a prank on me. On anyone." Mira looks up, tears are in her eyes. Oh, that just makes me feel worse. I have never seen Mira cry before. Never. Then she continues. "That orange pony. It's the same one from my dream."

"Really? You dreamed about Sunset Shimmer?" So that's who she dreamed about!

"Yeah and then I suddenly wake up with that same tattoo on her ass. It makes no fucking sense." Mira clenches her fist. "Wait, you said you had a dream about a blue one. Do you have her mark?"

Wow, I probably would have never deciphered that. Anyway, does that earth pony have this mark? I go through that scene from the beginning. Not once did it ever show her cutie mark. From grass to apples to Applejack herself something was always covering it so I couldn't see it. "I don't know. It was never shown."

"Oh well. But I am NOT going to go around with fucking suns on my thighs. That is just horrible and we have to get it off!" Mira narrows her eyes.

"I can agree with that." I nod. Whatever these are apparently scrubbing didn't work so we will have to take more, erm, desperate measures. "But what should we do?"

Mira smiles wickedly, "Watch more ponies of course!"

So that's how we spent a few hours watching My Little Pony. In the middle of Season 1, Episode 6 Mira looks over at me. That expression she has frightens me though. It is one of pure shock. "What's wrong?" I ask.

Mira's words are jumbled. "Y-you- your h-what? th-n-hair. HAIR!"

"My... hair?" I take a lock of my hair in my hands and realize it is MUCH longer than it was an hour ago. Before my hair was slightly past my shoulders but now it was further down my back. Also, My usual fiery red hair was duller than before. More brownish. As I look at Mira I notice her hair is longer too. However, unlike before where Mira's hair was slightly longer than mine, my hair was now longer than hers. Her hair also seems to have reddish streaks. Something else about her is a bit off but I can't place my finger on it. I jump up "What the hell is this!?"

Mira looks up at me "I think... I think your hair has changed colors."

"No!" I exclaim sarcastically, "But seriously, first cutie marks and now hair has magically become longer and changed colors!? Ugh!"

"Something is wrong!" Mira stiffens.

"No, I didn't notice!" I glare daggers at my comrade.

"No, not that..." Mira's voice trails off and her eyes widen. She seems to be staring directly into my eyes, but what's wrong? Are my eyes magically glowing now with Twilight Sparkle magic? Actually, I wouldn't put it past what's going on.

"What?" My voice seems to snap Mira back into reality.

"Oh my god... your eyes!"

Author's Note:

So if you haven't already noticed I suck as hell in getting updates out. The truth is I'm really busy with life and life problems so it's hard for me. Don't worry. I haven't completely given up on this though.

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