• Published 13th Sep 2013
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Fire and Earth, Bats and Hearth - lionaxel

Side Fic to Five Score, Divided by Four. Two people are going some changes. They've only got each other, or so they think. Another person and his pet crow are other going through some changes.

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One realization is caught, In minds are many thoughts

I finish cooking the pancakes and begin to plate them. Out of the corner of my eye, I suddenly see Mira stiffen. “Mira?”

She looks down, “Iris... tell me, what on earth could make this noise?” I hear a clunking noise under the table. My eyes widen about as far as they will go and I hurriedly put the rest of the pancakes on the plate so as not to burn them and then crouch on the ground. I poke my shoe and it slides right off. My sock flies limp in the air. As I remove the sock I see it. There is a dark blue hoof under my sock.

“I think we have just crossed the anthro line.” I say, barely hearing myself. This whole thing was weird before, but for some reason, hooves just feel the most unnatural. Yes, I say that with a tail and pony ears.

Mira shakes her head. “Come on, Synth- damn it! I did it again! I keep trying to call you... Synthesis.”

“Synthesis?” I repeat, frowning. “Well, I sometimes get the sudden urge to call you Sunset if that compensates for it.”

Mira looks taken aback. I assume it’s from me calling her Sunset, but her words say otherwise. “Iris, are you really that dense?”

I roll my eyes and feign annoyance, “Here we go again. What did you find out this time?”

Mira closes her eyes as if in thought. “Look Iris. I’m turning into Sunset Shimmer, you want to call me Sunset Shimmer. You are turning into a blue pony that we don’t know the name of and I want to call you Synthesis. Connection, maybe?”

I facepalm. How did I not see this before. Gosh, Mira was right, I am dense! So now we know my ‘character’s name. “I’ll look this up after breakfast.” I state, serving the pancakes and some syrup.

Mira nods, picking up the syrup and dousing her pancakes in it. She catches me looking at her and shrugs, “Hey, I can’t have bacon but at the very least I can syrup! What if it turns out ponies can have syrup? I’m am not gonna let that happen.”

I let out a chuckle and turn back to my own food. I don’t normally eat syrup with my pancakes. Sometimes I wonder why I even buy any. Well at least I have some for Mira who apparently loves syrup. I never knew that about her, to be honest.

We finish eating and I log on to my computer. I type up “MLP Synthesis” and hit the search.

“I- uh, have to do something.” Mira says and exits the room.

I shrug. I couldn’t have stopped her if I tried. The first thing that pops up is “Nu OC. Synthesis.” and it sounds good aside from the misspelling of ‘new’, so I click it.

Synthesis is a pone that is vere strong. She is a alcorn that was the prinses of harmony. she desided that she did not want to be a prinses becus the wurld was beeng threatened and harmony wood be destroid. she beecame an urth pone and apljack’s sistr. this was becus she wanted to fit in. she cood not remembur that she was a prinses and thot that she was alays apljack’s sistr. her cootie mark is a plant becus she plants all of the seeds.

Great. I’m a child’s Mary Sue character. How does that even work!? How the heck did I manage to become this child’s creation which just so happens TO BE THE MOST FRICKEN MARY SUE OUT THERE!? I’M A FUCKING ALICORN PRINCESS THAT TURNED INTO AN EARTH PONY AND APPLEJACK’S SISTER?? WHAT THE CRAP??

I bury my face in my hands and just sit there for a bit. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. I hate it. I hate this. It was all fine and dandy until I figured out that I was a goddamn alicorn princess. I hear myself emit a slight screech. I can hear the bronies now. ‘Haha! So OP!’ ‘Mary Sue!’ ‘Give up now!’

I get up from the chair and just collapse in my bed. Damn, something is gone. My chest is flat. Frankly, I probably should be more worried that my boobs magically disappeared, but I’m just so mindfucked that I really don’t think too hard about it. Stupid children OCs.


“Come on! COME ON!” I yell, focusing all of my might on the pencil sitting on the counter in front of me. “Stupid horn! WORK! I swear I’ll chop you off if you don’t perform at least some magic!”

The pencil doesn’t even budge. There has to be SOMETHING I’m doing wrong! I refuse to believe for one instant that magic might not work. I’m turning into a unicorn. Magic must be real.

I strain, attempting at getting even the slightest spark of magic. Perhaps if I use a magic word it would have a different effect... nope. I don’t know any. Never really cared about that stuff.

“Okay.” I say out loud. “Focus, Mira. There must be something different in the way one thinks about magic. There has to be, otherwise every unicorn in Equestria would be super powerful Twilight clones.” I sit down, close my eyes and just stay there for a minute, not really doing much of anything. Not even thinking.

Hang on... Ponies had to have just learned magic at some point, so how? I stare at the pencil. Silently searching for clues. Then, I hear footsteps. No, no, no! I can’t let Iris see me doing this before I figure it out! She’ll think I’m mad!! And if she sees me, she’ll ask me what I’m doing!
I feel a pull on my gut that was so sudden it almost hurt and my eyes feel like they’re on fire. Then it gets so intense that I know I have to stop it somehow, but how- “AGGGHHHHHH”
The footsteps turn into running footsteps and then it let’s go. The pain stops and I slam my head into the counter as softly as I could.
“...Mira? Are you-” I hear Iris’s voice give way and I tilt my head towards her to see her staring, dumbstruck. What now?
“Why are you staring now, you l-”
Iris cuts me off, “Mira... are you doing... magic?”
I snap my head up to see the pencil hovering in the air with a light sea green aura around it and I notice a slight tingling sensation in my horn. A controllable sensation. I let go and it clatters to the ground. “...I did it... I did it!”
I pick up the pencil again with magic and chuck it across the room. I hear a THUMP! behind me and I turn.
Iris has fainted. Again.
Something feels off about the way my body is balancing, but I already have hooves, so what now? I look down and release my breasts have gone missing. Shit. Shit, shit, shit. That’s right! Horse’s privates are all in one place and there’s no way in hell I’m taking off my pants just to see my nipples. I’ll take it for granted and pretend like I know they are there. Wow, I guess we really are going all the way. Iris? I hope you have enough food for until we figure this out, because there is no way we will be able to go to the store.
I get up. I need to get dressed sooner or later, so I guess I’ll do that now while Iris is out cold. Woohoo, time to find my missing boobs. I go into Iris’s room and retrieve some clothes that include a scarlet short-sleeved shirt, skinny blue jeans, underwear which I will refrain from describing to you perverts and my jacket. I guess I don’t need a bra anymore, so I’ll just leave that there. Then I head to the bathroom.

I undress to another little surprise. I have fur on my arms. It’s light orange, matching my ears and my horn. My tits are exactly where expected and I quickly get dressed again. Let me just say this; Getting dressed is a hell of a lot easier with levitation spells. I brush my hair and it goes to the same hairstyle as human Sunset Shimmer. That still shouldn’t be possible. Not at all.
I have an idea, a crazy one, but an idea. I sit down and begin brushing my tail. “You know,” I say out loud to myself, “I could hold this brush with magic...”
It will take time to get used to my magic. I’m not sure that I want to always use magic, but I supposed that I’ll lose my fingers eventually and magic will be very helpful. Shrugging, I drop the brush and catch it with my levitation spell and continue to brush.
After a while, I let go of the brush and stand up. Time to go wake up Iris, again. She’s still passed out on the floor and this time, instead of kicking her, which I’m sure would hurt more with hooves as opposed to boots, I pick her up. She’s surprisingly light for a twenty-five year old, but I’ll still need to drag her on the ground.
I pull her over to the couch and take a deep breath. Here we go! I lift her up and, with all of my strength, I chuck her onto the couch.
Iris gasps as soon as she hits the couch and she scrambles up. Her voice is a bit hoarse “Wh-what the heck just happened!?”
I shrug, “I threw you.”
“You... threw me!?” Iris can’t seem to choose what emotion she wants to show. She seems to be flickering between anger and... admiration?
I nod slowly and Iris blinks and lets out a yawn. For the first time, I get a good look at her teeth. They are flat and even. Perfect for, uh, chewing?
Iris still has her pajamas on and she doesn’t seem to be aware of the new ‘hair’ growth on her arms. I grin wickedly and Iris notices this saying “Uh, Mira? Are you okay?”

I feel the hair on the back of my neck stand on end as I charge up my horn and pull back the sleeve on Iris’s left arm. Instinctively, she grabs her sleeve, but then realizes why I pulled it up. She gasps and touches the blue fur on her arm, flinching as she felt it.

“This... this is legit?” She half whispers and blinks some more. “I-”

I cut her off, “Don’t faint again. If you faint every time something happens, I swear I'll- I'll... I don’t even know what I will do!”

“Yeah... I won't...” Iris seems distant.
“Oh, hey. Iris. Before you, uh, fainted, you were in your room, right? I swear you screamed or something. What’s up.” I say. I sound too sympathetic, don’t I?

“Oh, uhmm...” I swear Iris is blushing slightly. “Yeah, uh, about that...”

“God dammit, Iris! Just tell me.” I yell.
“Okay! Okay! I’mafuckingalicornprincessthatrepresentsharmonyanddecidedtobecomeanearthpony.” She says all too fast. Seriously, didn’t know she had that in her. Then she adds “Oh, did I mention I’m Applejack’s step-sister or something?”

I stare at her blankly, only really catching that last part. Applejack’s step-sister? Really... even I know that having that sort of relationship with the main characters is bad and I just joined this fandom yesterday. “Say the first part again?”
Iris takes a deep breath, “I am a alicorn princess of harmony that decided unless she stepped down from her position, harmony would be destroyed and so she became an earth pony. Only the most Mary Sue out there.”

I burst out laughing. I can’t place my finger on it, but something about the fact that Iris is becoming a Mary Sue is just ridiculous. I shut up when I notice Iris glaring at me.

Then she continues, “Okay, maybe not the most Mary Sue out there, but still!”
“Sorry, Synth! Can’t help you out there!” I say between giggles.

“Yeah. Thanks, Sunset.” She says, emphasis on Sunset. Oops. I guess I called her ‘Synth’ again.

She huffs, “I don’t think I can live with myself anymore.”


Sun squawks and opens her beak multiple times.

“Whaddya want?” I grunt. I’m ready to leave this enclosed pit of hell of a bathroom.

The blasted bird doesn’t respond, but I feel something roll down my chin. I wipe my chin and a chill overcomes me as I see my own blood again. “But, I, you got my head, nowhere near my chin!”

Then I taste the metallic blood in my mouth. My lip. I wipe my lip and find it bleeding pretty heavily for a lip. But what on earth could have punctured my... oh... oh no way. I recall biting my lip but... I look in the mirror and open my mouth, revealing needle sharp fangs.

Only one thought ran through my head.

What kind of horse has fangs?

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