• Published 13th Sep 2013
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Fire and Earth, Bats and Hearth - lionaxel

Side Fic to Five Score, Divided by Four. Two people are going some changes. They've only got each other, or so they think. Another person and his pet crow are other going through some changes.

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A Coincidence at Last, A Look into the Past

Iris joins me on the couch to watch this Rainbow Rocks thing. I’m over the tiny argument we just had. To be honest, it wasn’t even worth it. I’ve just been so uptight lately with these supernatural occurrences that something in me snapped. Now I have it back under control and Iris knows that. Iris knows a lot about me. More than she thinks even. Maybe even more than I know.

I brush my hair out of my eyes yet again. “Oh my god. My ‘mane’ is not suited for a human head!” I look at Iris who has super long brown bangs that fall over half of her face. “How do you stand that? I can’t stand these few locks of hair that keep falling over my eyes!”

Iris shrugs. “I’ll pause the movie and you can go into the bathroom and do your hair if you want.”

I look at Iris gratefully and head off to her bathroom. I find a brush and clean it out before brushing my hair careful not to harm my sensitive ears. I realize as I brush that while it my hair is clearly a mane, there are things I can do to make it set on my head like normal human hair. When I’m done, I examine myself in the mirror and what I see shocks me. My hair looks nearly identical to human Sunset Shimmers hair. Although it shouldn’t surprise me because before it was a 99.9% match to Sunset’s pony mane. This was just ridiculous though. I shouldn’t be able to get my hair/mane looking like this by just brushing it!

I call out to Iris “Hey, Iris! I brushed my hair and now I’m a human Sunset Shimmer!”

I can hear Iris laugh, “Isn’t that what you were before?”

“Hey! I’m serious!” I walk out of the bathroom and the laughter leaves her face.

“Hey, woah. You weren’t kidding!” Iris exclaims. “You really do look pretty much the same as Sunset Shimmer. As creepy as that is, I guess we can let it slide.”

I go and sit down next to her and she makes a strange sound as she unpauses it that sounds like “Omgimsittingwithsunsetshimmeromg” and I frown for a bit. Do I really look that much like Sunset Shimmer? That is a little creepy.

“I’m sorry.” Iris says, “I guess I just really like ponies.”

“Oh, yes. And I’m sorry I happen to look like a villian who-” I look at the screen where Sunset Shimmer is conversing with the main six. “-becomes a protagonist.”

Then I hear it and I freeze up.

“Ugh, I am never gonna live that down.”
“You were pretty bad at the Fall Formal.”
“A demon. I turned into a raging she-demon.

My heart skips a beat. That’s exactly what I told Iris previously.
“Is everything okay?” Iris asks, concern evident in her voice.
“Th-that’s exactly wh-what I said to you.” I feel the blood drain from my face. “Word for word.”


My relationship with Iris didn’t used to be the one we have now. In fact, I distinctly remember the first time we met. I almost made her cry by bringing up a sore subject.


I stood in the darkest hallway, scanning the area around me. I knew that that stupid girl would come past here to get to her next class, and I needed to tell her the lowdown about how I was in charge. If this girl thinks she can just steal my spotlight just like that, she’s got another thing coming!

I grin to myself as I hear footsteps echo. There’s no way it could be anyone else, they’re all at class. Technically, I should be at class too, but the teachers don’t care. Let’s just say the kids aren’t the only people who fear me at this school. Though the teachers don’t outwardly show it, they don’t object to anything I do. Also, it’s not like I miss class often. Gotta keep that reputation in line with all of my other reputations.

The new students red hair appears at the other end of the hall and the dim lighting serves its purpose. She doesn’t notice me at first. I creep up behind her, making the least amount of noise possible.

“Heh heh. Hello there, ‘newbie’.” I smirk.

She turns, Blue eyes flashing. “Oh, uh... Hi.”

“It’s only fitting that a new person shows up and she thinks she rules the school!” I snap.

“Wait... what?” The girl frowns.

I walk over to her. “Please, you couldn’t gain any popularity even if you wanted to what with your weird red hair and freckles.”

She still looks utterly confused. So I continue. “How many people do you know in high school that have red hair and are popular? There aren’t many. Face it. You are a nobody.”

“I’m a what?” She frowns deeper. “If you’re trying to make me feel bad, it’s not working.”

I raise my eyebrows, “You’re good at concealing your feelings, but you’re lying to me. I can tell.” She takes a step back, so I round her until she’s facing the end of the dark hallway. “I’m the leader around these parts, so you best not cross me. I’ll make your life miserable.”

“You don’t get to order me around.” She replies.

“Save the smart talk until you’re on the ground bleeding. I don’t need to hear the smart talk of a red-head. Too bad, with your facial features and maybe even the freckles, you would look pretty cute. Shame that your stupid hair spoils it all.” I feign some disappointment. I have this girl right where I want her. “Oh, what was your name? Ibis? Like the ugly bird?”

“It’s Iris.” She glares, “What is your problem.”

I realize that any fear in this girl is gone. She’s just pissed now. Crap, where did I overstep the line!? No matter, there is still a way to turn things around. “Oh yes, Iris. I remember now. Like the eye part.” I roll my eyes and press forward. “Maybe you should run along home to your mommy.”

That did it. Iris’s eyes widen almost as far as they could go, then she looks down in sadness. By now, I have completely backed her into the corner, both physically and mentally. Time to let her loose. I remove myself out of her way. “Go.”

She takes a couple steps and then stops. “Wh-why would you do that to me?” Then, without waiting for an answer, she continues walking. This time at a much faster pace.

“...Because. I am the only one worth anything here.”


I also remember the time where I almost ruined her relationship with everyone else.


I’m walking down the locker hallway thingy, a smirk on my face. People turn to stare as I make my way further. I turn to look at someone and he freezes up, so I change course and head towards him.

“O-oh, u-uh. H-h-hello, Mira.” He stammers.

“Please, I’m not here to ruin your life!” I roll my eyes. Then I put on this fake sobby tone. “Oh no! There’s this new girl and I’m so scared because she nearly cried right in front of me-” I break out in laughter and I’m joined by a few other people.

I see Iris appear at the other end of the locker hall and a few guys giggle to themselves. “Crybaby.” “There she is!” “Hee hee!”

Iris frowns, like she’s prone to and spots me. Her face changes to one of recognition as she realizes what I’ve done and she slightly quickens her pace to meet me.
“Oops” I say, “Looks like I’ve been found out!” I break out into another fit of laughter.
“What have you done!?” Iris growls, her slightly-larger-than-average eyes gleaming with anger.
I pat her on the head, “Please. I’m doing you a favor by only accelerating the process. It was only a matter of time before everyone found out your true colors.”
She pushes my hand away. “What do you have against me? I tried to like you, I really did, and this is how you repay me? Have you ever had a friend in your life?”
“Who needs a friend when I can rule everyone?” I state as-a-matter-of-factly.
“Is that really your point of view?” Iris asks softly, then swiftly turns and goes back the other way.

I giggle again. How pushy. This girl needed to be taught a lesson and fast!


Really, thinking back then gets me thinking even more. I didn’t even know it was possible to change so much. I achieved the impossible, I guess. I feel bad for all of those things I did to Iris, and the only reason I could think of for doing all of that was that I was jealous. Jealous that people were paying attention to the ‘new girl’ and not me. Iris was strong though. She was strong and she changed me.


I had my lunch and was sitting at a table, alone. Which was the way I liked it. No petty people bothering me while I ate. I heard scraping though as the chair across from me was pulled out by none other than... Iris?
“What do you think you are doing? This is my table.” I huffed. This girl was really starting to get on my nerves. She was too kind. Annoyingly kind.
“Do you really want to be alone?” Iris asked.
“Yes. Now leave!” I growl and stand up.
She raises her eyebrow and I grit my teeth. She was too stubborn. I need to find a way to distract her. Give her what she wants so she leaves me be. God, I hate this girl. She’s been playing me this whole time. “Why. Why are trying to be so nice to me? What do you hope to achieve?”
Iris seemed to ponder that for a minute before speaking again. “I guess I want to hope that there is something else in you besides jealous rage.”
I feel my body freeze up. What the hell? I did not expect that answer. “Are you saying you are trying to make me ‘nice’?”
“If you want to put it that way, then yes. I am trying to make you ‘nice’.” Iris repeats. “Now, I’m not leaving. You can choose to leave or not, but I’m staying here.

Curse that dumb girl. She knows that I’m not gonna leave. She... she’s backed me into a corner. Yet, there is something respectable about her. Something I admire- No! I can’t think like that. Don’t be stupid Mira. She’s just another dumb freckled red-head. We eat in silence. My mind tells me that I want nothing to do with this girl, but something else tells me... “Iris. How about we make a truce.”
She looks up at me. “That sounds good.”

And it was the best decision of my life.

Author's Note:

I am just pushing out these chapters! I don't know how long this will last, but I assume it's because of Rainbow Rocks (Which was better than I expected) Gawd, I love Sunset Shimmer so much and I have a lot of fun writing for Mira. Even Sun is boring to write compared to Mira. Now don't get me wrong, Sun is fun to write too, but I love, love, love writing and drawing Mira. She's so badass.

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