• Published 11th Jul 2013
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Biker Princess from Equestria - WesFox134

When Celestia takes a interstellar vacation, she picks up a traveling companion from Earth. Hilarity Ensues.

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Chapter 1

I swear, this whole trip has been crazy… Oh, to whomever is reading this... Hello, I’m Wes. If you are wondering why exactly this journal got to you or what’s in it, well perhaps it would be best to start at the beginning.

It was a rather normal day for me. I went to my game testing job in Redmond and did my normal thing. Go to work, eat lunch, head back home, surf the internet a bit, and then go to bed. Sometimes I walked over to the diner for a bit of dinner, but my life was quite ordinary. I didn’t stand out from a crowd; I swear I could be the plainest looking guy around. I was somewhat skinny for my age, and I usually wear jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers. I tend to have my blond hair sort of combed back and I have blue-grey eyes. I have fair skin; it’s all right but I do tend to sunburn easily, curse my Celtic-Norse ancestry.

It was during one of my nights surfing the net that I got up to walk around my room and stretch my legs. I then looked out of the window at the rather decent night sky, sure there was a bit of light pollution from Seattle, but I lived far enough away to see the main constellations. It was then I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, it appeared to be a shooting star, but its trail was an odd color, like a rainbow of light cobalt blue, a pale purple , light cerulean and a light turquoise streaking past it as it appeared to go over the horizon. I thought it was certainly an odd phenomenon, but at the time I just shrugged it off as a one-time thing. I even distinctly remember saying, “It was beautiful but it really wouldn’t impact my life that much, it’s just a little interesting distraction.”

Man, am I eating those words right now.

The day after that was quite ordinary; I got to my job early in the morning and started testing out some new levels that got released in the update for the game. I tested out the levels and wrote out the bug reports for the levels as my boss walked in and said, “Hey Montgomery, how are those bug reports coming along?”

I looked over to my boss and said, “They’re coming along great! I just got to finish up these next few ones and then I’ll be on my lunch break.” As I glanced over to the clock and realized that it was almost noon already.

My boss just nodded as he said, “Don’t work yourself too hard.”

Yeah my boss, James, he’s a pretty nice guy. He’s understanding as well as caring. He can be too stubborn for his own good sometimes but he’s still a nice guy in my book. After about half an hour of finishing up those last ones, I went on my lunch break. I walked over to the local diner. It was a small hamburger and fries joint that looked very much like it was plucked out of the 1950’s. Inside it had the typical faux 1950’s styling, Checkerboard floors, with chrome and leather seats as well as 1950’s paraphernalia decorating the walls.

I sat down at the booth and ordered my usual, a ham and swiss cheese sandwich and a medium soda. I patiently waited for it when she suddenly walked into the front door. I heard the door open and when I turned my head to see who walked in I was amazed at her. There was something about her that struck me as odd. Sure she was slightly older than me, but she still looked great. She had beautiful tanned skin as well as a rather nice body and decent sized breasts. I saw that she was dressed in Jeans with black chaps on them as well as wearing a black leather jacket and a white shirt underneath that. I noticed however, the oddest thing about her was her hair; it was about shoulder length but the color-- or rather colors-- of her hair astounded me. It appeared to be a rainbow of colors; a light blue, a pale purple, a light cerulean and a light pink color. I thought she must have one master hair stylist to get those colors to seamlessly go together.

The thing I noticed the most interesting about her were her eyes, they appeared to be colored a magenta or pink color. I thought she must be wearing contacts or something. However I turned and looked at my food before I heard her voice.

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?” asked the strange biker babe.

Trying to be as polite as I could, I looked at her and said, “No, feel free to take a seat, Miss.”

I turned and continued to eat my sandwich as she sat down and ordered a tea... which I thought was an odd choice but she could like whatever she wanted. As the waitress asked for the money for the tea, the biker woman looked around for her wallet almost in a slight panic.

I then said, “Hey don’t worry, hon. I’ll pay for it” as I gave the waitress the money for the tea. I looked over at the biker babe, entranced by her looks.

The woman looked at me as she said, “Thank you so much. I must have forgotten to grab my wallet.”

I smiled at her as she sipped her tea daintily. I looked at her and asked, “So what brings you here to this little corner of the Pacific Northwest?”

“Oh, just a little vacation, Faust knows I need it.”

I looked at her and nodded as I asked, “Oh really, work got you stressed or something?”

“You could say that.”

I smiled at her and extended a hand as I said, “I never got your name hon. I’m Wesley.”

She shook my hand and said, “I’m Celeste. Nice to meet you, Wesley.”

As I finished eating my sandwich, I noticed Celeste had finished her tea and she stood up as she said, “I just might see you again, Wes. I’ll still be in the neighborhood for a few days. If you ever need to get away from this little town and go on a trip with me, I’ll be here.”

I watched her as she smiled and walked out the door. It was then I noticed a large stylized sun patch on the back of her jacket. I thought it was an interesting and strange design for someone to put on the back of their jacket. After I finished my sandwich I headed back to work and worked on testing more levels in the game. I just kept on thinking about Celeste, wondering if I would ever see her again.

After work I started my walk back to my apartment. I decided to take a detour through the forested road near the city square. I walked quietly as the sun slowly set, the first tiny pinpricks of light appeared in the twilight sky.

The stars, I've always wondered what life could be there in the grander universe. What would they look like, what would their cultures be like and what other wonders could exist there? I slowly reminisced about looking up at the stars as a child and hoping one day to explore them. To see what the universe had to offer. But as I got older, I tempered my ambition a bit and got a bit more down to Earth. However, I still kept that dream alive, hoping that one day humanity could explore the stars and meet our extraterrestrial cousins on other worlds.

However, as I was walking alongside the road, I heard something start to approach. It sounded sort of like the revving of a motorcycle, but it had a stranger sound with it. As I looked around wondering where the sound was coming from, I looked up and saw that something from the sky was racing towards me. I ducked as the thing passed over me and appeared to turn around and land.

I got up as I heard a familiar voice, “Wow, you certainly can be jumpy.”

I stopped in my tracks as I turned and gasped at what I saw; Some kind of futuristic hoverbike, like something out of some kind of sci-fi novel. It was colored white with gold decorations on it. I noticed the hover pads or whatever those things were called, were glowing with a blue light, the rear exhaust engines were glowing with a rainbow of colors, the same rainbow of colors I saw on that shooting star I saw earlier, and come to think of it, the same colors on…on…

I then looked at the rider. She appeared to have her helmet on. However I noticed her hands, they were an almost pure white color and, on closer inspection, they appeared to be covered in some kind of light coat of fur. I also noticed the wings that were coming out of the back of her jacket as well as the multicolored tail that was the same color as-- no, this was getting too weird to be a coincidence.

I watched as the rider took off her black helmet with a white stylized sun with six prominences on it and I gasped at what I saw; a vaguely equine looking face. She appeared to have larger more expressive eyes as well as its eyes having a bit more of a forward look to them. I also noticed her mane and tail moving as if the wind was blowing on it, but the oddest thing was that there was no wind at all, so how the hell could it have been moving? My eyes trailed up to see a horn jutting out from her forehead; it sort of looked like a unicorn’s horn. Her ears were on top of her head and were somewhat triangular shaped, again somewhat equine like.

I just looked at her and asked, “What are you?”

The equine alien just laughed a bit and said, “Oh come now, don’t you recognize me?”

I looked at her again and thought, “I can’t believe it, she has the same hair colors and voice as, wait, no there’s no way she could be…

I then spoke up, “Celeste?”

“Close, my actual name is Celestia; I only used Celeste as part of my disguise to walk among you humans.”

I couldn't believe it. An alien, a real life alien was standing in front of me. She certainly was a looker too. Those long legs, those rather nice breasts and… and… what the hell am I saying? She looks like a horse sure, but me fawning over her would technically be counted as bestiality. I was also worried what would happen if someone else was watching. Would someone record this as a video and put it on YouTube? All it would take is someone pulling their iPhone out and recording this scene between me and Celestia and she would be exposed.

“Celestia, isn't this a bit dangerous? I mean you appearing in your alien form would expose you to everyone here.”

“Don’t worry; you’re the only one who can see me for who I truly am. Everyone else would just see me as a human and my hoverbike as one of those Harley’s, as I believe you call them.”

I looked at her again and said, “How can I be sure you’re actually real? I mean, all of this could just be some kind of hidden camera thing and I’m the butt of the joke.”

“Oh, I certainly am real, Wes.”

As I felt drawn to her, and she appeared to get closer without me moving, I looked at myself and then I was surrounded by a golden aura and the same aura was around her horn as she was doing this and I said, “What...what are you doing?”

“Oh that, just a simple Telekinesis ability.”

I yelped as I said, “How are you doing that?” as I accidently put my hand on her shoulder, trying to keep myself balanced as she “Let go” of me.

“Oh just by manipulating the thaumatic energy around you to encase you in a field to lift you away from the force of gravity.”

I just looked at her blankly, not knowing what she meant by that.

“Let’s just call it magic, to keep it simple.”

I then said, “Magic? MAGIC?! There is no such thing as magic!”

After I said that Celestia just laughed at that remark I made and inquired, “Then how did I and my hoverbike survive reentry into Earth’s atmosphere without a scratch?”

I then retorted, “Some kind of advanced technology, there’s no way this can be magic!”

Celestia smiled, thinking my retorts humorous, “Well, if you’re still wanting to take me up on that offer I gave ya.” She lifted my phone using her magic or whatever she called it and she entered something in it with her fingers as well as her magic. She then gave it back to me and said, “Give me a call.”

I looked at her and asked, “What’s the catch?”

“There is no catch. I’ll just give you time to make the preparations and let your family and friends know that you’ll be gone for a while. It would just be devastating to your family and friends if you suddenly disappeared without a trace.”

I looked at her and realized she was right, if I just took her up on her offer and left without saying a word, they would be devastated.

I then nodded at Celestia. As she got up on her bike I asked, “Is it worth it?”

“Definitely, my little human.”

I smiled at that little name she gave me. Of course she was about 7 feet tall or so, I would be little to her. As she got back on her hover bike she pulled a black sphere from her pocket and placed it upon her horn. It expanded and changed into her helmet she had on earlier as it went around her head and made shapes for her ears to be placed in. I wondered where it went after she took it off.

She then revved up her hover bike and it sped off into the sky with incredible speed. I looked down at my phone and noticed a new contact in my Contact’s list, “Celestia Solaris” and it has the same stylized sun that was on her helmet next to her name. I turned the phone off and put it back into my pocket.

As I walked back to my apartment, I looked up at the sky and weighed my options. Something like this could never appear again in my lifetime, I could finally explore the universe like I always wanted to. But I still had my responsibilities to my family and my work.

As I stared up at the night sky, I made my decision and pulled my phone from my pocket, dialing a number, “Hey, James, I won’t be coming to work tomorrow. I’m going to be taking quite a long vacation…”

Oh if only I knew what Celly and I were in store for, I’d definitely would have made a different decision...

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