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Oh! Never Mind! · 11:57am Jan 10th, 2018

Bi Dads got on the popular sidebar last night, in spite of heavily homophobic downvoting! Love you guys! :twilightsmile:


Should There Be Gay Characters in MLP? · 3:24am Nov 15th, 2015

In order to teach the ones that need to be taught, you must first be sure that they can hear what you're saying.

Homosexuality seems to be a pretty big topic nowadays. To answer the question I stated in the title, I do not think there should be any characters in MLP that are confirmed to be gay,

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mmmmm · 6:58am Mar 13th, 2020

hi i check in every few days but i don't really
do much
came on today to find
a new follower! wack how did that happen i don't do anything

but i've gotten into the habit of looking at people's blogs on tumblr that follow me there so i can block them if i need to so when i used that habit here i found

them comforting a homophobe!
mmmmmmmm don't like that

i may have my issues with Ice Star but like
same for terfs and aphobes but like

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How Not to Handle Being Blocked: An Journey in Alt Accounts · 4:16am May 5th, 2020

(I consulted a staff member about making this blog and the tone I would take. It was permitted.)

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A "Christian" YouTuber gives a bad rep to the Christian community · 9:36am Feb 19th, 2021

I stumbled upon a video titled "A Christian's Response to Disney Debuting First Bisexual Lead Character" by Hannah Williamson. Currently having 2,500 likes and 28,000 dislikes, it is a clear indication that the video is full of hate against the LGBTQ+ community. I didn't bother watching it. I just posted a comment saying, "If you don't like it, then don't watch it. We don't need to listen to unnecessary negativity from homophobic nobodies

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I would rather be hated for saying this than for keeping my mouth shut - if you don't agree, I'd like you to leave · 3:34pm Oct 10th, 2020

It honestly makes me so sad on the inside and outside after becoming an adult and seeing the world in a no-bullshit kind of way. The way people act towards everything, the apathy, the uncaring way they do things without regard for anybody else, the opportunist stance they have when times get tough, how guys treat women and how much women put themselves down when they shouldn't because of it, etc.

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Perhaps I will understand one day. · 10:37pm Jan 12th, 2020

So, while browsing through images on Derpibooru specifically Comments Locked Down I noticed a few posts by TheSmilingPony. I swear I'm not stalking it, I swear.

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