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    JK Rowling

    I'm no fan of Harry Potter, since I know nothing of the works, be they the books or the movies, but I'll stand with J.K. Rowling.

    Remember, good decent people, your silence won't save you.

    Hashtag: I stand with JK Rowling.

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    Twilight upon noticing her brother's royal guard armor.

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Perhaps I will understand one day. · 10:37pm Jan 12th, 2020

So, while browsing through images on Derpibooru specifically Comments Locked Down I noticed a few posts by TheSmilingPony. I swear I'm not stalking it, I swear.
Well, back on topic, after reading a few of its comments about diversity and acceptance, I think. It was this image. Well, after reading its responses I realize that it wouldn't like a person like me, hence the reee ,booing and other petty behavior.
But there's something I have to know. Is TheSmilingPony also TheFrowningPony? If so, then while believing that diversity is a good why would it seem to implied that non-straight sexuality is a mental disorder/illness.
I'm not sure if that's really what it meant. Another user implied that it was and another user ask why mental illness was even brought up in the discussion. That is when TheFrowningPony explained the reason. Well, see for yourself, blog. The image is "Safe" but there is some foul language within the image itself.


@Flummoxed Phoenix

What does someone’s sexual preference have to do with mentally ill people?

According to many, non-straight sexual preference is a mental illness. Are you saying they're wrong? What is your scientific basis for this?Now, I don't know whether that TheFrowningPony was being serious or sarcastic and I don't even know if they are the same thing.

More importantly I'm very glad I looked into this Tag, because I found this really nice Starlight Glimmer!

Be warned that's the original source and not Derpibooru. Obviously, Starlight's the one in the upper right panel... Dragon Lord Ember... she the one on the right of that panel... no, the other one. NO! SHE ONLY APPEARS IN ONE PANEL!! THE REST ARE TWILIGHT SPARKLE!!! REEEEEE!!!

Well, that was not fun. Anger a dragon and you get burned. My people have a low tolerance for heat so extra painful for me...

No, but seriously, I kind of always like Starlight's old mane style. I don't know why but I did. Now, to be perfectly clear I did not like Starlight's old personality, no, she was pretty awful. SHE WAS MEAN TO OUR PONIES! But once she calmed down she became very likable, well, at least in my opinion.

Oh, back to TheSmilingPony's distaste for people like me. Yes, while I believe in Nationalism and I'm a bit anti-diversity and very anti-immigration, there are reason for my beliefs and feelings.

Nationalism - It's just a way to unite "the people"
Anti-diversity - That's actually mostly cultural
anti-immigration - I'm an Isolationist, so having foreigners coming in with their foreign ideas wouldn't be something I'd desire.

The Anti-diversity I believe in is not that one cultural is superior to all others. No, actually no culture is good enough. Thus, I would attempt to create a new cultural amongst my followers and those I'd govern. The new culture would reject many of the old ways but retain some good traits.
Equality of the sexes, some rights for all, rights would be limited but if a person shows responsible and sound judgement, then their rights would be extended. But it's more of a promotion at work, sure you get higher pay, or more rights and freedoms, but you would also be held to a higher standard and more would be excepted from you. Everyone would have to pull their own weight, unless the person is ill, injured or simple unable, then others would take a potion of their duty to lighten their load to a manageable amount suited to their limitation. Illness does not equal to death, no, the ill need help, the more people helping the less burden to the individual and the group as a whole.
So, more rights means more responsible, like leading the people and keeping them safe and secure. If they fail then those rights would be taken from them and they'd be basically demoted back to their previous status. If the person were to commit crimes with said rights, then their punishment would be severe. They were entrusted with those rights to better the whole, if they betray that trust then depending on the severity of their crime, they could and would be executed.
That would be our new culture, all for one and one for all. United we stand divided we fall. And with a little, you're either for us or against us. Hey, at least I'm being honest. The culture of violence, greed, materialism and other such vices would be stripped from this new culture, or at least we would try to remove it. That's unfortunately just part of human nature, thus it may be impossible to remove. Also, even on the lowest level of the regular noncriminal citizen a person would still enjoy many benefits. No one would be below a certain minimum level of living, if someone was found to be living below the standard then the group as a whole would go in and correct that error. A damaged home would be torn down and a newer and better one built in its place, many hands equal less work. Unless the person wanted to live that way but then that's a hard issue to deal with, so, honestly I don't know really.

Oddly enough, the mods believe I'm some sort of racist but if I ran the show around here, the US, with absolute power, they'd be rather surprised to see just how many skin colors they'd run into on a daily basis.
I did say once that people would be judged on their skin color, nation origin, sex, obedience, intelligence, religion yadda yadda yadda. And yes, I meant it, but after rereading some of my posts I realize that there may have been a misunderstanding. I meant outsiders or foreigners would be the ones judged not our own citizens. I'm an isolationist so if I allowed someone from the outside to enter then I'd better have a pretty good reason for doing so.
I'm like North Korea basically. "Leave us alone, stay out of our business."
Besides, I doubt foreigner would want to enter any place I'd govern. I imagine most people would try to escape, thus I really need not worry about granting access to outsiders.
If I could get people to embrace many of these beliefs, then that would be our form of Nationalism.
The whole race thing isn't really all that important to me. In fact if someone wanted to embrace my ideas, first they would be required to denounce their loyalty to their "previous" race/people. Once made a part of the new group, those would be their "new" race/people. I suppose eventually after a bit of intermixing we might actually become one race different from those from the "Old World". "Old World" would mean those who didn't initially embrace our group.

Basically, I believe in equality for most but limited rights for all. Now, that's racist, yes'sir'ey. But I'd call it elitism, if we managed to do what the rest of humanity couldn't then why shouldn't we consider ourselves superior or at least more enlightened than they are.
"If we could do then what's your excuse?"
That would basically be the attitude of the people. But even with that attitude conquest of others would not be something practiced. We simply want nothing to do with you, until you learn how to behave as we do. That would be an interesting world.

Most people would hate my world, mostly because they are unwilling to surrender some of their many rights and freedoms, even with the promise of a better future. At times that could be considered plain selfish. But then again if they don't like it then they can leave and never return. Good luck finding happiness and security out there.

However, if those kinds of people refuse to leave peacefully and opposite us with violence and force and threaten our people then we wouldn't hesitate to exterminate them. It's survival. You're a major problem should to ensure we'll never have to deal with you in the future, we shall wipe you from the face of the Earth in the present. You had your chance to go, but you fought so now, you'll have a fight.
That's basically where extermination of people who are different would fit into my plans. If you're a threat then you must be neutralized. But extermination isn't a good solution, so peacefully negotiations should and would be attempted at first.

But all this is just fantasy and dreams. I have no power. My attempts at gathering followers for my cause have not gone well. So, no one need worry, your world won't be changing into mine anytime soon. That's why perhaps if I had be born back when nationalism was on the rise and the world was tearing itself apart, I could have snuck into some small area.

I was once interested in creating some sort of story, but it'd be poorly written and boring. The storyline of the rise to power. DUNDUNDUNNNN!

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