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Review #7: I'm Peachy! - TCC56 · 2:24pm Feb 18th, 2020

EI'm Peachy!
With Hearth's Warming fast approaching, Peach Fuzz wants to find the perfect present to make her Dad smile.
TCC56 · 3.2k words  ·  16  0 · 304 views

I read: Completed at 1 chapter, 3.2k words
I rate: 7/10

I recommend: Read if you like foal characters

Right then. I’m back. Not too sure about better than ever right now, what with having just gotten over a nasty case of swine flu but you know what they say. Work waits for no man. At least we’ve got a nice work to discuss today, hey?

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Interview with Tempest · 4:33pm January 22nd

Interview Rp Format
Nailah as Snow Heart
TCC56 as Tempest

Snow Heart

Snow Heart was casually seated in a booth at the local coffee shop sipping at her Carmel vanilla mixture. She looked at her non-existent watch, muttering under her breath.
"They are late..."


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Site Post » TCC56's "Glow In The Dark, Shine In The Sun" [Royal Canterlot Library] · 1:53pm Jul 3rd, 2020

A villain might just have a bright future in today's story.

Glow In The Dark, Shine In The Sun
[Equestria Girls] [Drama] [Slice of Life] • 27,035 words

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Read It Later Reviews #90 – The Land of the Dead, The Third Wheel, Courtesans, The Trixie Clause, The Sum of Our Parts · 1:39am May 18th, 2020

Ninety is a nice, round number, and the nineties were a rather nice decade.

In this set, I started reading GaP Jaxie’s The Third Wheel, a series of five AU fics set in the same world, plus I read a smattering of other stories.

Today’s stories:

The Land of the Dead by GaPJaxie
The Third Wheel by GaPJaxie
Courtesans by GaPJaxie
The Trixie Clause by TCC56
The Sum of Our Parts by Aquaman

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November Plans and Updates · 11:50pm Nov 13th, 2020

So we’re almost halfway through the month, and I’ve suddenly gained a desire to make some plans for the remainder of November. Most of them involve polishing up some stories and writing some blogs I’ve always been meaning to over the past year. Normally, I would’ve partaken in National Pony Writing Month like I have in other years, but unfortunately Equestria Daily wasn’t overseeing it this year. I could do my own version, but I found myself wanting to focus on my own work and squaring away

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