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Review #7: I'm Peachy! - TCC56 · 2:24pm February 18th

EI'm Peachy!
With Hearth's Warming fast approaching, Peach Fuzz wants to find the perfect present to make her Dad smile.
TCC56 · 3.2k words  ·  10  0 · 125 views

I read: Completed at 1 chapter, 3.2k words
I rate: 7/10

I recommend: Read if you like foal characters

Right then. I’m back. Not too sure about better than ever right now, what with having just gotten over a nasty case of swine flu but you know what they say. Work waits for no man. At least we’ve got a nice work to discuss today, hey?

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Site Post » TCC56's "Glow In The Dark, Shine In The Sun" [Royal Canterlot Library] · 1:53pm July 3rd

A villain might just have a bright future in today's story.

Glow In The Dark, Shine In The Sun
[Equestria Girls] [Drama] [Slice of Life] • 27,035 words

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Read It Later Reviews #90 – The Land of the Dead, The Third Wheel, Courtesans, The Trixie Clause, The Sum of Our Parts · 1:39am May 18th

Ninety is a nice, round number, and the nineties were a rather nice decade.

In this set, I started reading GaP Jaxie’s The Third Wheel, a series of five AU fics set in the same world, plus I read a smattering of other stories.

Today’s stories:

The Land of the Dead by GaPJaxie
The Third Wheel by GaPJaxie
Courtesans by GaPJaxie
The Trixie Clause by TCC56
The Sum of Our Parts by Aquaman

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