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Chef Pâtissier ... Jackson, Ivory · 5:57pm Mar 31st, 2016

YES!!!! Everyone I am SO happy today! Okay so the main thing is I took the state-mandated Foods/Nutrition test. This test is required to be taken in order for students to be able to participate in actual cooking/baking/food preparation in general. And........I PASSED!!!!!:pinkiehappy: I got a 39/40 total score, the required amount to be able to cook is 70%-above. I got around a 99% (I got 1 question wrong!:twilightsheepish:) That means that on April 18, 2016 when we do our 1st lab (making

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A food pyramid for dragon nutrition for the Ponies after People Universe · 12:24pm Sep 25th, 2019

According to Gemstones of the World by Walter Schumann, there are 200 types of gemstones in the world. Yesterday, I bought these boxes of mixed gemstones at Jay Cooke State Park’s Office and Gift Shop. For less than twenty dollars, I purchased three boxes of gemstones that could make three meals for a young dragon.

I bought gifts at Jay Cooke State Park’s Office and Gift Shop

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Drip drip drop · 9:53pm Apr 2nd, 2016

So, one of my favourite forum threads has pupated into a collection of mini-stories. In other words, I'm proud to contribute to Group Precipitation, a collection of scenettes set in the world of FanOfMostEverything's Oversaturation. Please do check it out if you like Equestria Girls, humans with magic, and short comedy-random skits with no

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Notes On Nutrition · 10:27pm Dec 24th, 2016

Notes On Nutrition

These are some notes I have been taking on nutrition. I am not a doctor or healthcare practitioner, so always ask a doctor about what vitamins and foods should be taking/ eating. These are more or less just general notes about vitamins that are good to take daily to promote good health.

Vitamins that are good for healthy teeth and bones:

Vitamin D3
Msm Organic Sulfur

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The Health Benefits of Ginger · 1:50am Dec 31st, 2016

Ginger Tea Recipe:

I made a whole pitcher of ginger tea and have been drinking a cup every morning and evening.

Making ginger tea is incredibly easy.

You get fresh ginger root and grate about a cup of it.

Fill up a glass pitcher with water and add the cup of grated ginger root.

Then microwave it for about 6 - 8 minutes or until the water is boiling.

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Natural Tooth Healing · 8:42pm Jan 4th, 2017

Natural Tooth Healing


Always consult a doctor, healthcare practitioner, or dentist about which foods, vitamins, and dental routines are best for you. Never take anything that you have an allergic reaction to. There are always alternatives out there. Take everything in moderation. Never over brush or overdo any dental routine as it causes more problems than it solves.

Good Mouth Products to Buy:

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