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A food pyramid for dragon nutrition for the Ponies after People Universe · 12:24pm Sep 25th, 2019

According to Gemstones of the World by Walter Schumann, there are 200 types of gemstones in the world. Yesterday, I bought these boxes of mixed gemstones at Jay Cooke State Park’s Office and Gift Shop. For less than twenty dollars, I purchased three boxes of gemstones that could make three meals for a young dragon.

I bought gifts at Jay Cooke State Park’s Office and Gift Shop

As humans should eat a variety of foods for a healthy diet, perhaps dragons should eat a variety of gemstones to keep themselves healthy. Perhaps, some gemstones are better at building dragon bones, while others are better for creating dragon blood and muscle. Still other gemstones could act as dragon sexual stimulant foods. As there is a food pyramid for human nutrition, someone could make a food pyramid for dragon nutrition.

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I'll go with that:

Dragons are able to digest minerals such as gemstones. Said minerals are not, however, the sole elements of a dragon's nutrition and are more likely to be situated towards the top of their food pyramid.

The lower half remains the same diet you'd expect from carnivorous races. This is where they draw energy and nutrients from.

The purpose of gems in their diet is different, and ties in with the typical resilience of dragons. Minerals are required if a dragon wants to maintain a healthy coat of scales with decent hardness. Their bones also make use of such minerals in large quantities, though from a chemical standpoint there would be difference in the elements used.

That being said, once the scales are in place, unless a dragon is hurt and the coat damaged... they're there to stay. That means any additional minerals or gemstones given to a healthy dragon will go towards the secondary goal: growth. Normal food will not permit a dragon to reach the gigantic sizes of century-old specimens. It will be needed just to provide the energy, but the minerals are the building blocks.
There is also the fact the gemstones are needed for their hoard, which is a requisite for them starting a certain age, but that need isn't tied to nutrition.


Gemstones and minerals:

  • Scales
  • Bone structure
  • Needed for growth
  • Needed for hoard
  • Upper half of food pyramid, limited yearly consumption

And then:

Regular food:

  • Provides nutrients and energy
  • (technically needed for all non-scale or bone tissues too)
  • Mostly carnivorous diet
  • Lower half of food pyramid

I'll also add I don't believe gemstones to be the only source of minerals a dragon can find (though they're certainly tastier and easier to process with their metabolism). Ore and native state metal are a thing, and going by its composition metallurgical and welding slags might be worth looking into as well.

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