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Not too sure if this has been done before, but for something relatively lighthearted and simpler in this genre (and maybe to breathe a little life back into this forum), what would YOU do if you got converted?

To start, I myself would try to gather up and organize as many of my friends and family and travel together to some off parts of Equestria to settle a town of our own. No tax barons, no tyrants, no pollution, no corporations, just vast expanses of mysterious lands with plentiful resources waiting to be explored! And a place to call home built with our very own hooves; our very own Shire! I'd finally have that shingled cottage to cozy up in with those dear to me...

As for anything else that I'd do, depending on the pony I turned out as (they're all good, and regardless of which, there'd be SO MUCH to do and create! Endless potential out there!)
Unicorn: Magic! YES! Maybe I'd try to study spells, dreams, or artificing!
Earth Pony: I could grow my own gardens and maybe even be a cook! Or better yet, learn alchemy or GROW ROCKS!
Pegasus: Dance in the skies, have a cloudball fight while making cloud-castles, make it RAIN!

So again, what'd you folks do in such a lovely sun and moon bathed realm? :pinkiehappy:

EDIT: Because stuffs

Done before? Probably?

Worth doing again? Definitely.

In life I'm being called to vocations that assume disaster, tragedy, and misunderstandings are going to be a part of life. Given what life is potentially like in Equestria, I'd have to change my specific approach to which kinds of situations would need addressing. I think I'd strongly consider going into infrastructure planning and construction, with an emphasis on having contingencies for magically-induced disasters. Billions (or in my different take on conversion, only millions) of people finding a final arrival within the borders of Equestria will still need consideration for housing, sanitation, and resource delivery. I'd like to hope that a bit of personal pride and common sense from my family past would prove valuable, no building cities in swamps like I've seen in history books and the modern day, and a sensical road system for navigation.

I'd be that dour, grumpy earth pony who finds a way to make things work.


1. Get naked.
2. learn magic.
3. probably blow myself up.

True, even in Equestria stuff/ponies get screwed up, and while healing spells/elixirs wouldn't be as direly needed as say back on Earth, I think I may want be to be a healer even in 'questria. And yeah, good town planning would be a must still; no cobbling roads that lead off cliff sides *coughmaredowell* or settling atop eldritch sites loaded with fun surprises! Because let's face it, starter square dirt/wood hut shanty towns out of Minecraft just simply won't cut it after long! Oh, and stonemasonry appeals to me too. :raritywink:

Sounds about like what I'd also do...minus the self explosions...I think...maybe? But instead of being naked, I'll do the dirtier thing and slooooowly put socks on! :rainbowwild:

I'd scream.
I'd shout.
I'd shake it all about, baby.

3899570 I have no idea, I currently have no purpose as a human (as in, I don't have a special talent yet).

Just shake it up with me.
Don't need a special talent to boogie down.

Comment posted by staryoshi06 deleted Dec 19th, 2014

3899745 A little tail fwish, a little tail swish, and what a wish! :twilightblush:

3899752 Heh, I've felt the same as well, still trying to figure out what I'll do in life. Though the way I figure it, being able to go to a magical realm certainly helps for the looking around and opportunities! Imagine not having to suit yourself to a system where money is all, and in a world where scarcity isn't a great issue! Or the sheer number of applications the magics of the land could have! :twilightsmile:

I would probably visit all the magical libraries that I could, other then that I really can't say.


S-socks?! You're gonna wear those in public?

That's just too much for me. At least for the first week.

1.Get a job
2.Get a house
3.Try out my new horse cock
4. Essentially just do what I do now(bum around in my free time and play vidya)

Hmm...Become a traveling scholar of metaphysics and then work in a lab on trans-equine technologies.

At first I'd marvel. At everything. It'd be a while (a few weeks, I guess) until this first feeling of overwhelming diminished. Then I guess I'd become somewhat preachy towards humans, telling them all the time how amazing it was. This would probably last for a few months. In the meantime, I'd probably try fitting within some of my old daily routine, and discovering all kinds of obstacles along the way, adapting here and there as best I could. After a while I might (and probably would) notice that it doesn't work, and start feeling strong impulses towards changing things. As for what to change, and how, and when, it'd strongly depend on how the people I know would be reacting to me being now a pony, but that I cannot predict. I have some guesses, but I suspect after a few months my social circle would be radically different from what it currently is.

Now, supposing at some point I moved to Equestria, I guess I'd like at first to learn of its history, but as for what to do besides that I have no clear idea. What would my abilities be best suited for? Teaching maybe? But what? Western Human philosophies? Would someone be interested? Would I myself be interested? In any case, not having the pressure of getting a job right away (being able to survive on grass would be quite useful!) would allow me to think things thoroughly, and after two or three months I guess I'd have arrived at a rough idea of what to pursue and started moving in that direction, a few goals already in mind.

More than that, I have no idea.

Ooo yes! All the books lying around, they've got to have some really cool stuff and stories around; wonder what Equestrian fantasy would be like? :twilightsmile:

Don't worry, it'll just be plain...for the first day! Then comes the striped ones! :pinkiecrazy:

...well, gotta test the new hardware, eh? I know I'd do so too! :twilightblush:

In the case of Equestria existing (or rather, even with just our world), one would have to wonder what other realms and planes lie beyond? And transequine technology? Hmm, alot of potential for that with all the magic and resources out there... Wonder if crystal computers and a arcane version of the Internet could be made? Could see a Friendship is Optimal happening there...*random story idea* :pinkiegasp:

Would there be free bath towels and punch? :derpytongue2:

I think I'd be praising the sun and moon so much! Then like you, after a while after the "fresh new" feel wears off in a few years, kinda go on as usual. And you do have something there with your social circles being different. How'd my family react to something like their son now being a four-legged colorful mare (thankfully they're more open-minded, but still, this gets weird even just posting alone)? I know some friends of mine would gladly join up with me, but can't say the same for some others. Then just adapting to a new body; could be frustrating, could be pretty hilarious looking back on how I just managed to faceplant into a mud puddle while trying to tap dance, but would be a fresh new experience! :trollestia:

As for Western Human philosophies, that'd be pretty exotic coming from another land, so somepony would likely take some interest *coughlyracough*! And with the general system in Equestria, there isn't (thankfully) much pressure if any to having to run the rat race for fancy stuff, or so it seems. I think even I was just thinking of just kicking back in a cottage with those I hold dear and living, not existing, but living! :pinkiehappy:

Makes me smile to see one of my first threads here get this many replies! Hoping to see more of what you folks would do!
I am sooo wishful and weird!

3899685 Lots and lots of light-rail vehicles to get around cities would likely be ideal for a planned Equestrian city. With a body form that isn't meant for personal vehicular operation, and an aversion to behaviours to harm one another when in groups, transit would be very useful and helpful. One wouldn't be starting completely from scratch, but maybe enough so that one could avoid a lot of the issues a modern city faces with decades-old planning now pile-driving into a proverbial brick wall of reality.

There is then of course the matter of starting a family. With a longer life span I'd likely put it off a touch longer while things settled down, a man has to ensure a safe and comfortable home for his family no matter what universe he resides in.

I have this feeling that I've been here before.


Run. Fight. Dance.

Wander with my eyes.
Sleep on my back.
Die on my feet.

Huzzah! :scootangel:

I could see many of those trains being powered by Bevelmiters or similar generators instead of needing a heavy steam engine for each! Not sure how expensive resource/expertise wise those are though, but shouldn't be too much an issue (our economics are mostly invalid there)...

Definitely! And why rush things, even if you don't have as many decades ahead of you?

This just about applies to everything!

Do you understand?

*shrug* admittedly no. At the time I was thinking literally. :applejackunsure:

The body is broken now.

It would cost money I don't have for an operation no doctor would be willing to do that most likely would have to done again in 10 years. I get encouragement from people who can't fix their own problems.

"You should see a doctor!"

Fuck. You. Jackass.
Leave. Me. Alone.
Save. Your. Self.

I don't want to talk about these things that will disappoint me.
Shinskii, this bile is not directed to you.
I do want to talk about about running and fighting and dancing.


Probably leave immediately for Equestria.

Get to like the taste of grass, because I wouldn't be trying to seek any particular occupation any time soon and would have to live frugally. I'd try to find or construct a modest residence somewhere like on the edge of the Everfree (not inside it of course). Remote enough to discourage casual visitors but not distant enough from civilization that I couldn't make the occasional visit to magical libraries. Study magic, perhaps formally if I qualify (assuming I get to be a unicorn).

Then I'd putter about in no particular direction in no particular hurry, splitting time between finishing up my home and learning what there was to be learned, and if I found some particular talent, maybe starting to work in a small way to earn a few bits and start building a library of my own. Specifically, if I got my cutie mark, I'd have a good idea what direction to go.

That is, I'd have something I don't have in this world and may never have.


Still dancing, friend.
Care to shake?

3899977 ... would you go to the dangerous libraries? I would back you up. It's better than me being all emo and honestly you seem like you could use some excitement. Because if that EQ is anything like EQ in the show, I know of a library that's scary as hell to get to. Castle of the Two Sisters. I bet the books in there are metal as fuck. If that statement makes any sense.
Yeah, maybe I need to think that though.

3923860 I probably would go to the more questionable libraries, and I would probably enjoy your company.:raritywink:

Nobody going to take me up on the dancing offer?
Okay, I guess I'll just be here until you do...

You mean where we have to pay to get the books? Great, as long as we don't have to get boring jobs - I'm in all the way!
Fine. Let's go to the Discotheque after going to *air quote* questionable libraries *end air quote* ...

... cause for some reason I think of libraries when I listen to this song. I'm not kidding.

Well, I spend all that time doing geography (the human and social kind more than the earth and physical kind, though I did some of that too) and it would be a shame to waste all that (especially seeing that my finesse in computers is worthless in a couple fics well with magic and tech not getting along) so I'd find a way to put all that to good use.

3899620 3899685 3902863 Namely by getting in touch with like minded people like these too. Converted to ponies or not, there's still a ton of humans with new things to get used to, and there are certain creature comforts of our society we've gotten used to. I'd like to get in on the frontline of integrating the good parts of pony and human infrastructure and stuff. City Planning is vital for handling the new populations, both size and location. The rail car idea is brilliant, both from the strong social connectivity and simple transit point of view. Steam power is cool and all, but human style engines with storm and or arcane power sources would connect the nation more efficiently and all.

Then there's the book and learning side. Both newfoals and oldtimers have a whole new world to learn about and, censoring or not, you still have to spoon feed the groups knowledge. Organizing primers and quick intros to different aspects... Ooo... How-To-Guides for society (the general day to day bureaucracy and such. Like how to buy a house). Maybe try and get a to hoof in with the people trying to get human tech (like the internet) used to having four feet, wings and a horn (intercorn? alinet?) to run around with...

I think ponies could easily reject most forms of human stupidity. Just look at them. Nazi rallies and the like.

How would they react to more intelligent forms of pessimism and nihilism?

For instance, how would Celestia react to the works of Schopenhauer? Kafka? H.R. Giger? I think she'd be horrified.

But Luna would want to keep all these works.

Been dancing and shakin' for two weeks now.
Ain't gonna stop yet.

Sorry for the long wait folks, stuff came up in between. *casts Raise Dead on thread* Arise and awaken...awaken...awaken.....

Damn, that's awful...
Also no harsh feelings either, didn't expect to rouse bitterness. :pinkiesad2:

That is, I'd have something I don't have in this world and may never have.

Hey, always try to leave possibilities open, even if they're .0001% chances!
Typing of metal, somepony has got to introduce them to rock! Wonder how'd they respond to music like that? *randomfic ideas* And on "questionable" libraries, we're probably talking forbidden lore grimoires and not sock catalogs, right? (though a few of those wouldn't hurt...) :twilightblush:
With human inventiveness and pony magic, there'd be little we couldn't accomplish in that world! :raritystarry:
Sure, because having heightened empathy tends to help with that (and a environment that isn't out to kill you often.) Though perhaps in time we'll advance past that stuff ourselves (will take ALOT of work though, and that's if we hold through the damage done to our world as is.) :applejackunsure:

As for reacting to pessimism and nihilism, given the more upbeat (and perhaps by our standards, "naive") nature of ponies, they'd likely feel awful for the folks feeling that way and try to make 'em feel better. On the other hoof, stick them in a entropic world like Earth or alternate 'verse Fallout: Equestria and they probably would see things somewhat as we do. Environment does play a huge factor in behavior in how sapient beings react and think, (somewhat off-topic) and were we to improve our environment not in just the physical sense but mental and spiritual as well, we as a species would be more like ponies (whom themselves are arguably whom humanity is at their better) Something like potion and/or a extropic realm like Equestria would just expedite our advancement in those ways. :twilightsmile:\

And for Celly looking at those writings, sure might look upon some material like that with horror (but we already live in a realm quite alien to her in physics and more), and at the same time in her many years of wisdom, perhaps understand that our environment fosters many awful things leading to that, with a sadness of sorts. As for Luna, she'd see like her, we as a species made many mistakes, but can do better and learn from them (which although made much easier by potion, can be done without...), even if we fall along the path somewhere as she did... even if many times...

3955781 Don't worry about. I just need to be more adult about things. As for "questionable" libraries, I need to be less adult about things

What would I do hm....? I'm a 3D artist right now /albeit just a beginner/ so I would try something art related maybe become a fancy metalworker who makes ornaments and fancy armor for wealthy customers, also magic I'd deffinately try experimenting with maybe become something paladin like.

4772905 Ahh, metalworking eh? When I was little and helping my dad make some custom pewter jewelry, there was just something beautiful about the molten metal as I stirred it with a ladle like soup in the hardened pot it was in (of course I wore oven mitts while doing so hehe), the way it flowed and shimmered, then straining out some of the impurities with another tool as the silvery stuff flowed back in through the holes, so pretty it was to me!

Also welcome to FimFiction! :twilightsmile:

3899570 And I found out what I will do.
I would work in a spa. One that has some 'special rooms' (because that is a thing apparently).

4914521 Sounds relaxing! :twilightsmile: As for me regardless of where I go, I'd want to at least build myself a nice cottage somewhere.

4914521 I could use some "normal" spa treatment. Is that good for ponies with heart problems though?

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