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Look at him. Look at this S.O.B. The movies in particular paint him as the chosen one and or king of something.

It doesn't help that he's essentially living the 11 year old's dream of adventuring and no homework and denity and all that jazz.

Nor does it help that he's got pathetically inept antagonists whose only real saving grace is their inability to give up even after a decade of chasing the same pikachu.

Not to mention he gets all the pussy

4189513 Okay and what the fuck is the point of this Tux?

I often wonder if the reason his mother even let him go on his Pokemon quest is because she hates his guts and wanted him as far away from her as possible, and hope he starved and died while on his quest

4189513 I agree. To me, that prick has always had a really punchable face. Know what I'm saying? Look at it. I just want to nail him between the eyes with my fist.

4189513 This is Relevant:

4189625 ...What the fuck. That's creepy as hell.

Let's make a list about our dear friend Ass Ketchum;

1. Too dumb to live.

2. Has a pun for a last name.

3. Somehow always has one girl with him, yet can't get a clue if she's hitting on him or not.

4. At first had things given to him when he should had earn them.

Anyone else have something to add here?

4189634 Pikachu be comin for you...:pinkiecrazy:


Ash is a Gary Stu. Did you forget to read the OP?

4189513 But didn't Ash die from that movie!.. oh wait...

Quite the opposite actually. Every time he develops an excellent strategy or skill it's forgotten by the next season, he never brings up the countless times he's saved the day, and he frequently loses against opponents with way less experience than him.

He seems more like an anti-stu to me. :applejackunsure:

A Gary Stu wouldn't lose the Pokemon League all the time. Besides, a truly horrible Gary Stu is both handsome and have perfect social skills. Does that sound like Ash Ketchum to you?

4189513 I like him more dislike him less than Brock.

At least he's well versed in ambush tactics.

4189513 Ash is in a coma, has been in one since his run in with Team Rocket. That's why all Nurse Joy's and Officer Jenny's are the same and why Ash has stayed 10 years old for over 20 years.

4190050 I find that believable and oddly making me happy.:pinkiecrazy:

your point being?


Look at her. Look at this D.O.B. The post-Faust episodes in particular paint her as the chosen one and or queen of something.

It doesn't help that she's essentially living the 6 year old girl's dream of being a magical princess and all that jazz.

Nor does it help that she's got pathetically inept antagonists whose only real saving grace is absolutely nothing.

>daily reminder that most fanfics get tougher scrutiny than most children's TV


Fanfics are the future?

Wait, everything can be considered a fanfiction.

4189513 To be fair, when he saw Ho-Oh, who is the highest of the bird legendaries and maker of Raikou, Entei and Suicune, it's essentially a god. Upon seeing it or it passing near him, Ash received a blessing, as depicted by Diamond/Pearl/Platinum's description- "It possesses seven-colored wings. It is said that those who see Ho-Oh are promised an eternal happiness.", though from what we see from the series it's more of a curse.

It's possible that through this he can't retain anything from season to season, while we're watching the show of a 10yr old, to the other characters, it's a 10yr old where every girl who would've been a potential love interest leave, heartbroken because he struggles to remember them (That includes the obligatory Cook/friend guy). Battle strategies and/or battle experience is non-existent when he moves to a new region (He's gets scolded on how to catch a damn pokemon EVERY time).

So yes, it's enviable to want to be Ash or hate him for his "fortune" but if you were aware of things like these if you were him, would you really call it a blessing or a curse?

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