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[Requesting Cover Image!] [A STO crossover]
"We are the Borg. Existence as you know it is over. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is Futile..."

The Borg, a Cybernetic life-form from the Delta Quadrant is a threat to all life in the Alpha Quadrant. The Federation and The Klingon are in a truce against this odd but dangerous enemy, eventually, The New Romulan Republic gave their best in the military to support the frontlines.

However, the Borg seems to give up, each assault become weak or reduced into lone scout parties of a single cube and few probes or spheres.
Starfleet suspect that the Collective has a new target. Capturing a sphere reveals that the borg has their eyes (or optics) in a planet with unusual radiation but no only that, the natives can BEND that radiation, transforming or change it from harmless amount of it into dangerous but controlable ones, Starfleet Suggest in defending the planet from the Borg but also in secret from the natives, because if its inhabitants fall into the hands of the Borg, the war against said menace can turn into a nightmare.

The Alliance of the three factions sent a fleet to the coordinates of said Borg sphere to create an outpost and defend the planet
Mainwhile in Equis, Equestria.

The Princesses, Celestia and Luna, have visions about aliens, fighting against abominables machine for the sake of equestria.
fearful about the visions, The Princesses found in the Ancient Archive about a prophecy... a prophecy of Star Soldiers and the Machine Hive.

"Heroes beyong the skies rise against the hive"
"Blue Explorers of the sea of stars brings logic against the odds"
"Red Warriors of Great Honor brings valor against the Horror"
"Green Soldiers of once Mighty Empire brings salvation against damnation"

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The Supercalculator has many quirks. It can affect the real world in many a strange way, can be fine for 10 years then lose 2 sectors in two. But contacting another "real" world is beyond its power. Right?

This is a Code: Lyoko Evolution crossover.
In MLP:FiM canon, this is after season three.
In Code: Lyoko Evolution canon, this is after The Trap (evolution episode)
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Admittedly, this is not the same way I would start the story, but it feels more accurate to both shows and the characters. Which means that this is twenty times better than what I would come up with.
This is fucking awesome, and I (IM)patiently await more.

-Gylden Glør

Why you should read it: This fiction takes the funny attributes of MLP:FiM and amps them Up to Eleven and hangs lampshades on them as well. Everything from Pinkie Pie's ability to break the fourth wall to Applejack's Casual Danger Dialogue follows that formula, but even with that it still retains an air of seriousness, a sort of comic seriousness characteristic to Code Lyoko.
Notes: Like with Star Trek: Equestrian Assimilation it's got its share of flaws, but the French is extremely good and overall it's a very good story.

-Pilot Solaris

not related to Code Pony by bucknorris
I do not own Code: Lyoko, Code: Lyoko: Evolution or My Little Pony.
Code: Lyoko and Code: Lyoko: Evolution are copyright Moonscoop. My Little Pony is copyright Hasbro.
Neither of them endorse this fan work.

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