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I'm American, my favourite pony is Twilight Sparkle, and love Bungie.

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In response to threats of a griffon attack on Equestria, Twilight responds with a letter detailing just why such actions would prove unfavorable for them.

Chapters (2)

The Alicorn Amulet twists its wearer into madness and megalomania. Nopony can wear it without repercussions, both for themselves and others. Nopony is safe. Nopony is exempt.

Still, nopony expected him.

Chapters (1)

Set during the events of "Rainbow Rocks"

Twilight has been invited over to Pinkie's place along with all the other girls for a sleepover while she works on her spell. Unfortunately, because of the young Princess' lack of experience as a human, she soon becomes gripped by curiosity about something she never really paid attention to, until now.

Chapters (2)
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