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Trixie doesn't have anything for her name, all she had was her arrogance but even that was taken away. She wanders Ponyville in a state of depression, when she meets Scootaloo, who helps her realize that she can truly be the Great and Powerful Trixie.

Chapters (1)

Scootaloo is called into the office for the fourth time in half as many weeks. Miss Cheerilee's student has, out of nowhere, become something of a minor delinquent, and the teacher knows there's something wrong - but, unless Scootaloo decides to cooperate, she may find out that some ponies really do want to "take care of themselves."

Chapters (1)

After a major dispute with her queen, a lone female Changeling is banished from her home and forced to be on her own.
She eventually runs into Ponyville where she transforms herself into a random pony citizen to blend in. She ends up running into residents and makes some new friends while exploring.
But then she accidentally runs into a certain young dragon... one who had caught her eye during the invasion of Canterlot.

-My first romance story; but don't expect a clop-fic from me anytime soon, cause I would suck at those.

(In this story, Chrysalis calls her minions by number; please don't ask how she knows who is who.)

The more appropriate artwork to the side is all thanks to 'Tsubaki Rehooved'

Chapters (13)

A former Royal Guard pony is moving to Ponyville to live with his little sister, and the orange scooter-riding filly couldn’t be happier. But is the Guard ready to give up its best blacksmith? On top of it all, a familiar enemy is out for revenge, and can 3 brothers put aside differences (and grudges) to buy the time the elements need to stop it?
Teen because of later violence, not sure how bad it's gonna be but I just wanted to be safe
DISCLAIMER: only consistent to cannon for seasons 1 and 2 , don't hate me for inconsistencies with season 3 cannon

Chapters (7)

Everypony has a place to call home. Everypony except Scootaloo.

When the forces of nature come crashing down on a cold night, Scootaloo takes refuge in the only place she can call home: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Clubhouse.

Frightened and alone, only the arrival of a young mare with a mane and tail of rainbows can settle the filly. Scootaloo will soon discover that sometimes the pony who means the most to you as an aspiration, can also be the pony whom you take refuge with at the end of the day.

This story is a prequel to, My Sister, Scootaloo

* Featured on 06/23/2012!
* Was written prior to Sleepless in Ponyville.
* Much Scootalove, such diabeetus. Dashie is best surrogate sister.

Chapters (1)

(First story in my series 'The Elements of Harmony') When Rainbow Dash gets a personal letter from Spitfire saying she's been recruited as a cadet, she's happier than Pinkie Pie hyped up on sugar. But when her number one fan ends up in critical condition at Ponyville Central Hospital can Dashie finally follow her dreams, or will she lose it forever and live up to her title?

Chapters (9)

When Scootaloo is tried of being abused by her mother, she runs away to find someone who can help her stand up against her mother. When she looks for someone to help her. She finds Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash helps Scootaloo fight against her mom and find a new home.

Chapters (2)
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