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Spike has been spending a lot of time with Flitter, a local pony in town who is (at best) an acquaintance of the Mane 6. Rarity sees this and launches straight into action, enlisting Twilight Sparkle's aid in getting to the bottom of Flitter's intentions with her dear Spikey-Wikey.

Teen Rating for some suggestive passages.

Beautiful Cover Art by the generous Blackflash, and vectored/edited by the splendiferous CaioCoia!

EDIT: Featured 9/21/16! Thanks so much!
EDIT: Hit 4k views 10/7/16- Most successful story so far. I'm glad people enjoyed it!

Chapters (1)

Applejack was bucking apples on the farm. Fluttershy wanted to surprise her wife on their ninth anniversary. Applejack always checked behind her when she bucked a tree, except that one time. Now nopony will ever forget their anniversary.

Everypony said it was an accident, that Applejack wasn't to blame. Everypony except Applejack.

A review of my story can be found here. Thankyou for reading everypony

Sequel can be found here http://www.fimfiction.net/story/235827/sisters

Chapters (3)

From the first day they'd met, Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara were best friends.

On the day Diamond Tiara stood up to her mother, things proved to be no different.

Chapters (2)

This is the story of Trixie Lulamoon - a talented blue pony who has been utterly broken by tragedy. She is doing her best to save the world from an invading army of darkness, but it's not going very well. Equestria has refused to forgive her for her role in the death of Twilight Sparkle, and wants her to die. The surviving members of the Mane 6 are cold and bitter, and healing their spirits is not going to be easy. In fact, it may take a great deal more than a wounded Trixie has to give.

But the fate of everypony really does depend on her. Like it or not, Trixie is the new Element of Magic, and she is the only one who can defeat the Necromancer and his army of undead spectrals. If she can't find a way to restore harmony to Equestria, the dead will rule the living - and the night will last forever.

[Note: character tags are for the entire story, not necessarily chapter 1.]

Chapters (11)

Following the final Magic Duel, Ponyville holds Trixie in custody until she can be attended to by one of the Princesses. However, when Celestia arrives with Prince Blueblood in tow, a shocking truth awaits the residents of Ponyville.

Featured 30-March-2016, thanks to all readers!

Chapters (1)

Ever since she was a little filly, Limestone Pie was a very ambitious, hardworking pony. Even back then, she took pride in a lot of things: her work, her hobbies, and her role as the eldest sister of the Pie Family. But when Pinkie Pie exclaimed on how great Maud Pie was when they were making rock candy necklaces together, Limestone began to fret over losing her status as "big sister" forever. So in order to prove her worth, she decided to join her sisters in their 2nd Annual Rock-Candy-Necklace-athon, and she brought along the one pony who can help her reclaim that title... her baby sister, Marble Pie.

Support RoyalRainbow at Patreon.com.

Chapters (1)

"Mind thy work. Honor thy kin. Stay away from Holder's Boulder."

Marble disobeyed the warnings.

* * *

Audiobook by Scribbler Productions.
Edited by GaryOak.
Cover art by Mica Halligan.
Written for Scribblefest 2016.
Titanium Dragon
The Hat Man

Chapters (1)

It moves quietly through the snow, stalking Marble whenever she's alone. Her family doesn't believe her, but she knows a giant maw roams the snow-covered forests of the Rock Farm Woods.

And now, it's hungry. And Marble is the only one watching the farm...

8.5.2016: Enjoy the audio version complete with sound effects and eerie music by Sparrow9642! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX5kQbUZUzY

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Chapters (1)

Starlight Glimmer has been feeling unloved lately, even by her closest friends. As she finds herself wondering through Ponyville on one cold Winter night, she receives advice from a very unlikely source.

Written for the F*** this Prompt #11 contest in the Rage Reviews group, with the prompt being "Scootaloo is an orphan".

Thanks to FamousLastWords for goading me into writing this by telling me I need to be more spontaneous. Love ya, bro!

Chapters (1)

Scootaloo's been absent all weekend. Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom grow increasingly anxious. Something's happened to her. Something awful.

But then again, maybe some things are better left unanswered.

Chapters (5)
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