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The Rainbooms were bored. It was summer, hot, and none of their friends had any idea as well what to do. To that end, Fluttershy and Pinkie begin scrolling through the internet for stuff to laugh at. However, in their quest to lose their boredom, they find a few interesting facts about Sci-Twi from her days before Crystal Prep...

Now, their friend is a drinker, a felon, and a girl who doesn't give two ****s about anything else, only egged on more by the introduction to some of Twilight old friends. What just happened?

Friendships will be tested, secrets will be spilled, and the school itself will be shaken. When the dust settles, the Rainbooms will have to ask themselves one question: "Do they really know who Twilight is?"

And you know, the Shadowbolts are also there, for the lol's

Loosely based off of The real Rarity. I liked the idea about Rarity having a secret about her true accent and put a spin on it for Twilight (It isn't about her accent though)

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