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Everygriff's got to do their part for Mt. Aris, what with trouble on the horizon; and what can be done, by whoever can do it, should be done. And if Queen Novo needs a face for the country - a perky, cheerful, smiling face to keep the general public happy and enthusiastic enough to soldier on as always, who better to do it than a hippogriff who's reputation abroad was that she could turn the world on with her smile?

Mt. Aris needs a personality to sell. Silverstream fits the bill. It's nothing less than her friends would do for their countries.

And what's a few silly comments compared to the happiness of others? It's no less than her friends could do, right?

All my thanks to WandererD for his help, Equestria at War for being an indirect inspiration - though not a 1:1 for the story's setting - and Best girl for being amazingly cute and lovable.

Sorry for hurting the things I love.

Art does not belong to me, and will be taken down upon request.

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John is alone on this world and has not seen a single soul in a long time. His only companions have been the ghosts only he can hear. Driven by guilt, he goes from town to town, searching and doing the only thing he can do:

Give the dead their final rest.

Discord once gave him a gift. It was given in grief. John has yet to understand what this gift means. He has lost track of time and madness and sanity wage a constant war in his mind.

For John, the greatest terror in his heart is facing the Goddesses.

He's about to meet one of them.

Cover art by mylittlesheepy

Direct link to the unaltered art here.

Chapters (2)