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While exploring the decrepit remains of the Castle of Friendship, Sunny Starscout and her friends discover a strange book that might have belonged to Princess Twilight Sparkle herself. The book's contents resemble a series of letters that were apparently sent back and forth between Twilight and an unknown party.

At some point, Twilight stopped responding.

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Celestia and the sun are connected, to the point where when something happens to Celestia everypony can immediately see the sun acting up as well. What few ponies know is that this connection works both ways, and those times when the sun acts up, this has... certain effects on Celestia.

Celestia wants nothing more than to keep it a secret so as few ponies as possible worry about her. But keeping a secret from her stubborn, curious and loving marefriend might prove to be more difficult than she expected.

Cover image by the wonderful Silfoe, which also inspired the story idea alongside Carapace's story She Dap.

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Inspired by the artwork Magical Mirror
By uotapo

After another long day studying friendship, the Young Six decide to have a chat about exchanging appendages and abilities. Smolder was adamant about keeping hers and not changing anything about being a dragon. Spike, hearing their conversation, decides to show Smolder what it's like to have something over than claws.

Hints of Twilight and Sunset at the end, but I added the tags just in case.

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Ocellus is absolutely smitten with a certain orange dragoness. She's determined to turn herself into Smolder's perfect match. To do that, she needs to do some experiments.

In the process, she'll become very familiar with the School of Friendship's garbage cans.

A commission for Trinary.

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Intrigued by the changeling hive-mind, Silverstream asks Ocellus to tell her more about it.

Ocellus shows her instead.

This story is my interpretation of the depicted cover image.

Artwork by JeweLLier
Derpibooru 2654480

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