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In a memorial museum inside the futuristic city of Ponyville, lay the memories of what is considered the greatest ruler of Equestria to date. A collection of memoirs left by the long-gone Princess. Of the millions of letters and thoughts recorded by Twilight, seven have achieved infamy. Believed by many to be addressed to the legendary bearers of Harmony themselves, scholars have long debated the meaning behind the strange words.

Who were they? What was their relationship to her? Nopony knows anymore, all that's left are the myths and legends, and of course, Twilight's Heartfelt words.

Check out this wonderful audio rendition done by Straighttothepointstudios on youtube.

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On the surface, it's an ordinary meeting between friends. Fluttershy and the former Princess Celestia are friends, aren't they? How could they not be?

And because they're friends, Fluttershy has something very important to discuss with the former leader of Equestria. Very important and very personal. It involves fears, doubts, and the romantic life of the creature who was once Equestria's greatest threat...


A little idea that popped into my head and simply would not go away until I put it down on paper.

Special thanks to Rubycast and Swirling Line for pre-reading.

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