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Somewhere in the multiverse, there is a bar. It's small—the kind-of a hole-in-the wall place which you might find open late at night while walking down the streets of Canterlot City in the 1920's.

But unlike most bars, this one is not actually there… or rather, not where you think it is.

The entrance to Sunset's Isekai will be found in passing; an archway made of stone, emerging from a wall that you could have sworn had nothing there before, and in fact seems impossible to actually lead anywhere.

There, a door of solid oak—lovingly worked and stained to look almost golden-red—with a thick, crystal version of Sunset's cutie mark at eye level awaits visitors under the soft light of a gas lamp.

This door opens to all worlds, and can only be found by those that need that drink to be just the right type of different.

Note: This fic is best read like nursing your drink - Don't rush it. Enjoy each flavor for what it is. Don't mix it all up by reading it one chapter after the other in one sitting. It's intended to (mostly) work in a way that each chapter can be read without having to tackle through the rest of the story. (Also, for the last time, the concept for this is NOT based on Restaurant to Another World or any anime.)
You can visit the official Group HERE
List of Bar Regulars & Staff (will be updated if needed)

ART & Previous Covers:
Year 1 Cover Art by Dalorance
Gwen and Freya having a conversation
Cover Art 2 by Borba

Chapters (88)

While on a trip to the town of Ponyville, Autumn Blaze and a few of her friends from the Kirin Grove find something peculiar. A contraption that's said to extinguish fires.

Each one of them react to it rather differently... Yet, all of them still find a way to get themselves in trouble.

Another silly one shot inspired by another silly art piece from Icey_Starr. Yet, unlike the last one, this one was a bit more spontaneous and doesn't quite have any structure to it.

Credits to everything shown.
MLP belongs to Hasbro.

Featured- 7/10/2022

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to A Very Batty Hearth's Warming

The small village of Nocturnis is growing, things are peaceful, the magical dome to protect the town is close to completion, the train is once more working to connect to the rest of Equestria and Princess Luna is coming to visit. Things are looking good for Prince Page!

He really should have known better than that.

Cover image by DALL-E AI.

Chapters (60)

This story is a sequel to Beginning Anew

Prince Mark Wells' interdimensional business with Earth is expanding into new locations, and those require managers with knowledge of the existence of the magical nation of Equestria. Several men and women are selected and introduced to the new world and each must learn how to cope in their own ways with the culture shock.

Chapters (14)

You are an avid enjoyer of MLP:FiM, despite the show having ended a number of years ago, and Princess Luna, to you, was always best pony. One morning, following a long day of work and an even longer night of drinking, you find that very same lunar goddess helping herself to a warm shower. In your shower. In your home.

Sex tag for naked Luna and probably going to be implied stuffs later on. No actual sex, sorry.

Featured: 05/13/2022 thanks guys!

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Welcome to the jungle

This year Page managed to get back to Canterlot for Hearth's Warming and this is the story about that.

This will be a three part mini-story posted from the 23-26th of December.

Happy Hearth's Warming everyone!:twilightsmile:

Image made by: Closetbrony2

Chapters (3)

Anon just wanted to play a prank with his newfound powers. It got out of hand.
{This story has two versions, the last chapter is the first person version.}

Chapters (2)

Rainbow Dash keeps landing in trouble. For flying. Seriously? She's starting to think it's deliberate...

A fun little one-shot with Rainbow in the human (non-EQG) world.

Now has an awesome reading, by StraightToThePointStudio.

Chapters (1)

Pinkie Pie takes a lot of things seriously, surprisingly. Party planning, being a good friend, and helping reform her marefriend chief among them. And like most everything else, she has a unique way of going about it.

Written for NaNoWriMo 2020.

Story inspired by cover art used, made by simondrawsstuff.

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This story is a sequel to Repercussions

Page has some problems. Some are large with larger teeth. Some have sharp claws. Some have wings. Most are ponies. Sometimes being an alicorn is simply not worth the perks of the job, no matter how nice.

The village of Nocturnis has grown slightly and is still growing, built into the southern jungles and forming the core of the rare thestral tribe.

However, forming a new town is not without its own dangers or troubles. Especially if built in a difficult location. But it’s not always the wildlife that’s the most troublesome.

Cover image by Sipioc
Betaed by Arratra

Chapters (93)