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Rainbow Dash never got over her fear of flying in airplanes, but when its the only option for her to get back to Ponyville, she'll just have to face her fears. But things quickly go sideways when she suddenly has to find a way to land the plane safely. To make matters worse, her co-pilot is none other than an old rival, the mare talking her through landing is her old commanding officer, and the plane itself isn't in great condition. Can Rainbow find a way to land the plane without killing everypony on board? What exactly is the statue of Nameless the Unnameable, who used to be a king? Is Dr. Hooves really a doctor? (Don't worry, he is a doctor). Find out now in Mareplane!, The Red Parade's first and only attempt at writing something remotely amusing.

Reviewed by the wonderful Flutterjackdash!

Ranked as a #1 favorite by Donnnnn!

The following story is a parody of the movie Airplane!, which is a parody of the movie Zero Hour!.

The following story also contains puns, bad jokes, poorly worded statements, non sequiturs, contradictions, running gags, brief moments of physical violence, swearing, profanity, swearing and profanity, beets of silence, plays on words, rhetorical questions, and a deep moral message. Maybe. May also contain nuts. Mareplane! has every single joke broken down here.

The Cast:

Main Characters:
Rainbow Dash
Lightning Dust

Side Characters:
Big Macintosh
Nurse Redheart
Vinyl Scratch
Daring Do

Background Characters:
Twilight Sparkle
Fluttershy (mentioned)
Unnamed 'beets of silence' salespony
Cloud Kicker
Berry Punch
Unnamed Canterlot flight dispatcher
Nameless the Unnameable (mentioned)
Dinky Doo
Ditzy Doo
Dr. Hooves
Fleetfoot (mentioned)
Surprise (mentioned)
Apple Strudel (mentioend)
Flitter and Cloudchaser (mentioned)
Thunderlane (mentioned)
Clear Skies
Shining Armor
Princess Celestia
Maud Pie
Engine #2
Willy Not that Upset About it
Collin the Police
Unnamed Reporters
Discord (mentioned)
Moon Dancer
Bon Bon
Prince Blueblood

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