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  • 1 week
    Clay Characters and Battle Extensions

    I wrote a fight scene that, after reading it, instant deletion became wise. I typed a flurry of random words like one shovelling dirt into an open grave. Maybe I'm too harsh on myself. But your eyes wince for a reason, folks. 

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    It's All Gravy, Man! | And the Importance of Being Reassured

    I didn't think I was good enough for my job. 

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    Like Nice Art? Check My Pal Smiley!

    Smiley is a kind person that has been there for me like a little sibling.

    Her artwork inspired a few of my stories and, unlike those, has continue to evolve.

    Please consider checking her work and giving her a follow on the good ol' Twitter.



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  • 3 weeks
    Fanfiction and Authors

    I always find it funny that, whenever life is at its worst and I am without a home, you will usually find me at a fast food restaurant, laptop out and brightness low, writing a new instance of porn to ensure that the coming turbulent time will be alright.

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  • 4 weeks
    Death's Reset

    [I am fine and doing decently; the post below is a vent to express how things have been lately.]

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Question: "What Are You Not Known For?" · 7:45pm July 30th

Answer: "My Mental Stability!"

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Comments ( 11 )

My outstanding personality:trollestia:

Having either the capacity, or interest to actually act on ideas of mine.

My uncanny amount of knowledge that makes sense to me and only me.

My rock-hard abs. That and my undying pursuit of artificial waifus, though that one actually exists.

Writing and completing stories in an efficient and confident manner.

B_25 #6 · July 30th · · ·

I could see you taking Cortana from behind.

LH45 #7 · July 30th · · ·

Being the person behind every Fimfiction account ever

My ability to hit a deadline.

New quest added to log

My questions actually getting answered.

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