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700 Club!!! · 11:33pm January 12th

oh hey took a hot minute but I'm another hundred users closer to my fimfic bucket list goal of 1000 followers, albeit probably like a third of those peeps are still active lololol anyway I still owe congrats prizes to like my 300th, 400th, 500th etc follower, so like, I'm not going to even attempt to write something for my 700th follower and oh yeah I owe peeps commissions still from 2018 lol fuckin RIP anyway congrats to Emperor Lord Torch https://www.fimfiction.net/user/471580/EmperorLordTorch for being my 700th follower I mean if you see this you can request something but I probably won't write anything because I suck lol anyway have a dumb meme as thanks for following me, everyone who sees this!

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keep on trampin

noice 👁👄👁👍

Author Interviewer

yo, keep it up :D

Did you know that the Grateful Dead's sound engineer and by extension their concerts were responsible for about 10% of all LSD production and distribution at one point in the late 60s?

Congratulations, and good luck.

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