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  • Today
    ‘Licious Raspberry

    “Hey Dante, I’m finally back! Are you home?”

    Undead Bez was met with a muffled, booming sound, presumably from Dante’s studio.

    “…Huh. What’s he up to?” She inquired aloud, stepping closer to the source of the bass heavy music. Should I knock? Would he even hear me? she wondered as she reached the door to the studio.

    “Yo!” A voice answered, as the music stopped. 

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  • Saturday
    I’m actually not sure which crack ship I prefer—

    Pharynx x Discord or Pharynx x Sombra?

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  • Saturday
    hey wait a minute—

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  • Saturday
    Since it’s December, it just came to me.

    Remember this garbage I wrote?

    🎶For the twelfth pizza order, the toppings I will need...🎶

    🍕Twelve Pepperonis🍕
    🌶Eleven Jalapeños🌶
    🧄Ten Cloves Of Garlic🧄
    🔶Nine Yellow Peppers🔶
    🧅Eight Onion Slices🧅
    🍍Seven Chopped Pineapples🍍
    🌭Six Balls Of Sausage🌭
    🐟Five Anchovieeees~🐟
    🥓Four Bacon Bits🥓
    🍄Three Mushrooms🍄
    ⚫️Two Black Olives⚫️
    🧀And A Dash Of Some Parmesan Cheeeeese~🧀

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  • Tuesday
    *Insert Jaws reference here*

    Griff shook his flaming mane free of the several shards of glass. Bezier looked over, blinking in disbelief at the sight. “Yeesh, where’d all that come from? Crashed into a window or something?”

    “When sand gets too hot, begins to crystallize. Perhaps Griffon should not have taken nose dive into that sand castle.”

    “Honestly I’m just glad it didn’t cut you or anything.”

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On the topic of Animal Crossing… · 8:27pm October 19th

Who’s your favorite character?

Report BezierBallad · 90 views ·
Comments ( 20 )

Alfonso. I love crocs/alligators

Um...any of them? I don't remember much from Animal Crossing the few times I played/saw it being played but they all looked cute

I would say my favorite character is Whitney/ wolf


Tbh any canid characters. Dogs, wolves, foxes

Beau the Deer...

For obvious reasons.

Which one is that?

The mole? You know, the angry mole? Always ranting and yelling about players not saving their games?


She is a mouse and her name is a cheese pun. 10/10 best character.

Um...as previously stated, it has been quite a while since I last saw the game

Oh. I remember encountering him when playing Wild World.

None of the overarrated ones...


Well... I like um...

The new orange wolf? Aundrey? I forgot since I haven’t played in a long time
Horses like Winn, Roscoe and Victoria
Ava... and Ben he was also in my New leaf

Lolly, most the birds, pheobie,

And for the NPCs I like the able sisters the most, and Isabelle

I haven’t played in a while so I may have forgotten a few

Stitches the Bear

Ankha. And yes I know how that sounds.

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