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Ms Colvia Ivy

Hello! I'm a small Changeling, always excited about everything, but I'm always free to help a friend.

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My Top Favourite Creatures (including OCs)

1. Colvia Ivy (my OC)

2. Pharynx

3. Thorax

4. Ramirez (Iredwolf’s OC)

5. Hero (MlpHero’s OC)

6. Zenex (Melody Song’s OC)


As much as i dont want to leave my Quenza pic, i have to be ready. · 6:38am Last Thursday

Pic change! (i’ve just been here for two months, how many pic changes did i do?)

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Thanks for the follow!

alright! (I’m a changeling too :3)

well, if you ever want to talk I’m almost always online!

No problem! Thanks too. I was a firework yesterday when I saw you were watching me.

(by the way, im not a pony, im a changeling.)

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