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False fire alarm at everfree Northwest I wrote this song while standing outside · 5:56am Aug 15th, 2021

Welcome to Fire Con
By Bryan Chandler/Super Trampoline

Welcome to fire con
Who knows what's going on
We're all standing outside
Hope that no one has died

Probably a false alarm
Probably no concrete harm
Just lots of wasted time
And this new song of mine

Shout out to Massimo for the lent ukulele
Shout-out to some prankster for shutting down everfree
Shout out to the fire fighters for their quick arrival
Shout out to the staff for ensuring our survival

The trucks all drove away
Safe to go in they say
A half an hour gone
But we shall carry on
And celebrate today
That we all lived to say
"I survived Fire Con!

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Now this is content :moustache:
10/10! :pinkiehappy:

this song

This song is fire!

Nice! We just took the sidewalk back to the hotel lol

Edit: nvm apparently this was a second incident. We've got a misfit on the loose.

Well, it's trying to live up to BronyCon, which actually had a fire.

Haha, just like 2012 BurnyCon !

Hah, well, sorry about the disruption -- but at least you got a song out of it!

Oh, that's what the sirens and chanting were about. Yeesh, that makes this two fire alarms in as many nights. Sorry you had to go through that.

Bitch we better hang out before you head back to the East Coast

*Googles "How to smash like button on FimFiction blogs", is disappointed by lack of like buttons*
I'll just like Super Trampoline's first comment and leave it at that.

Thanks m8. I agree we should be able to like blogs and bookmark

Comment posted by bailey_chap deleted Aug 16th, 2021

At this rate though you could make a story filled with poems, that would be interesting.

*Clicks like button on this comment to because it was a good poem*

Comment posted by bailey_chap deleted Aug 16th, 2021

It would be really cool if this was recorded so we could hear the actual song

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