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EFNW and Quick Update! · 5:55pm Aug 10th, 2021

I'm going to EFNW!

So, yeah... it's been forever, huh? I haven't even finished Clear Skies yet! Well, a quick summary of what's going on.

In the last few weeks, enormous things are going down at my workplace and it's been a total mess. Taken a lot of spoons to handle that. And frankly... the story just slipped my mind. I hope I can get back to the final two chapters the week after next.

In other news, there's been a lot of change in my life. Some really painful lessons I needed to learn. And I've realized that in the last few years, I've hurt a lot of people. Whether I intended to or not doesn't matter one bit, it's all about impact. The truth is, even if I'm not the same person I was when I made those mistakes, it doesn't erase the mistakes or the hurt I've caused. I regret so much, but I am determined to be better now. And I am determined to make this time different than all the other times when I've said "I've changed." But nothing will prove that except time.

There's been a lot of other changes, from new medications to new mindsets, actually living as my real self, and much, much more. More than I have time to go through!

If you're going to EFNW, please feel free to say hi! I'm using a new badge saying either "Amber Spark" or "Amber Spark & Novel Idea." So just look for the girl with the blue-tipped hair and this badge!

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Comments ( 11 )

Hope to see you there! Maybe we'll be on the same shuttle bus to the hotel again. :pinkiehappy:

Wanderer D

Nice! Seems like a lot cool people/authors will be visiting.

Woo I expect you to come up and poke a firepony. I will be working the writers tract all con

Yay! See you there. :)

I'll be there for sure! Ill try to say hello though night be hard to hear through my mask!

I'll see you there! And I am SO looking forward to it after two years!

Author Interviewer

I feel like every time you post a new blog, it comes with a new avatar that looks even cooler than the last one. :)

May I give you a hug? Ironic that we'll have to travel thousands of miles to meet when we live so close to each other lol

See you there, Amber!

It was a real treat to have met you briefly at EFNW a few years back, and I wish I could again, but here’s to a safe and wonderful visit for everyone who are able to attend.

Good luck, with the convention and in general!

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