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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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    Midnight Rising next...

    As my surgery pain fades, my libido surges, so it’s time for me to keep a promise and return to the Unleash the Magic series in the leadup to Halloween anniversary of Nightmare Night. And that means, both it and Midnight Rising are going to be worked on almost exclusively over the next several weeks.

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    More Feathered Hearts on Sunday

    Well, folks, after a very successful release of all my previously unpostable Feathered Heart chapters—five new likes! :yay:—there is one last order of business for me to finish before I shift over to Unleash the Magic for the next six weeks, and that’s the promised next chapter of Feathered Hearts.

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    Good news!

    The mods have approved me posting the updated original Feathered Heart chapters to my story! :yay:

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    Surgery + 6 days & question for readers: how about an R-rated chapter of Feathered Hearts: C&C?

    I’m happy to say the pain is slowly subsiding, and with it, the need for painkillers, though I still need a modicum of them to eat anything more than a protein shake. I made some spaghetti and meat sauce yesterday and ate it rather gingerly, in very small pieces. Might have been a mistake because my throat felt raw and inflamed afterwards, probably from the acid in the tomatoes.

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    They say time flies when you’re having fun. But fun is not what describes this. :pinkiesick:

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New M-rated Story by AJ_Aficionado... · 6:56pm July 24th

For the Summer Sin Celebration. For those of you unfamiliar with it, participating in it means you’re basically part of a story exchange; given an assignment to write someone else’s story request and keep it of limited length. This was the result of AJA’s assignment:

[Adult story embed hidden]

Yes, it’s foalcon (as was desired by the requester he drew), and no, I don’t personally have an issue with that--I wouldn’t have edited the story otherwise. :twilightsmile: It’s well-written, and AJA did superbly with the story parameters he was given and the limited word count he had.

This was a change of pace for him, and he not only pulled it off nicely, but he was even willing to put his name on it despite the negative attention it was certain to garner--the downvotes on it are just a reflection of the subject matter and no measure of its actual quality. If you like the topic, I won’t judge. If you don’t, that’s fine too--as long as you don’t turn it into some great moral crusade, which I’ve seen a little too much of in certain comment sections of late. :ajbemused:

And for those wondering when I’ll be back to writing M-rated content myself... probably not until September, when I’ll finish another Firefly chapter in time for its four-year anniversary (whoa! :pinkiegasp:) and have gotten further on Feathered Hearts as well. The other issue is that I’m back to being low-T right now--quite literally, as the last round of testosterone pellets I got implanted in March have completely dissolved. It’ll be two weeks until my next set is implanted, and then two more weeks for it to fully kick in. Then I’ll feel like a randy teen again and probably just start plowing through Midnight Rising and Nightmare Night in the leadup to Halloween once more!

In the meantime, enjoy AJA’s latest if you like, and be looking forward to more Feathered Hearts from me next--and don’t worry; I haven’t forgotten about the side story there, either!

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I appreciate the blog, Firesight. I loved some of those edits you added in there. I'd never ask for you to do this blog for me given how admittedly controversial the story is (Sweetie Belle is pre-teen by request) but you did it anyway. I'm glad you got my back, Sensei.

I'm not sure what it says that my story featured. It made it to 15/1 before the outrage mob showed up but I would really like to believe that someone out there saw something to like about the story itself: The prose, the characterization, the scenario, the slick editing, just something. For what it's worth, you and all my prereaders did enjoy it and so I'm going to try my best not to dwell on the absolute shitshow that is my comments section.

Thank you!

Two stories featured in a row now! Just be sure your head doesn't get TOO big :ajsmug:

Oh, I'm not going to get too cocky over this one. Not with this ratio.

I do hope if you read it, you'll leave a comment about the story itself instead of generic support/rejection of foalcon. You would be the first.

Okay, that's not entirely true. Firesight DID leave actual, useable feedback.

*looks at ratio*

Hoes clearly mad.

I''m glad to see that you are going to work on Midnight Rising and Nightmare Night again after the anniversary of Firefly.


*looks at ratio*

Hoes clearly mad.

They always are over foalcon. :trixieshiftright: Basically downvoting it for subject alone, which I never respect, on the grounds that you’re somehow promoting all sorts of nefarious things.


I''m glad to see that you are going to work on Midnight Rising and Nightmare Night again after the anniversary of Firefly.

Thanks. See my latest blog for more info.

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