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Artist Spotlight Dump: Yakovlev-vad · 3:16am July 15th

Howdy folks! First and foremost, as always, Adorable Applejack:

Appul hugs will crack the strongest armor

Now then...

First off, thanks for the kind words on my previous blog. Just knowing people care helps a lot. I'm struggling, but I'll make it work. I always land on my feet. I just sometimes land on my feet hip deep in shit.

For now, let's just mellow out and look at some cute ponies, this time by Russian Artist Yakovlev-vad!

I don't really feel like giving some huge intro here. He just... does great art. And not just pony art! His Deviant Art is full of great non-pony art, so you know what? We're flipping the script this time, and I'm gonna showcase all of his art, pony and non-pony! Enjoy!

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Spyro on a skateboard... I remember that level. Why was everything so XTREME in the early 2000s?

Georg #2 · July 15th · · ·

I get so jealous looking at artists this good.

Join the club. Still awesome to look at either way.

Yakolev does very good work indeed. I especially like the old woman and her dragon.

I remember at least 4 distinct sub-areas, but the answer is "surplus 90sness".

1990's through 2010 was the constantly-evolving "cool" era :moustache::rainbowlaugh:

So did I! I regret not putting aside time to skim Yakolev's DA and not enjoy the wonderful artworks. The masterful piece of the woman and the dragon took me by surprise; Now I'm even more astounded by his talents :rainbowkiss:

God he is so cool

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