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    Brief Spoiler Free Review: My Little Pony: A New Generation

    It's good wholesome fun. Nothing really felt forced, and it emotionally moved me. It warmed my cold, black, cynical heart. So, if you looking for something wholesome to watch, watch this movie, rather than some grimdark edgy crap like Game of Thrones.

    Unless you overanalyze this movie with a microscope there is nothing nobody should be upset about.

    I regret ever watching Game of Thrones.

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    The Fashion Ride

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    Horse Riding

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    What do you think of this plan?

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    Ponies reactions to a human eating meat?

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G5 Equestria Girls · 8:24am July 14th

I wonder if they'll do Equestria Girls again for Generation 5, but this time it's in the far future. Alien, space ships, and whatever. Something like a Futurama theme.

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Sunset became the god friendship empress of mankind lol

Bendy #2 · July 14th · · ·

She brings friendship across the galaxy and beyond at the point of a sword. XD

That would be really cool!

sykko #4 · July 14th · · ·


Bendy #5 · July 14th · · ·

They follow her due to her booty.

Indeed it would.

sykko #6 · July 14th · · ·

Does that mean there will be a legion called the Imperial Cheeks who clap the enemies of friendship?

While we probably won't see it in canon, the fact that it should logically exist will be prime fanfic fuel.

Good point! Lol

Bendy #9 · July 14th · · ·

Sure, could be funny in some silly story. Space Butt Marines.

That is true. A return to the mirror story could be done at some point.

At any rate. I say there's a high chance of more human MLP. Because of money.

*in my best Yakov Smirnoff impression*In Sunset's Imperium cheeks clap you.

Would be interesting, seeing as EQG got cancelled. But I do t think high school films are too popular anymore. If a spin off does happen it'll probably be something else (atleast we missed the vampire days lol)

Saying that, I suddenly got an interesting idea. Completely not gonna happen, but from the synopsis, I feel like a 6th member would be joining the Mane5 at some point, who would represent magic (the new 5 represent new aspects of friendship) what if EQG timeline moved slower or if Sunset got trapped in the mirror some how when magic disappeared and she became the new magic element. That would be a cool tie in. But it wont be because hasbro dont want to mix it like that beyond cameos. Still, my girl SS deserves more pony spotlights.

Edit: double posted, sorry

Comment posted by MetalGenocide deleted July 14th

Here's my request now, sunset is the god empress of ponykind and makes the reader her pet, make this happen bro


How about when the Main 7 are out of school

May include macro Sunset too?

It was made due to dolls. I forsee than making some MLP human-related in the future.

I'll see. Perhasps could work on it together in a google doc?

Just note, I mostly rusty on Sunset. I only saw the first 2 movies of EQs.

If it'll sell toys, then of course we'll get more Equestria girls

Perhaps. That could be a thing. Perhaps time passes by more slowly there for some reason?

Well, money talk.

Rich Cigar Smoking CEO sees the money that was made.

CEO "Let's make more MLP human pony dolls."

And thus Equestria Girls was made again.

Oh was it? It felt like a cash grab on the HighSchoolMusical train lol. Hmm, then they could potentially revisit the high school. Transporting tech back to equestria would be a fun story arc.
Like Arthur C Clarke said - "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” A storyline where the tech is mistaken for magic could be interesting to see. Though with phones and social media, I'm not sure how they could adjust it. Unless they use things like Staffs that control weather etc;
AMybe a reverse story to what EQG had with magic pouring in, tech instead pours into Equestria (there's a technology origin story lol)

Whatever sells toys. For example, if a character needs to be an alicorn to sell toys. Then so be it.

Seeing human wizards could be cool, I guess. Perhaps human society even falls to some degree. But, they get magic to help them out and recover?

But of course. If she's the God Empress of Friendship, it would avail her not to be 5'2" over an 18' god-like being.

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