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Backflipping through reality at ludicrous speeds. What does RB stand for, anyway?

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Headcanon Survey · 4:05pm June 22nd

I'm doing some research for a new fic I'm working on, and as part of that, I'd appreciate it if you could fill out this survey. It's only five questions long, and can be found here! I will, of course, make the results public, as I think some of the answers might be useful to other authors, or at least interesting.

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Huh. I admit, I hadn't really thought about any of these questions until now. Evacuating Ponyville in particular feels like a bizarre thought; you'd think they'd hunker down in case of emergency. Or get popcorn.

Author Interviewer

I'm trying to put the questions together and figure out what RB is planning. XD

1 - Where are we on the show's timeline? When Twilight first moves in, I could put it around 300. But I got the sense it had grown by Season 9, and could be over 500. ESPECIALLY if we're counting the non-residents who may be passing through, like Twilight's school, all the ponies that start to visit from all over, people coming to see Twilight for Princess stuff, etc. Then there's the uncertainties of the non-Pony population. Remember that herd of talking cows Applejack stopped from stampeding, back in Season 1?

2 - Depends entirely on how cruel I'm feeling.

3 - Ugh, the logic behind Sunset's first visit Earth is such a cluster. But your lowest answer, at least 5, is probably more than enough to cover it.

4 - It would drastically depend on if Twilight, Starlight, or any other Princess or Wizard are around for mass teleportation. Or the cartoon/humorous logic we might be applying, since this town has shown a knack for panicking and running away. Sometimes as a singular stampeding herd, sometimes running in every direction like an FPS matchup with randos. Again, it depends on the point in the timeline, and how to use to crises everyone's gotten, and who you can find in town.

5 - I don't mind much, I'd just be interested in a story that bothered mentioning those details.

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