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  • 1 week
    Here we go again!

    My latest completed commission: Nyx!

    No, not that Nyx. Alicorn Nyx.
    ...Shoot, they're both alicorns? Well, this is gonna get confusing...


    Made with purple, cardinal, royal blue, and custom gradients.

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  • 3 weeks
    Did I mention I have my MS in computer science?

    Well, I do. I earned it last year. I don't think I made a blog post about graduating here on FimFic, but it's a thing that happened. I have a diploma hanging on my wall in a tastefully minimalistic frame and everything. It's pretty neat.

    Relevant, because in my spare time in the last few days, pretty much on a whim, I programmed this:

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  • 4 weeks
    We're a step closer to Sunrise...

    And an important step, too, since it's an irrevocable one:

    I just submitted it to Equestria Daily.

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  • 4 weeks
    "Pride" and what it isn't

    As we close in on the end of Pride Month, it may be worth taking a second to consider what we wish to include under that heading. This reflection is important, I think, because no cause or identity can survive without being discriminate about what it onboards, and any cause or community that grounds its values in inclusiveness will inevitably encounter bad actors who think that being "inclusive"

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  • 5 weeks
    So, where are we with Sunrise?

    I haven't done a progress blog on Sunrise in a long, long time.

    Sorry about that.

    I'm gonna do one now, though.

    In fact, I'm gonna do the last one:

    Sunrise is finished!

    I finished writing the final chapter a couple days ago. The GDocs link has been sent off to the editors. I have cover art. We're at the finish line, folks. This is it.

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Update on that charity thing · 8:50pm Sep 24th, 2020

Yeah, so this happened.

Summary: the Ponyfest Online 4.0 charity auction raised over $7,000!

The plushie commission I sold went for $475, by far the most I've ever sold (well, "sold", I don't see any of that money) a plushie for. Pretty thrilling! I was on the edge of my seat watching the auction, hoping it would bring in the money, and it did. :twilightsmile:

...Now I just have to make the plushie commission in question. Should be interesting because it's something I haven't done before. You'll see later, probably, once I can say more. Commissioner gets the first look before anything goes public, though, of course.

Aside from that, I have some personal projects I'm working towards: Sunset Shimmer is on the way! Cutie marks are embroidered, eyes and etc. soon to follow. Kinda dreading the bacon-hair mane and tail, but I think it's more labor-intensive in the color patterning than particularly difficult in terms of the geometry, so it should be alright.
After her, I think Starlight Glimmer is next. She's gonna be interesting because Shannon and Hasbro didn't coordinate among themselves to make sure there's an exact matching color of minky to make her from. How inconsiderate, am I right? Not intractable, though. I'm looking at a few different custom dyeing techniques that should work with minky. Possibly I might be able to just add a slight tint of dye to an existing color, though I might have to try discharge dyeing to lighten an existing color, or a combination of discharge dyeing and then adding the aforementioned tint.
It'll be interesting, however it goes, even if fails spectacularly. At least I'll learn what not to do. :rainbowlaugh:

Then after that, I think some OCs are up, and maybe a Trixie and a Princess Celestia somewhere on the horizon. We'll see.

And of course, commissions are still open. They're particularly appreciated in light of the materials I've started accumulated by going down this plush-making rabbit hole...

:raritydespair: *cries in three-foot stack of excess minky inventory that needs burning through*

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Congratulations, Winston! I'm glad to hear the auction went well. Good luck with Sunset and Starlight, too. The cool thing is learning as you complete each one and making people smile!

Learning is half the battle! (the other half is red lasers and blue lasers)

Ah, very nice; congratulations. :)

And good luck with all the plushie making!

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