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  • 1 week
    Here we go again!

    My latest completed commission: Nyx!

    No, not that Nyx. Alicorn Nyx.
    ...Shoot, they're both alicorns? Well, this is gonna get confusing...


    Made with purple, cardinal, royal blue, and custom gradients.

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  • 2 weeks
    Did I mention I have my MS in computer science?

    Well, I do. I earned it last year. I don't think I made a blog post about graduating here on FimFic, but it's a thing that happened. I have a diploma hanging on my wall in a tastefully minimalistic frame and everything. It's pretty neat.

    Relevant, because in my spare time in the last few days, pretty much on a whim, I programmed this:

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  • 4 weeks
    We're a step closer to Sunrise...

    And an important step, too, since it's an irrevocable one:

    I just submitted it to Equestria Daily.

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  • 4 weeks
    "Pride" and what it isn't

    As we close in on the end of Pride Month, it may be worth taking a second to consider what we wish to include under that heading. This reflection is important, I think, because no cause or identity can survive without being discriminate about what it onboards, and any cause or community that grounds its values in inclusiveness will inevitably encounter bad actors who think that being "inclusive"

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  • 5 weeks
    So, where are we with Sunrise?

    I haven't done a progress blog on Sunrise in a long, long time.

    Sorry about that.

    I'm gonna do one now, though.

    In fact, I'm gonna do the last one:

    Sunrise is finished!

    I finished writing the final chapter a couple days ago. The GDocs link has been sent off to the editors. I have cover art. We're at the finish line, folks. This is it.

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Do a charity thing this Saturday! · 4:50pm Sep 18th, 2020

Ooooooh boy here we go

Hey! You!

Yes, you there, with the face! And the, uh... other thing that describes you!

Do you miss conventions? And do want to own one of my plushies?

Well, you're in luck, because I'm coming to you here in my 100th blog post - yes, this is number 100! I've been saving it for just such a worthy occasion! - with news about something special happening this Saturday, September 19th, 2020: it's Ponyfest Online 4.0!

Now, what does this have to do with plushies? Well, I'm glad you asked! You see, in the grandest and most noble of pony convention traditions, the good folks who run Ponyfest Online are holding a charity auction, and I've donated a commission slot.

That's right! For the low, low price of just... erm, well, I do hope it's not a low price, actually, seeing as whatever price it is all benefits the National Alliance on Mental Health, something that so many people need these days... but anyway, you - yes, YOU - can get yourself one of my [deep breath] genuine* bona fide* certified* qualified* electrified* verified* authenticated* validated* world-famous* patented* USDA inspected* all-natural* organic* non-GMO* low sodium* heart-healthy* vegan* Apple-family-approval-stamped* kid-tested-mother-approved* plushies.

So, what say you? Do you like plush? Do you have some big Rarity generosity going on? And do you wanna combine the two?!?

Well, then head on over to Ponyfest Online 4.0 this Saturday!

See you there. You won't be sorry.**

*Plushies not guaranteed to be any of these things. Plushies are not medical devices and it would be absurd for you to think so. This is not medical advice. I am an internet quack, consult a qualified physician for real medical guidance. Not actually endorsed by the Apple family. Always seek the services of a licensed and bonded electrician. Kid testing not performed in a qualified laboratory. Mother approval not endorsed by any association or organization of mothers. Sodium levels not tested. Non-GMO validation not performed. Organic certification not received.

**No, seriously, you won't be sorry, conventions are awesome and this the only way we're having one in 2020.

Comments ( 3 )

Thank you, Winston and good on you for helping support the important work that NAMI does.

Looking forward to Ponyfest tomorrow. May even scrape up some funds for the auction.

Good luck; I hope it goes well, the convention and the auction both!

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