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Sunbeam's sequel, Splintershard, has resumed updates! · 6:55am Sep 16th, 2020

Both stories are standalone entries within the Splintershard universe. You don't have to read either one to understand the other.

Splintershard's only a sequel 'cause it takes place years after Sunbeam, anyway. :P

Once upon a time, Equestria flourished. That time is now long-gone.
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By the way, would you like to be contacted over Discord or PMs for prereading? You missed three chapters' worth of writing on Discord :V

Gah! :raritycry: Sorry man, been so busy with work I forgot to even log into discord. :facehoof:
Guess I need to check in more frequently. But if you PM me it goes straight to my phone, so I will at least get that. Sorry! :twilightoops:

Alrighty. Well, I'll PM you the links the the two currently-unpublished chapters then, and if you'd like I could catch you up with some things.

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