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We're Moving: Thank You From All of Us! · 3:27am Aug 21st, 2020

I'm happy to announce to everyone that we've landed a new apartment only 20 minutes away from our current home!

This is a huge video thank you from Sunny Stage and Primary Colour for all your help in finding us a new home (just below)! We're actually moving in Saturday the 22nd! (Forgive me for not letting you all know earlier, it's been completely insane!)

The best part about this is that it's still close to our current arrangements, so Painted doesn't have to start all over with her jobs, we don't need new doctors and we're still in the same school district for our kids! In fact, we're only a little ways away from the place we lived in about a year ago! It's perfect!

We'll still need to keep the Patreon going for a few more months until Painted lands on her feet with her new jobs, but we're praying that doesn't take too long. As soon as it does, I'll send out another message telling everyone that we're at a point where we can survive and they can discontinue/drop down their Patreon as they see fit!

Seriously, you all pulled off yet another miracle. I can't thank you enough for this. Every time I think I've maxed out your generosity, you blow me away. Especially for someone who practically vanished for six months. 

-Penny & Family

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Great job, guys. Great job. :twilightsmile:

You're all more than welcome! Please take care and don't worry...we're here for you!

Well done. Hope you enjoy your new home when you get there!

Congrats, wish I could do more, we all do.

Stay lucky, Penny and family! ❤

I'm glad you're all safe. I hope the move goes well, and that Painted finds a new job soon.

Really happy for y'all :heart: These are tough times, keep on keepin' on.

Wanderer D

Glad to hear, I've been there, so I know it can get tough, but you pulled through!

Awesome news! Congrats to all of you, and stay safe moving, especially in the heat.

That's good news! Best of luck going forwards. :pinkiesmile:

Congrats on the new home

Author Interviewer

This is great news! :D

Also, I notice your new avatar. :) Nice!

Congrats, and I'm so glad to hear things are working out for you!

Yay! Hope things are going well with the move! Keep the Patreon going as long as you need, I'm not planning on cancelling my subscription anytime soon.

Possibly a bit belated, but I'm glad to hear things seem to be looking up for you. :)

So happy I logged back in today; it's good to return to FIM and get some good news. I'm so happy for you and your family
Novel-Senpai! :D I wish all of you the very best!

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