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At Least It's Not Poofy! · 4:21pm July 16th

I've been having humidity problems with my hair, so I allowed my sister to style and shorten my hair a bit this morning.

I think it turned out pretty nice, though it was crazy seeing my poor hair being clipped.

New length for the summer!!

She also wants to touch up my color now, oi give your sister an inch and she'll take a mile!!

Lol, maybe I might....

Also behold the better quality of my newish camera!

None of that grainy pain here, lol.

Feel a bit more energetic today, I welcome it...

Staying indoors all the time can drain you like a battery, so any burst of energy is welcome.

Might go out to the City Lake this weekend, my neighbor claims to have seen the elusive swan!!!

I always get stuck seeing the ducks, I really want to see that beautiful swan!

Might go on a quest to find it, could be fun...

In a I'm losing my mind kind of way.

Sorry for such an odd blog, just sometimes I like to share a bit.

Hope that's ok.

Love, Forgetful!

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Comments ( 38 )

Ooh, such pretty hair ๐Ÿ˜‹

You find that swan, girl! :rainbowdetermined2:

I think we're all going a bit crazy in the current climate.

But I agree that having long hair in hot weather can be a pain.

I'm going too!

It's time I finally get to enjoy it's beauty.

Lol, thank you! :twilightblush:

I love your hair! It's at just the right length, too.

I went to the coast a few weeks ago and saw a few herons! But no swans. But herons are still cool! If you feel trapped in the house, a short walk will do wonders for you.

Mr. Blue!

Totes, for like the past week my hair would just go full Pinkie Pie.

I couldn't stand it.

Shorter hair will at least be easier to manage.

Glad to hear you'll have an easier time. Mine was only back of neck length and that was bad enough!

I went walking last week, but I agree that it does absolute wonders!

I need to get to our lake over here, that place always puts the pep in my step!!

Aww, ty Brady!

My hair does feel tons more comfortable now.

Oi, the price we pay for our lovely locks!


I haven't had hair down to my butt before, so I can only imagine how it feels. Hot and heavy and hard to manage, I bet.

You are awesome, Forgetful. Never forget that!
Also did you ever consider you can't find the swan because you are a swan yourself? โค๏ธ

My longer hair was down to my lower back, I totes enjoyed taking care of my hair.

Just whenever humidity would get bad it would start to curl and dry out, tangles galore and just that feeling of my hair was a constant mess!

My sister offered and I said sure, she had gotten a pixie cut recently, wanted to give me one too, lol.

I was like, no thank you but in or around shoulder area would be nice.

Awww, thank you so much!

But you're the awesome possum Nailah!!

Moi, a swan!!:pinkiegasp:

Lol, that whole comment just made my day, thank you so much!

I wish I had hair like yours... mine's a mess. :twilightblush:

I totes bet you have beautiful hair!

Lol, so is mine, you just caught me on a good day.

Always show off your hair right after the cut, this time tomorrow it'll be wild again, lol.


You're hair is nice lookin, nice length choice too. :twilightsmile:
Now... LET US FIND THE SWAN! I say interrogate the ducks, they look mighty suspicious.

Omg your hair is gorgeous, I'm jelly. My hair is similar length but it's dumb and a boring muddy brown and wavy and messy and basically im Wallflower irl \o/

I hate poofy hair. That is basically my hairs natural state these days. Your hair looks awesome though! there are no swans near my house, only big clumsy pelicans. lol. Have fun! :pinkiehappy:

Oh wow you have nice hair. I really love it!

I'm not sure if I can trust a bunch of quacks.



Aww, thank you Scampy means alot.

Don't say that, Brunettes are sassy and awesome!

Oi, I know that wave problem, a little bit of heat and my hair just goes absolutely wild, lol.

I know the dreaded poof is something that tends to haunt me, those days I just sort of hide, lol.

Wow, pelicans!?

That's so awesome, I'd like to see one.

I mostly get just lucky enough to see ducks.

your welcome! It's cute tho.

Aww, thank you so much.

I'm happy so many people think so, I'm always a little nervous after getting it cut.

Hehe! same here!


My sister has done a wonderful job, I'm very happy with it.

And the rest of us are too!

So pretty!

Me: Reads title
Also me: The poofiness must continue!

Lol, no thank you.

I hate to take tangles out of my hair.

Well, I can assure you, Iโ€™m a guy with a bit long hair. I need a haircut.

I got mine on a whim from my sister, take the plunge.


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