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I'm a Proud ABDL mommy. Writer of padded pony fics, a lot of fics about Shining Armor and his mom, several about Rainbow Dash and her family, and far more mom stories than you can imagine.

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Well, I've Lost My Mind · 11:04pm June 2nd

I dare say I have absolutely lost my marbles.

I suppose quarantine does that to people. Then again, most people don't quarantine every day of every year as I have. Nonetheless, I'm sure I've lost my mind. I've had three breakdowns and three panic attacks in the last three days. There are riots and looting going on, and one of the malls that was looted is not five minutes from my house. I'm in a constant state of panic that people are going to try and break into my house. I mean, I don't know why they would, but my paranoid schizophrenia is absolutely making sure I think they are. Now that I've quit smoking, I can't even cope that way.

I'm hoping to get a new breast pump by earning some extra money. Hopefully that might help get my mind off of things. So please guys, if you can, ask for commissions. I'll do whatever. I just want to earn some money and get something to get my mind off of this mess.

Love you all.

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Comments ( 7 )

Hope it gets better.

All the best to you

Hope you start feeling better.

I wish I could do more besides just offer you support, and hope that you get beter.

welcome to the club have have cookies and special jackets. I've had my screws loose sense high school. and I know what panic attacks and breakdowns feel like so I can understand trying to fill the need to do something to take your mind off of it. I'm with you on the riots. I live in a small factory town away from the cities and it still worries me. so don't worry your not alone *hug*

I hope you get the commissions so you can make the extra money. I'd go for one but i'm still saving for my house repairs and a picture for my OC and his fillyfriend. I hope things start looking up for you. and I hope you get the pump.

I wish I had something more helpful to say, but...I hope things get better.
The world is in a pretty messy state right now. You're not alone. :heart:

I will pray for your mental and physical health

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