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I'm a Proud ABDL mommy. Writer of padded pony fics, a lot of fics about Shining Armor and his mom, several about Rainbow Dash and her family, and far more mom stories than you can imagine.

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The Update: An Important Story · 10:25pm Mar 7th, 2022

Hey, Fimfiction. Long time, no see.

I'm sorry I haven't been on for a while. It's been a very crazy few months. I haven't really been able to talk about it with many people, so I figured I would talk about it with you all, since you are my people. As a heads up, there may be some triggering material in here. Proceed with caution.

Our story begins on December 21st. I'm scheduled to leave California the next day to spend Christmas with my family. My roomie and I have spent an hour or so talking about our stories and asking each other questions. I'm getting ready for bed. I'm in my room with the light off when I get a text from my roomie's dad asking to come out for a minute. Okay, I figure we're gonna talk about when rent is due the next month or something before I leave, since I'm not scheduled to come back until the fourth.

I sit on the couch, and he tells me he got me something for Christmas. There's a red plastic bag he holds out to me, as I tell him he didn't have to get me anything. When I pull the contents out, I'm shocked at what I see. It's an eight inch, flesh colored sex toy, shaped like a dong. This man is my father's age and he's tried to give it to me. I quickly refuse the gift and go to my room, shutting the door tightly, and tell my roommate what happened. He's stunned, but he believes me. A few moments later, A text pops up from his dad.

"Hope you keep that one to yourself."

In that moment, the shame hits me. I feel disgusting, violated, and there's a dawning knowledge that I cannot stay here. I realize he's trying to groom me, and I do not want to get raped. I sob quietly in my room, thinking to myself that no one should have to choose between two hells. But the hell at home, at least, falls into a rhythm I know and can anticipate.

I somehow sleep that night, but not until four in the morning. I shower, and look around the room. I can only take what I can fit in my suitcase, and it meant leaving so many beloved possessions behind. My all in one edition of Death Note, all of my korean skincare products, my make up, and most of my clothes. I say goodbye to the room that I had made mine, and look sorrowfully at all the things I had to leave behind. I give my roomie one last hug, thank him for all he's done for me, and tell him I love him to bits for all he tried to do for me.

My über comes, and I sit in the back, and tell the driver I'm going home. I listen to "Easy On Me" by Adele the whole way to the airport. The sky is gray, and I think that maybe someone in heaven must be sad for me because it's raining lightly. I go through the airport, and check in my bags. I go to Starbucks for coffee and breakfast. They're playing Christmas carols by my gate on the piano. "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" plays as I eat and drink. I didn't want to have breakfast there and risk running into my Roomie's Dad.

I sit and watch the planes fly off until it's my turn to board. I get on the plane, and I try and split the flight into pieces. The time needed to mourn the loss of my freedom, and the time needed to get myself excited to play normal. Only my mother knows what happened to me. My Dad and Uncle, as per usual, are clueless. I land, and my mom finally hugs me, and for a while I forget that I'm sad. I see my dogs again in the most joyful greeting I've ever seen. I'm happy to see them at least.

It isn't until later that night when I'm alone that I'm quiet. I realize I am not the first woman this has happened to. One man following his dick instead of his brain is not a rare occurrence. It isn't until then that I realize someone might need to hear this story, and I promise to myself that I will take the time to tell it. It isn't until today, so many months later, now that I have gotten more comfortable in my routine, that I have felt okay enough to tell it.

I'm telling this story to all of you, not just the women here who have experienced something similar, because while it's definitely an important thing, I want you all to take away some things from this.

The first being that if something feels off, it usually is. I trusted my gut for months about my roomie's dad. I didn't go make meals alone, or stay alone with him. I hoped it was wrong but I knew it wasn't.

The second is that to all my fellow women, men, non-binary, and gender-queer folks, and basically all human beings on the planet who have had something like this happen to them: You are not alone.

The third is perhaps one that is very important for me, that I've tried to keep in mind to comfort myself: Sometimes you can do everything right and still lose. I worked for months to be able to leave home, I managed to get insurance, food stamps, and (thanks to the help of you all and some amazing friends) was able to pay rent. But sometimes what happens to us isn't because we didn't try hard enough. It's because other people got in our way.

So to all of you, who have suffered this kind of indignity: I see you. You are heard, and your stories and feelings are respected. You have done nothing to deserve what happened to you. It wasn't your fault. And you are enough just the way you are. Just because someone tried to take advantage of you, it doesn't mean that you were stupid or clueless. You were just in a bad situation, and you didn't do anything wrong. And you are still wonderful and amazing despite how they made you feel. Remember that, always.

I love you all. Thanks for letting me share.

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I am very sorry to hear that, but I'm glad to know you were able to get out and will hopefully find a better place to live.

Thanks mate, I really appreciate that. You're a fantastic person, and I really value and appreciate your kindness.

Sorry to hear what happened to you dudette, I hope you will find your freedom again soon.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.

My goodness, that is just disgusting. I can't imagine how uncomfortable and just repulsed you were by what that guy did. Here's to hoping you'll be in a much better place and put this all behind you.

Thank you, I appreciate that very much.

telling you this because I don't want you to go to the same thing I did. if under any sort of lease agreement they can try and sue you for breach of contract. I went through the same thing only it was my roommates husband who made very blatant sexual. To the point he offered me a large some of money for sexual favors I was unable to move until my lease was up other why's I was a risk of being sued I became paranoid over it. I had to sleep with my bedroom door locked to feel safe same with showing

Please tell me you weren't under a lease of any kind I'm not sure how it works were you are. Also if you're roommate has respect you you can have them send you your belongings or you can have an officer of the law go with them to collect them.

Nothing was written up. I’m good there. I haven’t asked my roomie to send my stuff because getting the money together was a hassle.

I'm so so sorry to hear that happened to you. I hope it gets better. Don't forget you have family on here who cares. Personally I consider All my friends on here as cousins.

May I ask how old you are? It's already creepy when somepony you don't know well buys you a sex toy, especially when that person controls the existence of a roof over your head, but if you're vulnerable in other ways it starts to be dangerous.

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