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Greetings World. You may call me Nyronus. I write stories, among other things. My hobbies include existential ennui, being Princess Luna, and Saving the World. Feel free to hit me up on Steam to chat!

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Ponyfest 2.0 Highlights · 1:15am April 27th

Basically Every Ponyfest Panel, April 25th, 2020 (Colorized)

(( And yes, that is Amy Keating Rodgers's pony and that is based on true events. ))

- Fuf
- Despite a disaster day at work, and a lunch consisting of two fistfulls of Pringles and half an energy drink I made it to my first convention panel ever almost on time!
- Got to talk about some of my favorite fics with some cool people from all over the fanfic community
- Fuf
- Got to hear other cool people from around the fanfic community talk about their favorite fanfics and thus flesh out my RIL some more
- My friends were kind enough to drive over some take out to my home so I could desperately have second lunch/first dinner between panels
- Got to do the first ever personal panel with my solid m8 Wanderer D
- Somber crashing our panel
- Fuf
- I was right but I shouldn't have said it
- Mono's reaction to my opinions on Mono:

- Our panel on the history of transformative art and the role of Ponyfic in the broader community was really well recieved!
- Made some new friends because of said panel
- Fuf
- Watched some of Somber's panel which despite his nerves was... pretty okay
- Wanderer D revenge crashing Somber's panel
- Gave Aquaman pause with my apparently impressive stack of printed ponyfic I collected from his fine table at Bronycon last year
- Poland is not always the most popular headcanon, but it is always a valid and widely respected one
- Poland is also secretly Equestria
- At one point someone mentioned Fall of Equestria and the entire panel yeeted itself straight out of that tangent
- F U F
- Really, GaPJaxie's, Mono's, and Aquaman's entire Ponybreak panel was pretty golden
- I would watch the hell out of that movie
- How do you beat Scorpan played by Lady Gaga? Poke-Her-Face
- Finally got to catch up with MagnetBolt
- Despite it costing probably a bit to much money and having to ship from Germany I purchased an absolutely fab Punk-Rarity Wallet.
- Also, this nifty Daring Do themed Mafia-esq game.
- Chatting into the wee hours of the morning with one of the organizers of Czequestria about how The Last Unicorn was baller and how America is a dystopian hellscape. Do not move here, please.
- The friends we made along the way!

And if you couldn't make it: the panels will go up on Youtube, and when they do, I'll make sure to link them here and incessantly spam all my friends who couldn't attend with them!

And thank you to everyone who did make it out and helped make it a good time!

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Comments ( 10 )

I still don't know what fuf means.


Apparently at the first one they did a bad fanfic reading and "fuf" was a typo'd version of "fun," and thus, a convention meme was born!

I honestly thought it was a reference to Kerfuffle from Rainbow Roadtrip, but that is not the case.

And if you couldn't make it: the panels will go up on Youtube, and when they do, I'll make sure to link them here and incessantly spam all my friends who couldn't attend with them!

I made it, but I'm still interested in that link when it becomes available. Partly to relive some good experiences, partly to plug the gaps in my awful memory down the line.

I did indeed make it and watched most all the panels. Very much enjoyed see all my wonderful friends and listening to them talk about horse words. I'll definitely be watching the videos when they come out!

Also...what the heck is FUF?!

Thanks again for prodding me into attending. I had a blast! (You know, other than Discord deciding to put me in the naughty corner for a bit and forcing me to communicate through letter emoji reactions like some kind of web-enabled Ouija board.)

Also, I really liked the Why Ponyfic Matters panel. That was an engaging one. Thanks for hosting it!

Comment posted by npside_dowu deleted April 27th

First of all I want to say a huge thank you for inviting me to this con. I really enjoyed your panels, especially the one with all the fanfiction, but Why Ponyfic Matters was really informative and well thought out too. Unfortunately since I feel like I have heard a lot of it before irl, it didn't have as much impact for me as I thought it would. However you clearly put a lot of work into it and I was glad that you seemed more in your element. Also thanks for answering my question! That made me really happy.

I have to say, I am super jealous of your merch. I only got some stickers and bookmarks and a few tiny posters, but what you got seems really worthwhile. I love stickers though so I doubt I will be disappointed but it just goes to show that there's far more depth to explore!

I somehow missed the cursing it seems but I was around for PrinceWhatever to slip in a not quite 100% PG song lol.

I also made a new friend and talked to a lot of new ponies as well as people who I had only heard of in passing and was finally able to put a face to the name.

In conclusion, I am really happy that you had a good time despite the rough start and:


Also, Fuf.

Glad it sounds like it went well. :)

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