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The Voice in the Water

Listen to the crashing of the waves, the flow of a stream, the roar of a waterfall, or the patter of the rain.

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    Needed a break from writing. Had to go into the office to start some lab work. Took advantage of access to a scanner to digitize something I've been working on.

    May I present to you:

    Lumina, the Phoenix Queen

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Some pretty landscapes to help everyone cope with the shelter in place order · 2:42am March 31st

Hey all,

We're stuck inside. Can't go out. But, fear not. The Voice in the Water has manifested itself in many places, so, here's some pictures of nature to help stem off the impending madness that comes with the cabin fever.

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Comments ( 8 )

what a beautiful landscape

I thought cabin fever was a sailor thing and causes you to go insane.

Gorgeous. I've been using Animal Crossing to stave off the madness, but this helps a bunch as well.

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Thank you.

While it is common on things like submarines and boats, its not isolated to those environments. Rather, it's caused by prolonged confinement in any space where one cannot leave. If you want to read up a little on it, here's a link to the wikipedia article on the subject.

Glad to help. I've been doing the same with Bayonetta, Vanquish and Warframe, but after a while, ya' just need to look at something other than a tv screen, yea?

Huh the reason why I thought that was because I’d watched muppets treasure island.

Sadly, real cabin fever rarely results in such jubilant B.L.A.M. musical numbers.

Still it did get the feel of how crazy things had gotten on the ship by that point in the movie.

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