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My Movie Review on Star Trek: The Motion Picture · 2:39pm Mar 3rd, 2020

Greetings and salutations, my friends.

This is your all-around pleasant film, TV show, and episode reporter once again here with another film review.

And today, following my completion of reviewing "Star Trek: The Original Series", I'll be giving you all my first analysis on a Star Trek feature film by reviewing "Star Trek: The Motion Picture".

Here's the summary of this film:

Years after the events of the original series, James T. Kirk reunites with the crew of the Starship Enterprise, along with Leonard McCoy "Bones" and Spock, to once again take command of the ship, temporarily demoting Willard Decker from captain to commander and first officer.

The reason for that is because an unusual and immense new threat has been slowly traveling across space, with a crash course set for Earth. A live machine looking for whoever made it, and will destroy Earth unless its creator is identified.

Will the crew of the Enterprise somehow stop this threat? Or will Earth and the people on it be doomed to perish because of it?

With this movie being the very first Star Trek film of my reviewing career, I'd like to start off with the positives it has.

For a film of the 1980s, especially next to that of the original Star Wars trilogy, the special effects that it had were impressive. Whoever was in charge of them was literally able to make the movie seem like it was being filmed in outer space, and the misty cloud and giant machine seemed so real, one can't help but feel like they're actually witnessing them, and inside of them.

The musical score by Jerry Goldsmith was also something that I found to be groundbreaking. It may not be able to compete with John Williams's work in the original Star Wars trilogy, but it does come strongly close thanks to having a lot of emotional resonance.

In spite of these positives, however, the film as a whole...proved to largely be a waste of time.

Much of the blame for it all especially goes to the direction by Robert Wise, the story by Alan Dean Foster, and the screenplay by Harold Livingston. Considering that producer Gene Roddenberry also contributed to the script, I'd say that he's to blame as well.

The problem with the film was that it was excruciatingly slow. In many points, it focused so much on certain details, much longer than required, that you can't help but wonder when things will be moving on. A prime example is from the moment where Kirk was seeing the Starship Enterprise after so long from a small vehicle he was riding in. It also felt sluggish because it had little to no action, and despite the mystery the crew was trying to solve regarding what they were up against, there was little to no intrigue either.

One part I can't help but particularly call out is the part where the Enterprise is stuck in the wormhole. It was not only sluggish, but painfully disorienting because of the speed of the character voices and the light that was surrounding everyone.

The film's antagonist certainly didn't do the film any favors either, that's for sure. The villain as a whole being a machine largely lacked the memorability of the franchise's previous antagonists, even ones who were also machines. Its quest on "searching for its creator" seemed to be more ridiculous than intriguing, and that's not even considering the fact that it felt like it was making fun of humanity's need for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The acting from the film's ensemble was okay at the most. However, despite the film being able to retain the original cast and characters from the show, and having some impressive new characters and cast members, every performer featured seemed rather bored with the material they were given. They just didn't seem to be putting as much energy and commitment into their performances, and it seemed like they were wanting to be somewhere else more than anything. Even though Kirk was obviously having development of character and conflict throughout, one can't help but even go on to wonder what purpose and use it would serve.

The only element of the cast and characters that was able to keep things interesting was Leonard Nimoy and the character of Spock. Just like in the original TV show, Nimoy was able to make any moment he was given count and be notable, and even amongst the film's special effects, Spock's presence is so grappling one could hardly want to look away.

In conclusion, the film's special effects, Goldsmith's music, and the presence of Nimoy were definitely great, but the film as a whole was a lot more dull than fun.

Sad to say, I rate "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" a complete 2½ out of 5 stars.

Comments ( 38 )

"searching for its creator"

You wouldn't mind elaborating on this, would you? I'll admit it's a long time since I saw this, but, speaking as a Christian, I didn't feel offended.

You may consider this film a hunk of junk, but I love it, for me it's an awesome masterpiece. 5 out of 5 stars for me.

Plus, little known fun fact, but this film served as a contributing factor for me in accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior too. I'm absolutely thankful to Him for bringing this movie into my life!

Sorry to say this but star trek isn’t really one of my interests so I can’t really comment

Oh, you think this film was bad? Wait till you get to Star Trek V.

I didn't see this one, but my dad, who's a big Star Trek fan, showed us all a few clips of it, and described it as largely boring.

It was the way it was done. When my Mom and I saw this movie, we found the machine’s reason behind why it came to the galaxy to be ridiculous, and it felt like they were making fun of our need for Jesus more than encouraging it. It wasn’t the most surprising considering Gene Roddenberry was an atheist, but still, it felt more insulting than honorable.

I'mma be honest with you, chief. This is my favorite Star Trek film, and it's what got me into the franchise in the first place. I first saw it when I was three years old, and I wasn't bored at all. To the contrary, I was awestruck. The beautiful starship Enterprise, the alien geometries of V'Ger, Jerry Goldsmith's incredible soundtrack...this movie made me want to boldly go and see what's out there. I always get a huge grin when I rewatch it again.

Sorry pal, but hard disagree here.


Its quest on "searching for its creator" seemed to be more ridiculous than intriguing, and that's not even considering the fact that it felt like it was making fun of humanity's need for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

You're making connections where there are none to be made here, and that's coming from a Christian.

I used to avoid Trek 5 like the plague when I was little, because from what everyone was telling me, it sounded like literally the worst thing ever. But then I actually saw it, and...well, it wasn't good, but at the same time I didn't think it was the worst thing in the world. It's terribleness fell short of the hype.

Have you guys ever read what the film’s themes apparently were?

I know there's a bit of evolution stuff behind it.

I just view it as a movie about humanity confronting the unknown.

This debate reminds of something I read where a Christian denounced MLP on the grounds that (in his view) Celestia and Luna were regarded as goddesses and this was blasphemous as there is only one God.

Whether this person had his head on straight, I have no idea. MLP is a world with magic. Is it really too much to think that a mortal being might have magical power to move celestial objects?

Oh boy...I remember trying to watch this one and it was very dragged out and boring that I didn't even finish the thing...

But the next movie is definitely a major improvement. I've not seen any others except the recent remake. Not its sequel though.

Except the show has never once referred to them as goddesses. That's from the fandom.

Besides, as powerful as they are, they wouldn't come anywhere close to the power levels of the Biblical God.

Precisely. I've never thought of them as deities.

Exactly. They may be able to move the sun and the moon, but neither has the power to flood an entire planet. Remind me to never get on the Lord's bad side...

To Jade Dawn: I'm sorry if this review here dampens your day. I know that this is one of your favorite films based on your list on FiMFiction.net and I admire your enthusiasm for it. But, to me and so many others out there, this film was a literal hunk of junk.

Oh, gee, thanks for singling me out here. I feel so much better now.

I second that!

Also did you happen to see my response?

Yes, yes I did. I was the second up-voter.

You can prove it by scrubbing it from the blog post.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna binge the soundtrack to get myself in a good mood again.

For those who adore this movie, I want you guys to know that I hold nothing against what you think of it. I respect it actually. I’m glad that it brought such a positive impact on your lives, and I hope this review didn’t cause you to feel bitter towards me.

It’s just...I’m not a fan of this movie like you all are. I have a different opinion and taste regarding what I enjoy or not, everything.

As Anton Ego from Ratatouille would say from 0:00 to 0:12:

I’m sorry for causing you all distress. The only thing I’m really hoping for is that my analysis of this Star Trek film was reasonable, fair, and understandable. That’s the thing that matters to me the most concerning this review.

And I'd say you succeeded.

Thanks much for that, I appreciate it, buddy. hugs Jade real tightly

To be fair, most of the complaints I've heard before, and I do understand. The sting comes from the fact that it came from you.

That being sad, I fail to see why you'd think V'Ger's motivation is "ridiculous", and I honestly think your idea of the movie "mocking" Christianity with that motivation is completely unfounded and–dare I say it–wrong.

Also, Anton Ego is not the best example of what you're trying to say. Up until the movie's climax, Ego was one of those jerk critics who just kinda hated everything.

I see.

We’re still friends, aren’t we?

We will be when you get to Star Trek II.

If that’s what you want.


How soon do you want it to come?


Hey, what's with the sad emoji? I'm not really mad at you. Trust me, if I was really mad at you, or anybody on the Internet, for that matter, you'd know it.

And you do it at your convenience.

I thought you were being serious.

I was only serious when I realized you'd singled me out.


Well, thank you for telling me.

It’ll be a long ways off because there are other things I’d like to review first. But this I promise:

My reviews of Star Trek 2, 3, and 4 will be coming at the beginning of July, and my reviews of numbers 5 & 6 will be coming in August.

Interesting fact about this movie. It was originally supposed to be a pilot episode for a Star Trek sequel series titled Star Trek: Phase II. But when Star Wars came out, Paramount told 'em to stretch it out into a feature-length movie. Illia would have been a series regular, and the Vulcan science officer who gets killed in the transporter accident would have been Spock's replacement.

And Roddenberry's idea for a sequel involved Klingons going back in time to the Kennedy era or something. They booted him from the project, and that's how we got TWOK.

Thank God.

Out of curiosity, did you know that a lot of people within Paramount were apparently displeased with how this movie came out? As well as the results it gained at the time?

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