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Fired up Link's Awakening Switch · 12:01am February 26th

Whichever asshole at Nintendo programmed the new Trendy Game, I hope you got fired.

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Comments ( 6 )

The claw game

The conveyor belts or the post-grab claw physics?

the remake feels over priced to me for what it offers its just a shot for shot remake with very little new content

The physics. I'm not sure what is more absurd - the claw's pincers hitting the top of an item and stopping there, or the fact that items can slide out of the claw while it's moving.

But I give it one mercy - somehow, I've no idea how, I tried to grab the red rupee on the moving platform, and while the claw didn't pick it up, it did nudge the rupee to roll down onto the conveyor belt. That is awesome.

Ha, yeah that thing is a pain! Items falling thru the claw is really infuriating. I managed to get kind of OK at it, including a couple times managing to roll the items off like you did. But once I got the items I really needed I didn't bother trying any more for just rupees. Didn't really take too long to get pretty flush with cash in the game anyway.

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